FF16: BEST Shiva Eikonic Abilities & How To Get Them

Explore the power and strategy of Shiva Eikonic Abilities in Final Fantasy 16 - adapt, combine, upgrade, and conquer your foes.

Square Enix decided to add the fan-favorite Shiva back in Final Fantasy 16. Though you can only acquire her Eikon abilities later on in the game after finishing the Through The Maelstrom quest, where her Dominant, Jill, will share her abilities with you. Along with a skillful ally, Clive gets access to unique elemental playstyles of ice, allowing you to try various tactical approaches.

Key Takeaways
  • Shiva’s Eikonic build & Abilities are a set of powerful actions your character, Clive, can use in Final Fantasy 16.
  • They’re all about ice and cold, bringing a chill to your enemies in combat.
  • The abilities are versatile, as they range from damage-dealing moves, and crowd control abilities, to strategic maneuvers that pull enemies or freeze them in place.
  • The abilities have their limitations, some are hard to aim, others don’t work well against stronger foes, and some have long cooldown periods.
  • So, knowing when and how to use them is essential.
  • Some abilities are better suited for certain situations.
  • For instance, crowd control abilities are great against large groups of weaker enemies, while high damage abilities are better against stronger, individual foes.
  • The ultimate ability, Diamond Dust, is particularly powerful, and it costs a lot to unlock and upgrade, but it can turn the tide of a battle single-handedly with its massive damage output.

Shiva’s Best Eikonic Abilities In FF16

Shiva [Image Credit: eXputer]
I have listed here a summary of Shiva’s abilities in Final Fantasy 16 so that you know which ones to use the most: 

Serial No.Ability NameBest UsageLimitation
1Ice AgeEffective for damage output when the gauge is red, even more powerful with combos. Can be upgraded for better efficiency.Difficult to aim accurately during heated battles, not very effective for crowd control, and the Stagger effect isn't particularly potent.
2MesmerizeIdeal for pulling lighter enemies towards oneself, useful for interrupting enemy movements. Can be upgraded for wider attack range. Especially powerful when used in combination with Diamond Dust.The initial damage output is modest, mainly targeting lighter, smaller enemies rather than massive damage to larger foes.
3RimeExcellent for locking down enemies in one place, and dealing significant damage over time. Can be upgraded for better efficiency.It relies heavily on precise placement. It might not be efficient against stronger foes.
4Cold SnapUseful for evading attacks and freezing enemies, which creates openings for attacks. Mastering the timing of evasion activates Permafrost ability.Not particularly effective against stronger enemies who may not be easily frozen.
5Diamond DustPowerful ultimate ability for massive damage and staggering enemies, increasing their vulnerability to bonus damage. Can be upgraded for increased blasts.The cooldown time is longer at 75 seconds. Costly to unlock, upgrade, and master due to its ultimate ability status.

What Are Best Shiva Eikonic Abilities In Final Fantasy 16? 

ff16 shiva
Shiva (Image Captured by eXputer)

Eikon Shiva’s abilities in Final Fantasy 16 offer a robust mix of crowd control, evasion, and damage output. Ice Age, Rime, and Diamond Dust deal significant damage and control enemy movements, with Diamond Dust being especially impactful due to its wide range and high damage output. Mesmerize, on the other hand, interrupts enemies and creates effective combo opportunities.

Overall, Shiva’s abilities offer a unique blend of defensive and offensive strategies, making them indispensable tools in battles and defining the strategic depth of Final Fantasy 16’s battle system.

1. Ice Age

Ice Age Ability

The Final Fantasy 16 best Shiva Eikonic Abilities can turn the tide of any battle, and that is why the Ice Age allows Clive to create a small Icicle path to surge against enemies. While it does decent damage, it falls short of staggering the enemies. Ice Age is even more tricky to use when aiming at different enemies in the heat of the battle and may prove disadvantageous to players than benefitting them in certain situations.

To do the most with this attack, release it when the gauge is red. It may take a bit of time to activate, but hey, a good chef can even turn basic ingredients into a delicious meal, so keep cooking with the combos. You can upgrade this ability for 600 ability points, and further master it by spending 1000 AP, allowing you to assign it to any Eikon.

Ice Age Usage

In terms of gameplay, Ice Age’s capacity for crowd control is somewhat underwhelming, mostly due to the fact that it can be challenging to aim accurately in the middle of a heated battle. Its Stagger effect, although helpful, isn’t particularly potent, which means enemies are not made as vulnerable as one might hope. In terms of damage, Ice Age leaves room for improvement.

On the plus side, Ice Age does possess a long range and a short cooldown, making it viable for frequent use. However, when compared with abilities like Rime, it seems less effective at managing large groups of enemies. This is because Rime has a longer-lasting effect and causes more impact, making it a superior choice for crowd control.

2. Mesmerize

Mesmerise Ablity

Another notable ability of Shiva is Mesmerize. Through this ability,  Clive sends forth three shards to not only attack the enemies but also pull them towards himself to deal further damage. This ability’s potential isn’t to be looked upon due to its low damage; it is extremely effective when combined with another one of Shiva’s abilities, Diamond Dust. 

Each of the Final Fantasy 16 best Shiva Eikonic Abilities possesses unique powers and limitations. At first glance, Mesmerize seems to be more of a support ability, targeting lighter, smaller enemies rather than dealing massive damage to larger foes. Its initial damage output, represented by 2 points in both Attack and Stagger, is modest. However, where it lacks in raw power, it more than makes up in strategic and tactical utility.

The crux of Mesmerize’s appeal lies in how it manipulates battlefield dynamics. Upon activation, Clive sends out shards of ice, pulling lighter enemies toward him and interrupting their movements. To upgrade this Eikonic ability, a player will need to spend 525 AP, enabling Clive to attack enemies behind. A further cost of 1000 AP will see players assign it to any other Eikon.

This ability truly shines when paired with other Eikonic abilities, such as Diamond Dust. The Mesmerize-Diamond Dust combo can deliver a substantial amount of damage across a wide area, leaving remaining foes Staggered and susceptible to increased damage. This tactical combination not only increases the effectiveness of Mesmerize but also optimizes the use of Diamond Dust, highlighting the importance of understanding and using Eikonic abilities in conjunction with each other for maximum impact.

3. Rime

Rime Ability

The Final Fantasy 16 best Shiva Eikonic Abilities offer a blend of offensive and defensive options, and Rime is another useful ability that you can use to fight hordes of enemies. This ability for Clive allows him to summon a gigantic ice crystal that locks down enemies in one place and does a great deal of damage for a good amount of time.

Though it’s wise to remember this ability won’t be efficient against stronger foes, so you should only use it against weaker enemies. Like every ability, Rime has its uses too, such as keeping hordes at bay while you take care of bigger threats.

While Rime’s effectiveness does rely heavily on precise placement, the maneuverability afforded by other abilities like Cold Snap allows players to move into enemy hordes and unleash Rime, increasing the likelihood of effective placement. This synergy with other abilities underlines the complexity of combat in Final Fantasy 16, emphasizing the importance of thoughtful ability use and combination.

Rime Usage

Even in scenarios where the placement of Rime might not be perfect, it still maintains a level of utility. Enemies can be knocked into their area of effect, where they will remain incapacitated for a substantial duration. This offers a secondary use for Rime, converting a potential mistake into a viable strategy.

To unlock this, you will need 100 AP. Upgrading will cost 550 AP, with the benefit of the longevity of the crystal, and mastering would require 1000 AP.

4. Cold Snap

Cold Snap Ability

Cold Snap lets the player skate through the battlefield to dodge the upcoming attacks and land some. This ability is mainly efficient in not only evading upcoming attacks from enemies but also freezing them. Players can sit back to think of strategies after freezing the enemies or take them down immediately. Though, it’s best to not expect stronger enemies to be also frozen down, as Cold Snap will only come in handy when dodging their attacks.

Cold Snap Usage

However, Cold Snap’s true potential lies in its offensive applications. The Frostbite effect, triggered when players successfully dodge and land a hit, momentarily freezes enemies, creating openings for attacks. Moreover, mastering the timing of evasion activates the Permafrost ability, emitting a wave of ice that freezes enemies for a longer duration, rendering them unable to attack and vulnerable to increased damage.


For beginner players, Cold Snap is a valuable tool for learning combat mechanics, as it provides an additional layer of protection while they become accustomed to FF16’s battle dynamics. Advanced players, on the other hand, can take advantage of the Frostbite and Permafrost effects to control the battlefield, setting up devastating combos and dealing with large groups of enemies more efficiently. Combining the Final Fantasy 16 best Shiva Eikonic Abilities strategically can lead to devastating combos.

This particular ability does not have any upgrades, and you can master it by spending 1000 AP, where you will see an increase in the duration of frost.

5. Diamond Dust

Diamond Dust 

The ultimate ability of Shiva’s Eikon is none other than the powerful storm descending upon the battlefield. The cinematic experience results in some unexpectedly longer cooldown of 75 seconds though—Still, it can change the tide of the battle at any given moment. The winter storm coats the ground in ice, freezing all the enemies in the covered area. The visuals aren’t even as important as the massive damage this ability deals—leaving the enemies staggered, increasing the vulnerability to bonus damage.

With 3 points in Attack and a staggering 5 in Stagger, Diamond Dust is a damage-dealing powerhouse. Upon activation, Clive summons a storm that freezes all enemies within a large radius and follows up by slamming his sword into the ground, causing massive icicles to rise and damage these foes. The aftermath leaves enemies not only battered and bruised but also Staggered, rendering them more vulnerable to additional damage.

Diamond Dust Usage

This powerful Shiva’s ability for Clive can single-handedly turn the tide of battle. Despite its lengthy cooldown period of 75 seconds, Diamond Dust’s devastating effect is well worth the wait, providing Clive with a powerful counter to overwhelming enemy forces. The sheer spectacle of this ability, coupled with its immense damage potential, contributes to an impactful

With the Final Fantasy 16 best Shiva Eikonic Abilities, players can freeze, stagger, and obliterate their enemies. Since it’s the ultimate ability, it costs a whopping 1940 AP to unlock it. For upgrading, you will need to spend 2575–increasing the number of blasts–and mastering it would require 4500 AP.

How To Get Shiva Eikonic Abilities In Final Fantasy 16?

Shiva Eikon Abilities Unlocked [Image Credit: eXputer]
To unlock the Ice Eikon Shiva in Final Fantasy 16, you need to complete the “Through the Maelstrom” quest. The quest begins during the A Song of Hope quest, after a cutscene in the Full Steam quest. Upon completing this quest, you will have unlocked Shiva and her unique abilities for Clive to use in battle.

Through the Maelstrom Quest Walkthrough

FF16 Encountering Barnabas
Encountering Barnabas [Image Credit: eXputer]
“Through the Maelstrom” is a high-stakes quest in Final Fantasy 16 that initiates with a series of combats on the Einherjar. It’s a quest with substantial enemy waves, including the formidable Royal Tognvaldr and Royal Sveithvaldr.

After locating Jill in the heart of the ship, the quest reaches a crescendo with a tough boss fight against Barnabas, Odin’s Dominant. He’s tricky with his teleportation and wide-ranging melee attacks, especially the Lord’s Measure, a cross-shaped attack that players need to dodge.

Though the fight against Barnabas can’t be won, the goal is to survive until he casts his Iron Flash move, leading into a cutscene that concludes the quest. Afterward, players begin the “Across the Narrow” quest, starting with a visit to Joshua in the infirmary and unlocking side quests to further strengthen their gear and abilities.

Overall, “Through the Maelstrom” is a challenging, action-packed quest offering players engaging combat and a deep dive into the story of Clive, Jill, and their ongoing battle against the antagonists.

My Thoughts

Cold Snap and Diamond Dust are my personal favorites. Using Cold Snap not only makes you feel extremely elegant, but landing a proper dodge and freezing an enemy in your wake feels very satisfying. Additionally, this basically applies to every enemy in the game, making it extremely useful dealing additional hits. Diamond Dust is Shiva’s ultimate attack that deals tremendous AOE damage, making it extremely useful for normal enemies.

This brings me to the conclusion of Final Fantasy 16: Best Shiva Eikonic Abilities where I have broken down abilities for Clive to use. Now that you have learned about Shiva, I recommend you also read: Final Fantasy 16: How To Heal, FF16 Best Weapons, Cid, and Who Is Lord Margrave? guides. 


All Abilities Showcase Images By DevilNeverCry

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