Final Fantasy 16: Eikonic Challenge Mode [Full Walkthrough]

Learn everything about the demo-exclusive Eikonic Challenge mode of Final Fantasy 16 and how to beat its major boss, Benedikta!

The Final Fantasy 16 Eikonic Challenge Mode is a specific mode designed for the demo that allows you to get a deeper understanding of the mechanics and the potential of the gameplay. You get to explore a dungeon as well as undergo a unique boss fight.

Important: The Final Fantasy 16 Eikonic Challenge Mode is exclusive content for the Final Fantasy 16 Demo.

Key Takeaways
  • The mode is exclusive to the Final Fantasy 16 demo and offers unique events, gear, and powers.
  • It takes place in a later chapter, featuring mature characters and introducing Benedikta.
  • The mode lets players command three Eikons and has an enhanced combat system.
  • It also simplifies combat using Timely Accessories, which are also available in the full version of Final Fantasy 16, under Story-Focused difficulty.
  • How to Unlock: Becomes available automatically after the first demo playthrough.
  • The actual content consists of you going through a dungeon quest which consists of the following:
    • Chapter “Headwind” and Location: The chapter in Eikonic Mode is named “Headwind” and starts in Caer Norvent’s sewers; the goal is to ascend the castle.
    • Path Choices and Enemies: Multiple paths with different enemy encounters and loot are offered, and enemies range from Royal Sigfreyr soldiers to Royal Tognvaldr.
    • Chirada and Suparna Boss Fight: Fight Benedikta’s two sisters using targeted attacks, careful positioning, and specific moves like Titanic Block.
    • Reaching Benedikta: Ascend through a dungeon with enemies and useful items, plus defeat various foes, including mages, Intelligencers, and Tognvaldr.
    • Benedikta Boss Fight: The fight comprises three phases.
    • Use evasive maneuvers and targeted attacks like Titan’s Upheaval and Deadly Embrace.
    • Benedikta uses advanced attacks as the fight progresses, such as Gathering Clouds and Tornado.

What Is The Eikonic Challenge Mode In Final Fantasy 16

opening scene
Opening scene for the Eikonic Challenge Mode

Eikonic Challenge Mode is a unique, high-energy experience exclusive to the Final Fantasy 16 demo. While it shares elements with the full game, it offers enhancements and a boss battle against Benedikta.

It differs from the regular demo prologue and won’t be in the final game. Let’s explore what it is and how to access it in-game.

How To Unlock And Access It

The Final Fantasy 16 Eikonic Mode automatically unlocks after you complete the main storyline in the demo for the first time. As soon as the final chapter of the demo ends, you will be given a new option to play through the Eikonic Mode. 

Deeper Into The Storyline

The Final Fantasy 16 Eikonic Challenge Mode transports you into an advanced chapter of the Final Fantasy 16 plot, a few hours deep into the narrative of Final Fantasy 16. 

  • Here, you find yourself in the company of Clive, now a mature character in his thirties, and Torgal, who has grown to become an adult and is working alongside the resistance leader, Cid. 
  • Additionally, there’s a hint at an encounter with the character Benedikta before the demo chapter. 
  • Benedikta makes an intriguing reference to a past encounter before the final battle, stating that it’s the second instance of Clive defeating her ‘sisters.’ 
  • Implying that you would have crossed paths with Benedikta before reaching this chapter available in the Eikonic Challenge Mode.

An Expanded Battle System

Eikonic Challenge Mode also offers you an enhanced battle system experience, allowing them to command three Eikons: Phoenix, Garuda, and Titan. 

  • The Abilities screen is upgraded to offer a myriad of additional abilities, allowing you to experiment with possible combos using different Eikons. Such an enhancement brings a new level of excitement and tactical depth to Final Fantasy 16’s combat system.

Timely Accessories

The Eikonic Challenge Mode includes Timely Accessories, a special gear set designed to simplify combat. Whether you’re learning the controls or focusing on Eikon combos, these accessories streamline the experience.

They are not exclusive to the demo; in the full game, they activate by default under Story-Focused difficulty. Eikonic Challenge Mode enriches the demo with a deeper storyline, expanded battles, and special gear, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

Final Fantasy 16 Eikonic Challenge Mode Walkthrough

starting of final fantasy 16 eikonic challenge mode
Starting point in sewers

The chapter is named ‘Headwind.’ You begin in Caer Norvent’s sewers, tasked with ascending the castle.

  • Open a gate at the end of a cell-filled hallway.
  • Eliminate Royal Sigfreyr soldiers and proceed through a door on the right.
  • Exit through the leftmost window, drop down, and choose between a lower or higher path.
  • Each path offers unique enemies and loot, providing exploration opportunities. Here, we focus on the higher path.
Final fantasy 16 eikonic challenge mode
Fighting off soldiers in sewers
  1. Go up the stairs, open the gate, and face off against some Sigfreyr soldiers. 
  2. Defeat them, open the gate to your left, and follow the stairs down. 
  3. There, you’ll find two more soldiers and a Lockbox chest to loot.

After you go through the next door, you’ll be in a big courtyard. 

  1. You can use the door to your right to go back and clear the other path, but if you want to move forward, go towards the metal gate on the far right side of the courtyard. 
  2. There, a Royal Tognvaldr is waiting for a fight. Beat him to move through the gate.
  3. Ascend the initial flight of stairs, and you’ll encounter a chest on your left side. Inside, you’ll find an accessory called The Favor of Fire (Scarlet Cyclone).
  4. Continue up the stairs and follow two Royal soldiers into the next courtyard, where an ambush awaits.

The ambush comes in three waves. The first wave includes Sigfreyr soldiers and Folkstaf, followed by a wave of Royal Mastiff dogs. The last wave is more soldiers and Folkstaf, along with two spell-casting Gandfreyr. Take them out first.

  1. After eliminating all the adversaries, proceed to the grand doors located on the courtyard’s right flank to gain access to the chapel.
  2. Inside, there’s a lockbox along the left wall. 
  3. To keep moving forward, go through the metal gates ahead.

Finally, you’ll meet Benedikta. She turns down your request, and after failing to convince Cid to join her side, she attacks him. Cid gets knocked out, and Benedikta sends her minions after you.

Chirada And Suparna Bossfight

final fantasy 16 eikonic challenge mode sister boss fight
Chirada and Suprana Bossfight

After encountering Benedikta, you face a challenging boss fight with her two sisters in Final Fantasy 16’s Eikonic Challenge Mode.

  • Suparna and Chirada are a formidable duo, especially when together. Defeat one first, as the surviving sister gains significant stat boosts.
  • Watch out for an AOE attack where they charge across marked lines on the floor. Position Clive between these lines to avoid being hit.
  • Use Titanic Block to counter one sister’s attacks, then strike back with moves like Scarlet Cyclone from behind to disrupt their coordination.
  • If cornered, employ Garuda’s Wicked Wheel to push them apart, then use Phoenix Shift to target Suparna and wear down her health.
  • Once one sister is defeated, the other inherits her abilities and becomes more aggressive. Dodge green projectiles and string attacks.
  • When only Chirada remains, she gains Suparna’s powers. Stagger her quickly, and when Clive’s Limit Break is charged, use it along with a Strength Tonic.
  • Beware Suparna’s “Wind Tunnel” variant attack, creating a grid of whirlwinds. Position between the wind tunnels while dodging Chirada.
  • After a cinematic evasion QTE and strike, both sisters become “fully Staggered.” Exploit this to unleash powerful attacks.
  • When they recover, they’ll employ the “Perfect Storm” attack. Focus on dodging Chirada’s strafing runs.
  • Once both sisters are defeated, find Cid injured, instructing you to continue forward while he rests.
cid in final fantasy 16 eikonic challenge mode
Leaving Cid to recover

Reaching Benedikta

looking for benedikta in final fantasy 16 eikonic challenge mode
On path to look for Benedikta

After the cutscene, it will just be you and Torgal left. Start by climbing those stairs right in front of you. 

  1. Once you reach the top, hang a left into a bedroom. 
  2. You’ll find a Meteorite waiting there for you. 
  3. Next, head in the opposite direction. 
  4. Walk through the door to discover a storeroom packed with useful items – a Potion, a High Potion, and a Favor of Fire (Heatwave)

Your first encounter in the dungeon is with mages who love to heal their pals, but they don’t pose much of a challenge. Just wipe ’em out. 

  1. Next, keep moving up. 
  2. Climb the stairs, pocket the two gil you find, then shimmy up that ladder. 
  3. You’ll be faced with some Intelligencers and their hounds. 
  4. Unleash a quick Scarlet Cyclone and Heatwave combo.
  5. Then, head back downstairs and grab the Potion.

Head back upstairs and take down the two goons you find there. 

  1. Wicked Wheel should get the job done. 
  2. Once they’re out of the picture, continue your ascent. 
  3. You’ll find a Wyrrite waiting for you at the top. 
  4. Go through the gate where your fallen foes lay. 
  5. There are enough soldiers here that you’ll want to take out the mages first to prevent them from healing their allies. 
  6. Wicked Wheel will be your friend again here, but it might not reach everyone. 
  7. Follow it up with Scarlet Cyclone and a good Upheaval to the face.
Fighting Toganvaldr while looking for benedikta

Next, head up the stairs. You’ll find a Tognvaldr here, but he’s brought his hounds this time. Get those hounds out of the picture first. The Tognvaldr will tap into his Raitan and Katan, but you should be able to handle him by now. 

  1. If he’s not using his special abilities, a handy trick is to keep spamming Titanic Block – especially if you’re not too confident in your dodging skills. 
  2. Remember, you can summon Torgal to take him on, giving you a chance to either set up a series of Titanic Blocks or, even better, go all out on him with your top Eikonic attacks.
  3. Once that’s done, grab the Potion and High Potion. 
  4. Head up the final staircase. 
  5. There, you’ll find two enemies and two pinches of magicked ash behind them. 
  6. After dealing with them, nab another Potion and a Bloody Hide

Finally, you’re ready to confront Benedikta. Climb up the wooden staircase on your right, take down the two Sigfreyr on the first floor, and then keep on climbing. Follow the path around, and you’ll reach the next wooden staircase. You’ll find Benedikta beyond the doors at the top of the staircase.

Benedikta Bossfight

The climactic showdown with Benedikta, the Dominant of Wind, is divided into three intense stages. Prepare for a thrilling duel that will test your abilities as an action-RPG player, but fear not; victory is within your reach with the right strategies. Furthermore, it is the final section of the Final Fantasy 16 Eikonic Challenge Mode.

Phase 1

final fantasy 16 how to beat benedikta in eikonic challenge
Benedikta Bossfight First Phase

In the beginning, Benedikta may not seem overly formidable. 

  • Her five-piece long-range attack moves slowly enough for you to avoid by maneuvering in between them. 
  • Similarly, her Aeroga attack, which may initially concern veteran Final Fantasy players, isn’t overly swift or damaging. 
  • Yet, be cautious, as Benedikta is quick, and her rapier, while not overly harmful, can slowly chip away at your health if you’re not careful.

Use Titan’s Upheaval to gain the upper hand in this stage. It can cause significant damage to Benedikta, giving you a considerable advantage. 

  • Additionally, Titanic Block can shield you from Benedikta’s rapid rapier strikes, while Deadly Embrace can turn the tide of the battle in your favor.

Phase 2

final fantasy 16 eikonic challenge benedikta second phase
Benedikta second phase bossfight

In the second stage, the difficulty ramps up:

Benedikta initiates an attack targeting your location after a cutscene, so evade quickly. She follows with Aerora, two large wind spheres; evade to avoid damage.

An improved Aeroga follows, with three large spheres covering a wider area and moving faster. When Benedikta flies around you, be prepared to dodge her talon attacks to minimize damage.

Use Benedikta’s Nosedive as an opportunity for a powerful Titan strike; she’s vulnerable after landing and may stagger.

During a cutscene, Benedikta damages the tower with Rammerfell; dodge cinematically. She gains two advanced attacks, Gathering Clouds and Tornado. Quickly escape the hurricane clouds from Gathering Clouds, and leap above Benedikta during Tornado to attack while she casts. Unload Eikonic abilities before landing if possible.

Phase 3

Final Phase of Benedikta

In the final stage, the stakes are high. Benedikta starts by pushing you back with wind and using Gathering Clouds. Retreat when you see clouds forming to evade danger.

She then unleashes her ultimate ability, Super Tornado, summoning a massive tornado in the arena. Avoid it to prevent severe damage or even a potential KO. Move to the arena’s edge when Benedikta charges the move to avoid getting caught.

During Super Tornado, Benedikta continues with other attacks like Aerial Slash and Gathering Clouds. Watch her movements and dodge accordingly.

When Benedikta is low on health, she charges with Garuda. Dodge perfectly to avoid it and use Titan’s abilities to retaliate. All your abilities should be ready by this point, so utilize them to finish the fight.

Use health potions or revive items if needed, stay focused on evasion, and wait for opportunities to attack. Patience and perseverance lead to victory in this challenging battle.

With that, you know everything about the Final Fantasy 16 Eikonic Challenge Mode! It is jam-packed with action sequences and many abilities for you to try out. As it is part of the demo, they’ve definitely made it quite accessible by allowing you to have additional abilities and accessibility options!

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