Final Fantasy 16: All Weapon Types And How To Get Them

Learn everything there is about FF16's unique weapon and sword types, ranging from the illustrious Icebrand to the Gotterdammerung!

In Final Fantasy 16, weapons are an integral part of your journey, shaping your combat style and your protagonist Clive’s effectiveness in battles. All FF16 weapon types have unique attributes and their own set of stats which affect the damage you can deal to enemies as well as your ability to stagger them, disrupting their attacks.

Key Takeaways
  • Weapons in Final Fantasy 16 are categorized into Common and Legendary tiers, reflecting their rarity and power.
  • Common weapons, while frequently encountered, can serve players well throughout their journey when upgraded.
  • Legendary weapons are rare and powerful, often requiring challenging tasks or reaching certain milestones to obtain.

  • Each weapon has unique stats, including damage, attack speed, critical rate, elemental affinity, special abilities, upgrade potential, and rarity.
  • Unlocking weapons involves a combination of main quest progression, crafting, purchasing from merchants, and open-world exploration.
  • Merchants throughout Final Fantasy 16 offer new weapons for purchase as the player progresses in Final Fantasy 16.

All Weapons List In Final Fantasy 16

Flametongue ff16 weapon types

In Final Fantasy 16, weapons are categorized into various tiers, with two main ones being Common and Legendary. The classification is primarily based on the rarity, power, and unique characteristics of the weapon. Here is a brief overview:

Common Weapons: These weapons are the most frequently encountered during Final Fantasy 16. They are often found during the early stages of Final Fantasy 16 or are available for purchase at various in-game shops. Although common, these weapons are not necessarily weak, and many can be quite effective when used correctly.

  • Common weapons in Final Fantasy 16 include the Imperial Infantry Blade, Broadsword, Longsword, Bastard Sword, Stormcry, Gaia Blade, Invictus, Flametongue, and many others. 

Legendary Weapons: These are the rarest and often most powerful weapons in Final Fantasy 16. They are usually harder to obtain and may require the completion of specific tasks, quests, or challenges. Legendary weapons often have unique properties or abilities, making them incredibly valuable.

  • Examples of legendary weapons in Final Fantasy 16 include Gotterdammerung, Ragnarok, Defender, Everdark, Masamune, and Icebrand.

The following table contains all FF16 weapon types, alongside their stat and how to unlock them:

WeaponAttack PowerStagger PowerAcquisition Method
Ultima700700You have to play Final Fantasy 16 in hardest difficulty i.e Final Fantasy
Gotterdammerung375375Craft upon obtaining its design draft, Complete Blacksmith's Blues IV
Ragnarok325325Complete the entire Blacksmith's Blues side questline that becomes accessible after Main Story Quest 35.
Defender320/330320/330This weapon is obtained as part of the "Streets of Madness" main quest. To make this weapon, you'll need a Behemoth Shackle, a Fallen Iron, a Clutchmine, and 790 Wyrites.
Everdark315315This weapon is obtained during the "Brotherhood" main quest. You'll need an Icebrand, a Dark Shard, 8 Meteorites, and 400 Sharp Fangs to make this blade.
Masamune310310Locate in a chest on The Shadow Coast, east of Rikmal's Roost
Icebrand300300Craft at The Black Hammer at the initiation of the Across the Narrow main quest
Rune Blade275/285/295275/285/295Obtainable at Charon's Toll at the commencement of A Song of Hope's main quest
Brightburn270270Craft at The Black Hammer post acquiring Light Shard from vanquishing Bahamut
Excalibur268268Craft at The Black Hammer post obtaining the Excalibur Design Draft, Complete Blacksmith's Blues II
Ancient Sword252252Locate in a chest in Dhalmekia, east of The Steps of the Forgotten
Diamond Sword245/255/265245/255/265Purchase from Goetz at the Crystalline Dominion, Available at Goetz's Toll
Enhancer230215This weapon becomes accessible in Final Fantasy 16 during the "Out of the Shadow" main quest. You'll need an Earthen Fury, 225 Wyrites, and 75 Magicked Ash to make this weapon.
Grindstone225225Craft upon obtaining Earth Shard from defeating Hugo Kupka
Platinum Sword200/210/220200/210/220Available at Charon's Toll during the After the Storm Main Quest, Purchase from Charon's Toll
Levinbolt195195Craft upon obtaining Lightning Shard from defeating Republican War Panther
Coral Sword185185Locate in a chest in the mines of Drake's Head
Flametongue180180Craft upon obtaining Flame Shard from defeating Infernal Eikon
Invictus165165Obtain during the Holding On the main quest post the cutscene with Lady Hanna
Gaia Blade140/150/160140/150/160Complete The Wages of Guilt main quest, Craft at The Black Hammer, Purchase from Charon's Toll
Stormcry135135Craft upon obtaining Wind Shard from defeating Garuda
Braveheart130130Bonus weapon for pre-orders, Claim from Redeemable Items in the Menu
Bastard Sword110/120/130110/120/130Complete the Awakening main quest, Craft at The Black Hammer, Purchase from Charon's Toll
Longsword95/105/11595/105/115Complete the Awakening main quest, Craft at The Black Hammer, Purchase from Lostwing Merchant: Charon's Toll
Broadsword80/90/10080/90/100Complete the A Chance Encounter main quest, Craft at The Black Hammer, Purchase from Charon's Toll
Imperial Infantry Blade7575During the current events of Final Fantasy 16, this will be Clive's starting weapon.
Sparring Sword5555During the practice session with the Lord Commander during the "Sunrise, Sunset" main story quest, you will obtain this weapon.
Rosarian Oath5555During the flashback while Clive is still a youngster, this will be his first weapon.

Understanding the statistics of All FF16 weapon types is crucial for selecting the right gear for your characters and optimizing their performance in battles. Below are the primary weapon stats explained:

  • Damage: This stat indicates the base damage a weapon can deal. It is essential for physical damage-dealing characters.
    • The higher the number, the more damage a character can potentially inflict on enemies.
  • Attack Speed: This refers to the speed at which a character can launch attacks. A weapon with a higher attack speed will allow characters to attack more frequently.
  • Critical Rate: This stat determines the chance of inflicting a critical hit, which does more damage than a standard attack.
    • Some weapons have a higher critical rate, making them ideal for characters focused on dealing heavy damage.
  • Elemental Affinity: Certain weapons have an elemental type attached to them (fire, ice, lightning, etc.). These weapons can inflict additional damage on enemies vulnerable to that element.
  • Special Abilities: Some weapons come with unique abilities or skills. These can range from passive boosts like increasing the character’s HP or MP, to active abilities that can be used in battle, like unleashing a powerful attack or providing a defensive barrier.
  • Upgrade Potential: Many weapons can be upgraded to improve their stats or unlock new abilities.
    • This is often a crucial factor in choosing whether to keep using a weapon or switch to a different one.
  • Rarity: This indicates how rare a weapon is. Legendary weapons, for example, are extremely rare but usually offer superior stats and abilities.

How To Unlock Weapons

Charon's Toll ff16 weapon types
Charon’s Toll

Unlocking Final Fantasy 16 All Weapons weapons involves a combination of progressing through the main story, crafting, purchasing from merchants, and discovering them in the open world. Here’s a breakdown of these methods:

  • Complete Main Quests: As you progress through the main storyline of Final Fantasy 16, new weapons become available.
    • Some weapons are rewarded directly through quest completion, while others become purchasable or craftable after completing certain quests.
  • Crafting: With the assistance of Blackthorne, you can craft weapons at his forge in Cid’s Hideaway. Crafting requires specific materials and a crafting fee.
    • Materials can be collected throughout your journey in the world of Valisthea. Certain weapons and upgrades can only be crafted after completing specific side quests or Hunt Board requests.
  • Purchasing from Merchants: All these weapons can also be purchased from various merchants throughout Final Fantasy 16, including Charon’s Toll in Cid’s Hideaway.
    • As you progress in Final Fantasy 16, new weapons are available. Be sure to check back regularly to see what new gear is in stock.
  • Exploring the Overworld: The world of Valisthea is vast and filled with hidden treasures. As you explore different regions, keep an eye out for treasure chests and other lootable objects.
    • Some of Final Fantasy 16’s most powerful weapons can be found in hard-to-reach or well-hidden locations.

How To Upgrade Weapons

Blackthorne All ff16 Weapon types
Location of Blackthorne

Upgrading all FF16 weapon types is a vital part of enhancing your combat effectiveness. This process allows you to improve your weapon’s stats, unlock new abilities, and generally increase its damage output. Here’s how you can upgrade your weapons:

  • Reinforce Weapons at the Black Hammer.
  • Blackthorne, the blacksmith at the Black Hammer in Cid’s Hideaway, is your go-to for all weapon upgrades.
    • Upgrading a weapon requires certain materials that you gather during your adventures. Here are the steps to upgrading your weapons:
  • Visit the Black Hammer: This is located in Cid’s Hideaway and is the primary location for crafting and upgrading weapons.
  • Select the Upgrade Option: When speaking to Blackthorne, select the option to upgrade your weapons.
  • Choose a Weapon: You’ll then be prompted to select which weapon you want to upgrade from your inventory.
  • Use the Required Materials: If you have the necessary materials and sufficient Gil, you’ll be able to upgrade your weapon. If not, you’ll need to go out and gather the necessary resources.

Remember, not all weapons are upgradable, and some require you to reach certain points in Final Fantasy 16 or complete specific quests to unlock their upgrades. This is it from my side. I hope you now know all ff16 weapon types and how to get them. I recommend you also read Final Fantasy 16: Joshua Rosfield, and Final Fantasy 16: How To Heal.


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