Final Fantasy 16: Best Eikonic Build [Ability, Gear, Weapons]

With over 100+ hours, here is my ideal build for Clive, with details on abilities, feats and accessories!

To create the best build in Final Fantasy 16, players must select abilities that suit their playstyle the best. Furthermore, you will also have to pick out the perfect gear that goes well with the abilities you have selected, as well as powerful weapons that you can use against end-game enemies. After at least 35 hours in the game, you will have unlocked eight different Eikons, each with a specific element. 

Key Takeaways
  • To curate best build in Final Fantasy 16, you should use the Eikonic abilities of Titan, Phoenix, or Odin. 
  • Some of the best abilities include aerial blast, lightning rod, rising flames, and dance dancing style. 
  • For feats, players can use blind justice, phoenix shift, and deadly embrace. 
  • In accessories, the golden Testament, genji gloves, a ring of timely focus, and a Berserker Ring are recommended. 
  • For weapons, the ultima sword, diamond sword, and Gotterdammerung are recommended for best build. 

Recommended Eikonic Abilities

I would highly suggest focusing on three major Eikons and choosing anyone you find the best. These are Titan, Odin, and Phoenix.

Final Fantasy 16 Best Build
Ablities – [Image Capture Credit: eXputer]
AbilityEffectAP Cost
Flames Of RebirthWhenever the attack is active, a pillar of fire will appear. This is a high AOE attack and is capable of dealing great damage to any enemies in the surrounding area. Furthermore, the attack will also regenerate the health of Clive.AP cost for the flames of birth is 1695, while its Upgrade will cost you around 2390.
Rook's GambitThe ability will allow clive to dash backward once while simultaneously dashing in the forward direction. This ability will only deal damage to enemies once per use. In case you were not able to land an attack for the first time, your next strike will deal twice the more damage when executed. Moreover, you will also be able to use this ability while in the air.The AP cost of this ability is 120, while its Upgrade will cost you around 660 AP. If you want to master it, you will have to spend 1000 AP.
Rising FlamesWhenever the attack is active, a huge wing will appear in the air that will deal fire damage to surrounding enemies. Furthermore, any lighter enemies in the battle arena will be lifted up in the air whenever rising flames are active.You won't have to spend any AP to get the ability. However, you will have to spend around 500 AP to upgrade it. To unlock the mastery level upgrade, the ability will have to spend 1000 AP.
Lightning RodBy using the ability, Clive will be able to cast a huge ball of lightning. This ability will bind the enemies together and will make your attacks easier to perform in them and deal maximum damage.The AP cost for the attack is 120 for the base and 525 for the Upgrade. For a mastery level upgrade of the skill, you will have to spend 1000 AP.
Aerial BlastWhen the ability is active, Clive will cast a huge twister that will chase any enemies in the surrounding areas. In addition to that, it will also deal high damage to any enemies trapped within.It will cost around 1540 AP to get the ability. For the Upgrade, you will require 2005.
Pile DriveYou will be able to use the ability by acquiring the staff of Ramuh. Whenever the ability is active, Clive will push the staff into the ground. Doing so will release shock waves that will electrocute all enemies in the surrounding area.The base ability will be unlocked without any AP cost; however, you will have to spend 660 AP to unlock the Upgrade. For a mastery level Upgrade, you will have to spend 1000 AP.
Odin's Dancing SteelUsing the ability, you will summon two blades that will deal constant damage by using a lot of attacks that will eventually charge up the Zantetsuken Gauge.The base cost for the ability is 1845 AP; for the Upgrade, you will have to spend 2420 AP. For the mastery level upgrade, you will have to spend 4250 AP.
Bahamut's ImpulseThis DPS ability will allow you to deal damage to nearby enemies with a little cooldown. The ability uses spheres to attack enemies.The upgrade cost of the ability is 450. For the Upgrade, you will need 1000 Mastery.


For feats, I recommend using the following in the build as your mains for Clive

Impartial Justice

Using the feat, you will shoot lightning at enemies nearby. Also, you will have to aim at enemies to lock the feat in, and only they will get damage. By hitting the locked targets, they will get increased damage, which is great if you ask me since FF16 has a lot of trash mob encounters.

  • You will need 500 AP costs to unlock the mastery upgrade
  • Blind justice has three techniques, including Justice Chain, Collateral Justice, and regular Blind Justice.
  • If you manage to master blind justice, you will be able to increase the number of target enemies that get hit by the ball of lightning.
  • I highly recommend using melee attacks before casting blind justice if you want to increase the damage given. 

Deadly Embrace

This Garuda feat in Final Fantasy 16 will allow you to grab the enemies using Garuda’s talons and pull them in your direction while dodging their attacks.

Final Fantasy 16 Best Build feats
Deadly Embrace – [Image Capture Credit: eXputer]
If you use the ability on any of the high-level enemies, it will not work. While the ability is only great for light enemies, it is still very powerful in battles.

  • You will need to spend at least 450 AP to get the mastery upgrade of the feat.
  • Remember that if you intend to use it on any of the heavier enemies, you will get pulled into the air. 
  • Deadly embrace has seven techniques, each great for different combat situations.
  • By mastering the technique, you can increase the AOE of Garudas’s claw. 

Phoenix Shift 

This is one of the basic Eikon feats you will unlock from the very start and can be a good addition to the build.

Final Fantasy 16 Best Build
Phoenix Shift – [Image Capture Credit: eXputer]
By using the ability, you can dash and move closer to your target.

  • Furthermore, it will also allow you to deal counterattacks whenever you use Phoenix shift and deal melee damage.
  • You can also use magic attacks on enemies while using Phoenix Shift.  
  • There are seven techniques of Phoenix shift that work essentially as upgrades.
  • You can use these techniques according to a combat situation, making Phoenix Shift Eikon a great addition to the build. 
  • Also, you will need 357 AP to unlock the mastery upgrade of the Phoenix shift. 
  • By using the Phoenix shift upgrade, you can only increase the distance that gets covered when using the ability. 
  • You can also use feats like Arm of Darkness, Cold Snap, and Titanic Block

Best Accessories 

Your accessories must complement any equipped abilities and gear you have.

Gear Final Fantasy 16 Best Build
Accessories – [Image Capture Credit: eXputer]
For the build I opt for, I recommend accessories allowing you to use buffs:

The Golden TestamentIf you are looking to get more Gil, then the golden testament is perfect. You will earn around 35% Gil whenever farming, and It is pretty easy to obtain in Final Fantasy 16 as well. To get the golden testament, you will have to find Charon's toll when completing the Cid the outlaw quest.
The Wages Of WarcraftOne of the best accessories that synergize with any ability you are using is the Wages of Warcraft. Whenever the accessory is equipped, you will get around 25% more ability points when you are up against enemies in Final Fantasy 16. You will be able to obtain the accessory during Cid's outlaw quest as well.
Genji GlovesThe most powerful accessory that you can equip for the Final Fantasy 16 best build is Genji Gloves. You will have to spend 2365 renown at the patron's whisper to unlock Genji gloves. Therefore, you will not be able to buy it or craft it in Final Fantasy 16. Since the build is curated towards the end game, Genji gloves are a must-have. The Genji gloves will give you a 5% total boost in damage. The boost will depend on your Damage ability making it a powerful accessory to use.
Ring Of Timely FocusThe ring of timely focus is one of the timely accessories that will allow you to dodge any incoming attack from the enemy. It will do so by slowing down time, making it a powerful end-game accessory to have.
Berserker RingIf you use the precision dodge ability a lot in your battle, then I highly recommend using the berserker ring. When the accessory is equipped, and you perform a precision dodge, you will get a boost in power. It will last for a few seconds, and you will need 85 renown to get the berserker ring at patron whisper.

Weapons To Use

Weapons are the most crucial part of the build, and I will focus on the ones that deliver high ATK and ideal stagger damage.

Final Fantasy 16 Best Build For End Game
Weapons – [Image Capture Credit: eXputer]
Following are some of the best weapons you can use in the build that complement the abilities I have mentioned above. 

Ultima Sword 

If you are looking for an end-game weapon, then there is no better choice than the Ultima weapon for the best build. However, you will have to complete the main story once in order to unlock the ultimate weapon; it is capable of dealing 700 attacks and staggering damage to enemies.

Ultima Weapon – [Image Capture Credit: eXputer]
Due to its raised difficulty level, the Ultima weapon is only available in the new game+ mode. Since you won’t be able to change the difficulty, I highly recommend using the Ultima sword. 


If you are looking for a sword that you can normally get without having to complete Final Fantasy 16, then I would recommend this sword, as it has the highest attack and stagger damage known so far among all weapons.

Final Fantasy 16 Best Build weapons
Gotterdammgerung – [Image Capture Credit: eXputer]
You will be able to obtain the weapon by completing the Blacksmith Blues side quest, which will then unlock the design draft of the weapon. After that, you can craft it, allowing you to deal around 375 stagger damage and attack damage, making your build stronger. 

Diamond Sword  

Lastly, I recommend using the diamond sword for the end game or mid-game, as it can deal with 245 attacks and stagger damage. You can craft it using items available easily in Final Fantasy 16. 

My Thoughts On The Best FF16 Build

After spending around 50+ hours in Final Fantasy 16, these abilities and accessories worked best for me.  This build can definitely carry you through most of FF16’s toughest encounters. Remember that most of these items may not be available until the endgame, so this build was mostly designed for the Final Fantasy mode.

With this, I conclude my detailed guide on the best build in Final Fantasy 16, including recommended accessories, abilities, and weapons. While you are at it, I recommend checking out the guide on who is Clive’s mother in Final Fantasy 16 and Braveheart. You can also check out the guide on Bluebird and how to travel fast in Final Fantasy 16. Don’t forget to read the guide on Joshua Rosfield and how to heal.

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