Final Fantasy 16: Eikonic Challenge Mode [Full Walkthrough]

Learn everything about the demo-exclusive Eikonic Challenge mode of Final Fantasy 16 and how to beat its major boss, Benedikta!

The Final Fantasy 16 Eikonic Challenge Mode is a specific mode designed for the demo that allows you to get a deeper understanding of the mechanics and the potential of the gameplay. You get to explore a dungeon as well as undergo a unique boss fight.

Important: The Eikonic Challenge Mode is exclusive content for Final Fantasy 16’s Demo.

Key Takeaways
  • The mode is exclusive to the Final Fantasy 16 demo and offers unique events, gear, and powers.
  • It takes place in a later chapter, featuring mature characters and introducing Benedikta.
  • How to Unlock: Becomes available automatically after the first demo playthrough.
  • The actual content consists of you going through a dungeon quest, which consists of the following:
    • Chapter “Headwind” and Location.
    • Path Choices and Enemies.
    • Chirada and Suparna Boss Fight.
    • Reaching Benedikta.
    • Benedikta Boss Fight.

What Is The Eikonic Challenge Mode?

opening scene
Opening scene for the Eikonic Challenge Mode

Eikonic Challenge Mode is a unique, high-energy experience exclusive to the Final Fantasy 16 demo. While it shares elements with the full game, it offers enhancements and a boss battle against Benedikta.

It differs from the regular demo prologue and won’t be in the final game. Let’s explore what it is and how to access it in-game.

How To Unlock And Access It

The Final Fantasy 16 Eikonic Mode automatically unlocks after you complete the main storyline in the demo for the first time. As soon as the final chapter of the demo ends, you will be given a new option to play through the Eikonic Mode. 

Deeper Into The Storyline

Eikonic Challenge Mode transports you into an advanced chapter of the plot in FF16, a few hours deep into the narrative of Final Fantasy 16. 

  1. Here, you find yourself in the company of Clive, now a mature character in his thirties, and Torgal, who has grown to become an adult and is working alongside the resistance leader, Cid. 
  2. Additionally, there’s a hint at an encounter with the character Benedikta before the demo chapter. 
  3. Benedikta makes an intriguing reference to a past encounter before the final battle, stating that it’s the second instance of Clive defeating her ‘sisters.’ 
  4. This implies that you would have crossed paths with Benedikta before reaching this chapter available in the Eikonic Challenge Mode.

An Expanded Battle System

Eikonic Challenge Mode also offers you an enhanced battle system experience, allowing them to command three Eikons: Phoenix, Garuda, and Titan. 

  • The Abilities screen is upgraded to offer a myriad of additional abilities, allowing you to experiment with possible combos using different Eikons. Such an enhancement brings a new level of excitement and tactical depth to Final Fantasy 16’s combat system.

Timely Accessories

The Eikonic Challenge Mode includes Timely Accessories, a special gear set designed to simplify combat. Whether you’re learning the controls or focusing on Eikon combos, these accessories streamline the experience.

They are not exclusive to the demo; in the full game, they activate by default under Story-Focused difficulty. Eikonic Challenge Mode enriches the demo with a deeper storyline, expanded battles, and special gear, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

Eikonic Challenge Mode Walkthrough

starting of final fantasy 16 eikonic challenge mode
Starting point in sewers

In the FF16 Eikonic Challenge Mode, starting in the sewers:

  1. Chapter: Headwind
    • Begin in Caer Norvent’s sewers, tasked with ascending the castle.
    • Open a gate at the end of a cell-filled hallway.
    • Eliminate Royal Sigfreyr soldiers and proceed through a right-hand door.
    • Exit through the left window, choosing a lower or higher path with unique enemies and loot.
    • Go upstairs, open the gate, and face more Sigfreyr soldiers.
    • Defeat them, open the left gate, and descend the stairs to find two more soldiers and a Lockbox chest.
  2. Courtyard Encounter
    • Enter a big courtyard; you can explore the other path by using the right door.
    • Proceed towards the far-right metal gate and defeat Royal Tognvaldr.
    • Ascend stairs, find an accessory in a chest, and follow Royal soldiers into another courtyard.
  3. Ambush
    • Face three waves of enemies, including Sigfreyr soldiers, Folkstaf, Royal Mastiff dogs, and spell-casting Gandfreyr.
      Final fantasy 16 eikonic challenge mode
      Fighting off soldiers in sewers
    • Eliminate all adversaries to access the chapel through grand doors.
  4. Confrontation with Benedikta
    • Inside the chapel, find a lockbox along the left wall.
    • Proceed through the metal gates to meet Benedikta.
    • After a cutscene, continue with Torgal.
    • Explore rooms for items: Meteorite, Potion, High Potion, Favor of Fire (Heatwave).
    • Encounter and defeat mages and Intelligencers.
    • Ascend the tower, defeat enemies, and grab a Wyrrite.
    • Face a group of soldiers and mages; prioritize taking out mages.
    • Confront a Tognvaldr with hounds; use Titanic Block and Eikonic attacks.
    • Collect items: Potion, High Potion, and more.
    • Finally, confront Benedikta by ascending wooden staircases and defeating Sigfreyr soldiers along the way.
      looking for benedikta in final fantasy 16 eikonic challenge mode
      On the path to look for Benedikta

Benedikta Bossfight

The climactic showdown with Benedikta, the Dominant of Wind, is divided into three intense stages. Prepare for a thrilling duel that will test your abilities as an action RPG player, but fear not; victory is within your reach with the right strategies. Furthermore, it is the final section of the Eikonic Challenge Mode.

Phase 1

final fantasy 16 how to beat benedikta in eikonic challenge
Benedikta Bossfight First Phase
  • Benedikta appears initially manageable.
  • Her long-range attack moves slowly, allowing evasion.
  • Aeroga, though concerning, is not overly swift.
  • Be cautious of her quick rapier strikes.
  • Utilize Titan’s Upheaval for significant damage.
  • Use Titanic Block for defense and Deadly Embrace for an advantage.

Phase 2

final fantasy 16 eikonic challenge benedikta second phase
Benedikta second phase bossfight

In the second stage, the difficulty ramps up:

  • Benedikta targets your location with an attack; evade quickly.
  • She uses Aerora with faster-moving wind spheres.
  • Dodge talon attacks during her flight.
  • Use Benedikta’s Nosedive for a powerful Titan strike.

Phase 3

Final Phase of Benedikta

In the final stage, the stakes are high.

  • Benedikta pushes back with wind and uses Gathering Clouds.
  • Retreat when clouds form to evade danger.
  • Beware of her ultimate ability, Super Tornado.
  • Avoid the massive tornado to prevent severe damage.
  • Move to the arena’s edge when she charges Super Tornado.
  • Watch for Aerial Slash and Gathering Clouds during Super Tornado; dodge accordingly.

With that, you know everything about Final Fantasy 16’s Eikonic Challenge Mode! It is jam-packed with action sequences and many abilities for you to try out. As it is part of the demo, they’ve definitely made it quite accessible by allowing you to have additional abilities and accessibility options!

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