Final Fantasy 16: How To Parry [All Tips]

Learn to parry in Final Fantasy 16, a crucial strategy to triumph in battles, transforming gameplay in Clive's compelling adventure.

In the adrenaline-fueled world of Final Fantasy 16, mastering the art of parry mechanics can mean the difference between glorious victory and bitter defeat. As an intricate and rewarding combat mechanic, parrying not only grants you a critical survival advantage but also adds a nuanced layer to the FF16’s richly detailed battle system.

Key Takeaways
  • Parrying In Final Fantasy 16 is a vital defensive strategy, functioning as a counter-attack during close combat encounters.
  • Timing is crucial for successful parrying; mistiming leaves Clive vulnerable to enemy attacks.
  • Parrying slows down enemy attacks, providing an opportunity to strike back effectively.

What Is Parrying In Final Fantasy 16?

main character of final fantasy 16
Clive can parry in FF16 [Image Captured by eXputer]
Parrying is regarded as a counter-attack measure by Clive in FF16. This attack can only be performed in return for an enemy attack. Parry slows down the enemy’s attack and provides enough time to carry out a successful strike on the opponent. 

Parry attack is considered one of the most powerful attacks if the players use it at the proper time. Failing to engage in engaging Parry attack or performing at the wrong time can lead to severe circumstances in FF16.

How Does Parry Attack Works In Final Fantasy 16?

How does Parry work in FF16? [Image Captured by eXputer]
Well, now you have pretty much an idea about what is Parring in FF16; it is time to explain how this attack can be activated in FF16. The first thing is to understand that a Parry attack is a close-range combat attack and only applies to Melee Attacks. It does not work for the ranged attacks at all. 

In order to activate the Parry attack, there are certain conditions that need to be met:

  • As explained earlier, the first one is Clive must be in the close vicinity of the opponent.
  • Secondly, Clive must be facing the enemy while he attacks.
  • If these two conditions are achieved, the Parry attack can be initiated by pressing the attack button at the right instant.

Parry Vs Counter Attack Vs Precision Dodge

Precision Dodge [Image Captured by eXputer]
Although many other hack-and-slash or real-time live-action games such as Devil May Cry 5, Dark Souls, and more have Parry attacks like in FF16, the latter has added a unique feature to it. Its uniqueness lies in the activation method being applauded by long-time Final Fantasy series players.

Besides Parry, there are two more countermeasures or Clive’s Abilities that can be utilized to punish enemies landing an incoming attack: Counter Attack & Precision Dodge.

Here is an overview showcasing a comparison between all three core mechanics of Final Fantasy 16:

MechanicExecutionDamage PotentialProsConsBest Usage
ParryParry is performed by pressing the attack button when Clive is facing an enemy's melee attackHigh, can provide huge damage in a single hitParry slows down the enemy’s attack, providing time for a counter. More convenient as the same button can be used for normal attacks.Wrong timing leaves Clive vulnerable to the enemy's attack.Best used in close combat scenarios and when enemy's attack is timed.
Counter AttackPress the relevant button immediately after performing a "Precision Dodge"High, inflicts more damage than normal hitsProvides a reliable method of avoiding damage then quickly inflicting it. Dodging is possible against any enemy's attack.Timing is key; dodging too early or late can cause the player to get hitIdeal for situations where dodging is more reliable than parrying.
Precision DodgePress R1 right before an enemy attack to dodge and avoid damageCan lead to high damage if followed by a counter attackPrecise timing allows dodging without damage and facilitates a precision counter. Ring of Timely Focus can aid with timing.Difficult to master as it requires accurate prediction of enemy attacksBest used when it is difficult to predict the exact moment of an enemy's attack.

Mastering the art of parrying in Final Fantasy 16 isn’t just an additional skill; it’s a game-changing strategy. As you navigate Clive’s tumultuous journey, employing well-timed parries can turn the tide in even the most overwhelming battles. With practice and precision, for sure, your parries will become a crucial part of your combat, enhancing not only executing the best combos but also Clive’s survival.

With this, I wrap up my Final Fantasy 16 Parry guide, where I believe I have mentioned every single useful detail about Parry and 2 more key mechanics related to this combat mechanic. While you’re here, I suggest you go through Final Fantasy 16: How To Beat Benedikta, Eikonic Challenge Mode, and Best Party in FF16 guides to learn more about the game.


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