FF16: 5 Best Combos [How To Master & Tips]

Learn about the 5 Best Combos in FF16 which you can learn to gain an advantage against your Opponents!

In FF16, understanding and applying combat mechanics effectively is paramount to success. FF16 combos are centered around reducing the enemy’s Will Gauge to 0%, which results in them being staggered. Therefore, learning the best combos will ensure you always have the edge against your opponent!

Key Takeaways
  • FF16 combos revolve around decreasing the enemy’s Will Gauge to stagger them.
  • When an enemy’s Will Gauge is at 0%, they are staggered, leaving them more vulnerable to attacks.
  • Staggered enemies receive increased damage by up to 150%.
  • Use Clive’s best abilities with high attack ratings to maximize damage output against staggered enemies.
  • Stagger ratings and attack ratings of abilities are critical elements in combat.
  • Mastering item use during combat significantly boosts player efficiency.
  • Effective use of Torgal commands helps manage combat scenarios better.
  • The gameplay features both strategic and dynamic combat scenarios.
  • Understanding combat commands and basic battle attacks are crucial.
  • Familiarizing yourself with the combat basics guide will ensure victory against enemies.
  • Optimizing the use of abilities based on their Stagger and attack ratings is a key strategy.

Best Combos In Final Fantasy 16

Here is a brief overview of the combos that you should use always in FF16:

Serial NoCombo NameHow to ExecuteBest Usage
1Basic ComboInitiate with repeated melee attacks followed by a Magic BurstA reliable combo for building up damage when Eikon abilities aren't ready
2Magic Burst ComboAlternate between attacks and Magic BurstsUseful for significantly staggering the enemy and can lead to a 100% stagger if used correctly
3Infinite Lunge ComboPerform the Lunge ability repeatedly, pressing the '△' button at the right moment to connect another hitGreat for maximizing damage output in regular encounters and boss fights
4Burning Blade ComboHold the Square button to imbue Clive's blade with fire, release for a powerful strikeCan be used to break enemy's guard, parry attacks, and set up opportunities for aerial combos
5Phoenix Combo: Rising from the AshesWeave the "Rising From the Ashes" ability into other combosIntegrating into Basic Combo or Magic Burst Combo provides substantial damage and staggering potential

Master the art of landing combos in FF16 by watching this video here:

YouTube video

1. Basic Combos

combos ff16
Basic Combos (Image Credit: Arekkz Gaming YouTube Channel)

In FF16 combos, the sequence is initiated with repeated melee attacks, which are then typically followed by a Magic Burst.

The combo usually goes as follows: Attack → Attack → Attack → Attack → Magic Burst.

This combo should be your go-to when your Eikon abilities, the special abilities tied to the various deities known as Eikons, aren’t ready yet. It is effective in building up damage, starting with the melee attacks and then concluding with a burst of magic.

Ultimately, understanding and mastering the basic combo in FF16 is fundamental to your survival and success. So, practice it diligently and watch as your fighting skills develop and flourish in dynamic and action-packed battles.

2. Magic Burst 

combos ff16
Magic Burst (Image Credit: Arekkz Gaming YouTube Channel)

First, let’s understand what Magic Burst is. Magic Burst combines melee combat with explosive magical abilities to deliver a powerful close-range attack. Not only does it deal significant damage, but it also affects the enemy’s Will Gauge, making it a crucial part of your arsenal.

  • The Magic Burst Combo integrates the Magic Burst ability into your battle system strategy.
  • Execute the Magic Burst Combo by alternating between attacks and Magic Bursts.
  • Attack, Magic Burst, Attack, Magic Burst, and so on.
  • This combo significantly staggers the enemy.
  • Using Magic Burst four times in a row can lead to a 100% stagger.
  • Mastering the timing of the combo may require practice.
  • The Magic Burst Combo can be enhanced when incorporated into a full combo sequence.
  • A high-damage combo involves a series of specific actions, including a magic burst thrust, regular magic burst combo, charging burning blade, and charging magic.
  • Timing and execution are crucial for the effectiveness of the Magic Burst Combo.
  • Pressing the correct button after a melee attack lands triggers a Magic Burst.
  • Perfecting the timing is key to mastering the combo and maximizing damage output.

Finally, as your journey with Clive progresses and he gains access to a wide range of Eikon abilities, integrating them with your Magic Burst Combo can further enhance your damage output. Explore and experiment with different abilities to find the combo that works best for your gameplay style.

3. Infinite Lunge

combos ff16
Infinite Lunge (Image Credit: Arekkz Gaming YouTube Channel)

The Infinite Lunge Combo is a potent offensive sequence in FF16 that allows Clive, the protagonist, to deal rapid, continuous damage to foes. It’s an invaluable tool for maximizing your damage output in both regular encounters and boss fights.

  • The Infinite Lunge Combo revolves around the repeated use of the “Lunge” ability.
  • Clive swiftly closes the distance to the enemy and delivers a precise strike with the Lunge.
  • The Lunge ability can also parry enemy attacks when timed correctly.
  • To initiate the Infinite Lunge Combo, perform the Lunge ability (press ‘x’ + ‘□’).
  • Proper timing and resource management are key to maintaining the combo.
  • After each Lunge, press the ‘△’ button at the right moment to connect another hit.
  • Depending on the timing, the combo sequence can be refreshed or reset.
  • Chaining lunges together forms the basis of the Infinite Lunge Combo.
  • Performing the Lunge requires Ability Points (AP).
  • Each Lunge consumes a specific amount of AP.
  • AP gradually recovers over time or by performing other actions.
  • Managing AP is crucial to continually perform the Lunge and maintain the Infinite Lunge Combo.

This combo can be further augmented by integrating other abilities or Eikon abilities into the chain. For example, Magic Burst can be connected with the Lunge to create a ‘Lunge → Magic Burst Combo,’ further enhancing your combat effectiveness. However, it’s important to consider the AP cost and the potential timing changes when integrating other abilities.

Mastering the Infinite Lunge Combo can significantly improve your combat prowess in FF16. It not only enhances your offensive capabilities but also gives you additional mobility and defensive options in the form of parrying.

4. Burning Blade 

combos ff16
Burning Blade (Image Credit: Arekkz Gaming YouTube Channel)

The Burning Blade is a prominent ability among all FF16 combos that you’ll want to get the hang of, especially if you’re looking to dominate your enemies with Clive’s fiery onslaught. This move is not only potent but also versatile, making it a valuable addition to your combat arsenal.

  • The Burning Blade damages enemies and can break their guard.
  • If timed precisely, it can also parry enemy attacks, providing a counterattacking advantage.
  • Burning Strike is executed by using the Burning Blade on the ground, while Aerial Burning Strike is performed in mid-air, launching enemies upward.
  • Combining the Burning Blade with Magic Burst in a larger combo sequence is possible.
  • Hold Square for the Burning Blade, initiate a Magic Burst, and release Square for a powerful follow-up.
  • In early-game scenarios, a repeated melee attack followed by a Magic Burst can be a basic yet effective strategy.
  • One interesting early-game combo is using the Burning Blade with Magic Burst to build up damage with melee attacks and finish with a powerful burst.
  • This combo can be effective when Eikon’s abilities are not yet available.

5. Phoenix Combo

In FF16, the Phoenix Combo: Rising from the Ashes is an integral combat move that players need to master to effectively engage in battles. Phoenix is an Eikon of Fire and is a potent ally, which is linked with the characters Joshua Rosenfield and Clive.

  • The “Rising From the Ashes” combo is a part of Phoenix’s abilities.
  • It plays a significant role, especially in the Sunrise, Sunset main quest.
  • Access to Phoenix’s ability tree is gained during this quest.
  • The full potential of these abilities, including the combo, is utilized in the next main quest titled “Lost in a Fog.”
  • Phoenix Combo summons a fiery wing that inflicts damage and has the potential for staggering opponents.
  • Weave the “Rising From the Ashes” ability into other combos for maximum combat prowess.
  • Integrate it into the Basic Combo or Magic Burst Combo for effective use.
  • In the Basic Combo, replace the Magic Burst with “Rising From the Ashes” for a variation that offers substantial damage and staggering potential.
  • In the Magic Burst Combo, swapping one Magic Burst with Phoenix Combo provides an explosive finish to surprise enemies and potentially turn the tide of battle.

Remember that the Phoenix Combo, like all abilities, should be used strategically. Be aware of your enemy’s weaknesses, and remember to leverage the combo when it’s most beneficial. In essence, mastering the Phoenix Combo can significantly augment your combat abilities, bringing a new depth to your gameplay in FF16.

Tips for Executing Effective Combos 

combos ff16
Combining Combos (Image Credit: Arekkz Gaming YouTube Channel)

Executing effective FF16 combos is crucial to your success, especially in Action Focus Mode where mastering the timing and sequence of your attacks can be the difference between winning or losing a battle. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned player, understanding the fundamentals and strategies behind combos can significantly enhance your gameplay.

  • Basic multi-hit combos:
    • Four melee attacks followed by a Magic Burst for continuous pressure on enemies.
  • Advanced combo:
    • Alternating between magic and melee attacks, such as an attack, Magic Burst, attack, Magic Burst, etc., for maximum damage output.
    • Requires strategic thinking and consideration of positioning and evasion.
  • Integration of Eikon Abilities in combos:
    • Eikon Abilities can enhance attack sequences but require careful timing and understanding.
    • Example combo: Lunge → Magic Burst with the right Eikon Ability.
  • Specific combos utilizing Eikon abilities:
    • Phoenix Combo and Garuda Combo can alter the battle flow significantly.
    • Knowing when and how to integrate these abilities elevates combat prowess.
  • Advanced mechanics:
    • Dodge and parry to evade damage and set up counterattacks, extending combos and increasing damage output.
    • Switching between different Eikon abilities during a combo.
  • Diversify combos:
    • FF16’s combat combines melee attacks and magic abilities, so diversifying combos is crucial.
  • Utilize accessories like Timely Rings:
    • Timely Rings introduced early can assist in combat.
    • Helps manage combo timing and enhance overall effectiveness in battle.

My Thoughts On Best Combos

Final Fantasy XVI
Final Fantasy 16 Sphinx Profile

I’ll personally recommend focusing on Clive’s basic and Phenoix’s combos first. These are the first things you unlock, and you’ll have plenty of room to play around with them in the initial hours of the game. The combos learned through them are viable till the end game. Once you have the basics and Pheonix nailed down, go for combo mixups that include Garuda, Shiva, Limit Breaker, for inifnite airborne juggle, as its the safest method of keeping a consistent string of combos.

Becoming proficient in executing effective combos in FF16 requires practice, strategy, and an understanding of how your actions influence the battlefield. Mastering these tips will give you a considerable advantage and make your journey through Valisthea a more enjoyable experience. Happy gaming!

Mastering the combat mechanics in FF16 is essential for an effective strategy. Focusing on abilities with high Stagger ratings to decrease an enemy’s Will Gauge to 0% and then capitalizing with high attack rating abilities at a 150% damage multiplier is critical. Coupled with the strategic use of items and Torgal commands, players can leverage these combat basics to gain a significant edge in battle.


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