FF16: Who Is Barnabas Tharmr? [How To Beat Him]

Barnabas FF16 is a Secondary Antagonist, AKA Dominant of Odin, who was once a wanderer but is now the ruler of the Kingdom of Waloed!

Barnabas Tharmr is a prominent character in the popular role-playing game Final Fantasy 16, where he serves as a secondary antagonist. Known as the Dominant of Odin, FF16’s Barnabas is the ruler of the Kingdom of Waloed. Clive encounters him later during the endgame events of the storyline, where the two finally collide in a hellacious battle to the end.

Key Takeaways

Barnabas Tharmr in Final Fantasy 16:

  • Secondary antagonist, Dominant of Odin, and ruler of the Kingdom of Waloed.
  • Cherishes his origins as a wanderer and the chaos of battle.
  • Distinctive appearance with dark armor and a spectral steed.
  • Agile opponent with quick slashing combos, teleportation, powerful magic, and unique attacks.
  • In the final encounter, gains instant teleportation, master-level spells, and health regeneration.
  • Despite being an antagonist, his character depth and challenging battles make him a memorable character in the game.

Who Is Barnabas Tharmr In Final Fantasy 16?

Barnabas Tharmr.
Barnabas Tharmr.

Barnabas, once a wandering swordsman, rose to power with his extraordinary blade skills. He used his Dominant powers to summon Odin, uniting the eastern continent under Waloed’s banner. Now, he commands a formidable army and navy but remains drawn to battle.

He rides into combat on his spectral steed, wielding his feared black blade or observes the chaos of war. His loyalty is to Ultima, furthering her vision of a world without human consciousness, making him a memorable antagonist in Final Fantasy 16.


Armor barnabas ff16
Armor of Barnabas Tharmr!

He stands tall, embodying the very essence of a battle-hardened ruler. His attire exudes his royal status, being both practical for combat and ostentatious enough to assert his regal status. His most defining feature is his dark, mysterious armor, which is said to be inspired by the legendary Dark Knight archetype from earlier Final Fantasy installments.

  • The armor is symbolic of his link with Odin, his Eikon, and it subtly reflects his grim determination and unyielding spirit.
  • He rides atop a spectral steed, a direct manifestation of his power as the Dominant of Odin.
  • His weapon of choice is a fabled black blade, feared by enemies and revered by allies, which further enhances his formidable appearance.


Barnabas Tharmr’s personality is as intriguing as his appearance. He is a stoic, determined leader with an unwavering will. A keen strategist and a fearless warrior, he is not one to shy away from battle and often finds himself in the thick of the action. His leadership style can be ruthless at times, but it is never without purpose or calculated risk. Despite his royal status, he remains somewhat of a wanderer at heart.

  • He is continuously drawn to the chaos and unpredictability of the battlefield, hinting at his previous life before he became a king.
  • His loyalty to Ultima is unwavering, showcasing his commitment to his vision of a world free of human consciousness.
  • He is a key player in advancing this vision, even if it means being the antagonist.
  • This intense loyalty and commitment also hint at his deep sense of duty and dedication to his cause.

Voice Actors

Barnabas FF16 voice actors are David Menkin and Gotaro Tsunashima for the English and Japanese versions of Final Fantasy 16, respectively.

  • David Menkin, known for his versatility and rich vocal texture, brings life to the character of Barnabas Tharmr in the English version of FF16.
  • Menkin is an accomplished voice actor who has lent his voice to numerous video game characters, including Magnus from Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers.

How To Beat Him?

FF16 Encountering Barnabas
Encountering Barnabas.

In the first phase of the battle against Barnabas in Final Fantasy 16, he showcases his agility and abilities:

  1. Melee Combos: Barnabas employs quick slashing combos and powerful thrusts in sequences of two to three attacks.
  2. Teleportation: He can teleport to close the distance or evade your attacks, often following up with a swift strike.
  3. Magic Spells: Barnabas uses basic elemental magic like Firaga and Thundaga, with a casting time that can be interrupted or dodged.
  4. Riposte: He can parry your attacks and counter quickly, so avoid getting overly aggressive.
  5. Wave of Darkness: Barnabas’ special attack in this phase releases a wide wave of dark energy, requiring lateral dodging to avoid.

To defeat him, understand his attack patterns, dodge effectively, and strike during vulnerable moments. Depleting his health triggers a cutscene, transitioning to the second phase.

Second Phase

Second phase Barnabas FF16
Encountering the Second phase [Credits: TheGamer]
In the second phase of the battle against Barnabas in Final Fantasy 16, he becomes more formidable with enhanced abilities:

  1. Enhanced Melee Combos: Barnabas’ melee attacks are more aggressive and unpredictable, including teleportation strikes.
  2. Improved Teleportation: He teleports faster and more frequently, even mid-combo, making his attacks harder to predict.
  3. Advanced Magic Spells: Barnabas casts spells faster and introduces more powerful ones like Flare and Ultima, requiring precise dodging.
  4. Shadow Clones: He can create shadow clones that mimic his actions, increasing his attack output and making it challenging to manage them all.
  5. Cataclysm: His ultimate attack charges up with a dark aura, resulting in a massive explosion of dark energy. It covers a large area and deals heavy damage.

To succeed in this phase, you’ll need to handle unpredictable attacks, deal with shadow clones, avoid or interrupt potent spells, and seize opportunities to strike back.

Final Encounter With Barnabas

In the climactic final encounter with Barnabas, the full extent of his magical prowess is revealed. His abilities and attacks from the previous phases are improved further, and he gains a few more devastating powers. Here’s an overview of what you can expect in the final encounter with Barnabas:

  • Unpredictable Melee Attacks: Barnabas’ melee attacks become even more unpredictable and swift.
    • His teleportation-enhanced strikes are followed up with waves of dark energy that spread out in a cone, damaging anyone caught in its path.
    • His increased attack speed means you have less time to react, so you’ll need to be on your toes.
  • Instant Teleportation: Barnabas can now teleport instantly, even mid-combo. This makes tracking him more challenging and can sometimes lead to unexpected attacks from your blind spot.
    • His teleportation can also interrupt your attacks, disrupting your damage output.
  • Master-Level Spells: Barnabas now uses a greater variety of powerful spells like Meteor, Quake, and a stronger version of Ultima.
    • He can cast these spells with little warning, often catching players off-guard.
    • To add to the difficulty, he can chain these spells together, forcing you to evade multiple AoE attacks in quick succession.
  • Enhanced Shadow Clones: Barnabas’ shadow clones are now tougher and can use all of his spells and melee attacks.
    • They are no longer just a nuisance but a significant threat that must be dealt with quickly.
    • Ignoring these clones can lead to a swift defeat, as they can overwhelm you with their combined attack output.
  • Armageddon: This is Barnabas’ ultimate attack in this final encounter.
    • He floats in the air and charges up intense dark energy, then releases a barrage of meteors that rain down on the battlefield.
    • This attack can be dodged, but it requires careful timing and positioning.
  • Regeneration: A new ability that Barnabas gains in this final encounter is the power to regenerate health.
    • He only uses this ability when his health drops below a certain threshold, and it’s signaled by a distinctive glowing aura around him.
    • Interrupting Barnabas during his regeneration can stop the healing process and give you an opportunity to deal some damage.


Rewards! barnabas ff16

Here is what you can expect to receive upon defeating Barnabas FF16:

Dark Shard1x
Ability Points600

This is it from my side! I hope now you know everything about Barnabas FF16. I strongly recommend you also read Final Fantasy 16: All EikonsHow To Beat Benedikta, Final Fantasy 16: How To Fast Travel, and Trophy List guides.


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