FF16 Best Weapons [Top 10 Swords]

Discover the best weapons in Final Fantasy 16, boosting Clive's ATK and Stagger damage so that he can dispatch enemies as fast as possible in the game.

Weapons with high Attack (ATK) and Stagger damage aren’t just pieces of equipment in Final Fantasy 16, they’re instrumental in shaping Clive’s journey, and assisting your hero in the quickest possible killing of enemies. This invaluable guide underscores the importance of these best weapons in FF16, providing a deep understanding of why you should bring the best gear against enemies & how easy FF16 gets as you wield higher ATK and Stagger damage weapons. 

Key Takeaways
  • High attack and stagger damage weapons significantly improve Clive’s efficiency in combat, and that is why having the best weapons in Final Fantasy 16 is of utmost importance.
  • FF16 introduces a wide range of enemies with varied strengths and weaknesses, and the right weapons with high attack and stagger damage allow Clive to face off against diverse enemies effectively.
  • Acquiring weapons with high attack and stagger damage ensures Clive has a balance of power in battles.
  • As Clive acquires better weapons, he is able to overcome increasingly difficult challenges, leading to an enhanced game progression in FF16.

Final Fantasy 16 Best Swords

Here is an overview for all the best swords I found during my playthrough in Final Fantasy 16:

Serial NoWeapon NameAttack DamageStagger DamageHow to Get This Weapon
1Braveheart130130Pre-order weapon, redeemed in-game from Redeemable Items section
2Stormcry135135Crafted after defeating Garuda and obtaining a Wind Shard
3Gaia Blade160160Obtainable in main mission "The Hunter and the Hunted", can also be purchased or crafted
4Flametongue180180Crafted after completing the main story mission "The Meaning of Life" and acquiring the Fire Shard
5Levinbolt195195Crafted after defeating Republican War Panther boss and obtaining the Lightning Shard
6Grindstone225225Crafted after defeating Hugo Kapka and obtaining the Earth Shard
7Diamond Sword245245Crafted at Cid's Hideaway using Whitewyrm Bone, Imperial Link, and Bloody Hide
8Gotterdammerung375375Crafted after completing the Blacksmith Blues IV side quest and acquiring necessary materials
9Ultima Weapon700700Crafted in New Game Plus mode after completing the main story and gathering specific materials

Here is a summary on 5 best weapons / swords in Final Fantasy 16 that you should know:

9. Braveheart

Braveheart sword {image Credit: eXputer]

Braveheart sword is best early game weapon in Final Fantasy 16 without a doubt that comes with 130 Attack and 130 Stagger Damage. That is because this is a pre-order weapon in FF16 that comes with all the bells and whistles to get you sorted in the few early hours of FF16. Once you get weapons like Stormcry, Flametongue and Levinbolt, using Braveheart will feel underwhelming. 

If you have already pre-ordered any Final Fantasy 16 edition, then you need to pause FF16, go to System and then Redeemable Items section to find Braveheart listed there. Just make sure you redeem and use this sword from the beginning of Final Fantasy 16 and not go with the Clive’s default sword. Otherwise, Braveheart is not much of use anyway once you’ve progressed couple of hours in to FF16 already & have obtained better weapons in Final Fantasy 16.

8. Stormcry

Stormcry {image Credit: eXputer]

Stormcry is one of the best weapons in FF16 that you can craft after having defeated Garuda. This is done during the main story mission called “Awakening”. Once you have done the heavy lifting part, you will also need to obtain a Wind Shard as well otherwise you cannot craft the Stormcry sword in FF16.

Stormcry could potentially replace all the swords that you may have in your arsenal at this point in Final Fantasy 16. However, if you have grinded a lot, like me, and manage to acquire Flametongue or Gaia Blade, then using Stormcry will be a little underwhelming at this point in FF16.

In order to craft Stormcry in Final Fantasy 16, you need to visit Cid’s Hideaway & bring the Wind Shard to Blackthorne, which is one of the required crafting materials for this sword. The weapon packs 135 attack power, and 135 stagger damage, which should be good enough to match enemies level at this point in Final Fantasy 16.

7. Gaia Blade

Gaia Blade [Image Credits: eXputer]
3Gaia Blade160160

The Gaia Blade, a powerful weapon originating from the southern continent, blessed by Gaian presbyters, can be yours through a few different avenues in Final Fantasy 16.

The weapon first becomes available during the main story mission titled “The Hunter and the Hunted,” in which Clive gets to rescue Gav from imperial troops. After completing that successfully and accomplishing this mission, you will have a couple of options should you want to get Gaia Blade in FF16. You can also upgrade and max Gaia’s blade to get 160 Attack Damage and 160 Stagger Damage.

  1. Purchase from Charon’s Toll: Buy the Gaia Blade at Charon’s Toll for 1,500 Gil. This shop offers a variety of weapons and armor, including the Gaia Blade.
  2. Craft at The Black Hammer: Craft your own Gaia Blade +1 at The Black Hammer using one Imperial Link, 90 Wyrrite, and one Minotaur Mane. Gather these materials from various sources in the game world.
  3. Complete “The Wages of Guilt” Main Quest: This intriguing main quest also rewards you with the Gaia Blade, making it a worthwhile endeavor.

Upgrade Path For Gaia Blade

Upgrading your Gaia Blade in Final Fantasy 16 enhances its combat effectiveness and augments its special attributes. Follow these steps to perform the Gaia Blade upgrades:

  1. Gaia Blade to Gaia Blade +1: For this upgrade, you’ll require the Gaia Blade, an Imperial Link, 15 Wyrrite, and 5 Valley Madder. These materials can be collected from various locations across Valisthea.
  2. Gaia Blade +1 to Gaia Blade +2: Upgrading the Gaia Blade +1 to Gaia Blade +2 involves the Gaia Blade +1, a Meteorite, and an additional Minotaur Mane. Meteorite is a rarer material, so keep an eye out for it during your travels.

Each upgrade enhances the Gaia Blade’s power, making it a worthwhile endeavor to gather the necessary materials and craft these enhancements, ensuring Clive wields an even more formidable weapon in FF16.

6. Flametongue

Flametongue weapon [Image Credits: eXputer]

To acquire the Flametongue sword in Final Fantasy 16:

  1. Main Story Mission: Obtain the Flametongue as part of the game’s main story mission called “The Meaning of Life.”
  2. Crafting Requirements: After completing the main story mission, you’ll need Fire Shard as a crafting material requirement for Flametongue. To obtain the Fire Shard, defeat the Infernal Shadow, found at the end of the “Buried Memories” main story mission. Additionally, you’ll need the Stormcry weapon as part of the crafting materials required for Flametongue.
  3. Craft at Cid’s Hideaway: With the Fire Shard, Stormcry, and one Meteorite material in your possession, visit Cid’s Hideaway to craft the Flametongue weapon. Since Flametongue requires Stormcry as a prerequisite, it boasts higher raw damage and stagger damage, with 180 Attack damage and 180 stagger damage, making it a formidable choice for battles in Final Fantasy 16.

5. Levinbolt

Levinbolt sword [Image Credits: eXputer]

After playing Final Fantasy for nearly 12 hours, I can confirm that Levinbolt, while seemingly an upgrade to Flametongue, offers only a slight improvement rather than a significant one. Nevertheless, equipping Clive with the best weapons in FF16 is always a wise choice.

To obtain Levinbolt, you’ll need the Lightning Shard, a rare shard acquired by defeating the Republican War Panther boss in FF16. Ensure you have this shard along with at least 2 Meteorite elements and the crafted Flametongue sword. Without the Flametongue, you won’t be able to craft Levinbolt in Final Fantasy 16.

To craft Levinbolt, visit Blackthorne at Cid’s Hideaway, where you can create the weapon quickly once you have all the necessary materials. Levinbolt boasts 195 Attack Damage and 195 Stagger Damage, making it a slightly superior version compared to the Flametongue weapon.

4. Grindstone


Similar to the Stormcry sword that requires defeating an Eikon to get a shard, the Grindstone sword too requires you to beat Hugo Kapka and obtain the Earth Shard from him in FF16. This best weapon in FF16 comes with raw Attack power of 225 and Stagger damage of 225 as well. The first three weapons I mentioned in this list will feel underwhelming after you’ve got Grindstone for Clive in FF16. 

Besides acquiring the Earth Shard for Grindstone sword in Final Fantasy 16, you will also need three Metoerite elements, and the levinbolt sword itself to craft Grindstone at Cid’s Hideaway. This is a level 4 Rarity sword in Final Fantasy 16 and hence you could easily tell its by far the best sword in FF16 at this point. 

3. Diamond Sword

7Diamond Sword245245

If you’re coming from Grindstone to Diamond Sword, you will feel a significant upgrade in terms of Attack Damage & Clive’s Stagger Damage. This weapon packs a massive 245 Attack & 245 Stagger Damage, making it by far the best weapon in Final Fantasy 16 during the mid-game. 

Like most weapons in this list, you will also need materials to craft and use Diamond Sword. Blackthore will need one Whitewyrm Bone, one Imperial Link and 90 Bloody Hide items or materials to craft this sword for you in FF16. Acquiring the second and the third mentioned materials may be a little easy, but you will need to defeat White Dragon in order to obtain the Whitewyrm Bone.

You basically get three of Whitewyrm Bone materials and 20 Bloody Hide materials anyways after defeating the White Dragon, but you just need one of these to craft Diamond Sword in Final Fantasy 16. 

2. Gotterdammerung

best weapon in FF16 – Gotterdammerung [Image Credits: eXputer]

The Gotterdammerung is undoubtedly one of the best weapons in FF16, boasting the highest attack and stagger damage. To acquire it, complete the Blacksmith Blues IV side quest, which rewards you with the Gotterdammerung Design Draft curiosity, unlocking the ability to craft this exceptional weapon. The sword offers 375 Attack Damage and 375 Stagger Damage.

With the Gotterdammerung Design Draft in hand, visit The Black Hammer at Cid’s Hideaway to craft the weapon using these materials:

  • 3x Orichalcum
  • 1x Ragnarok
  • 2x Darksteel
  • 1x Primitive Battlehorn

The Blacksmith’s Blues questline consists of missions that unlock the necessary materials for crafting both the Gotterdammerung and Ultima Weapons for Clive. Each quest in this chain can be triggered by speaking to the quest giver NPC at The Hideaway.

Obtaining the Ragnarok sword is a vital step in crafting the Gotterdammerung, and it’s acquired by completing all quests in the Blacksmith’s Blues side questline, which becomes available during Main Story Quest 35 onwards.

1. Ultima Weapon

Ultima Weapon in FF16
9Ultima Weapon700700

Crafting the Ultima Weapon, the best weapon in FF16’s NG+ mode, requires that you complete FF16’s main story for at least once and then you enter in the New Game Plus mode. The NG+ mode is also called Final Fantasy Mode or NG+. Ultima Weapon packs 700 Attack and 700 Stagger Damage. 

To craft the Ultima Weapon in FF16, you will need to do the following steps:

  1. Complete FF16 Once: The first prerequisite to crafting the Ultima Weapon is to complete Final Fantasy 16’s main story. Once you’ve done this, you can access New Game Plus mode.
  2. Gather Crafting Materials in NG+: Two of the materials you need to craft the Ultima Weapon become available as you progress through New Game Plus. The specific materials will be encountered as you tackle FF16’s increased difficulty level.
  3. Obtain Ragnarok: The third crafting material, Ragnarok, can be acquired by completing the Blacksmith’s Blues questline again during your New Game Plus run.
  4. Craft at Blackthorne’s Blacksmith: Once you’ve gathered all necessary materials, visit Blackthorne’s blacksmith in the Hideaway. There, you’ll be able to craft the Ultima Weapon.

Why Is Ultima Exclusive To New Game Plus?

The Ultima Weapon can only be obtained in New Game Plus (NG+) mode, or Final Fantasy Mode, for several reasons, and good too since I believe this is too powerful for enemies in the regular/standard run of FF16. In any case I believe here are top 4 reasons why Ultima is kept as NG+ best weapon in Final Fantasy 16:

  1. Increased Difficulty: NG+ mode significantly raises FF16’s difficulty level. Enemies are tougher, and the player’s level cap is raised to 100. The Ultima Weapon, with its overwhelming power, is designed to match this heightened challenge.
  2. Reward for Completion: The Ultima Weapon serves as a reward for players who have completed FF16’s main story and are looking for a more challenging experience. Crafting this formidable sword adds another goal to strive for in NG+.
  3. Game Balance: Introducing the Ultima Weapon only in NG+ helps maintain game balance. Its power far outclasses other weapons, including the Gotterdammerung, and would disrupt the balance in the standard game.
  4. Unchangeable Difficulty Setting: In NG+, players are unable to change the difficulty back to Story Focused or Action Focused. Having the Ultima Weapon becomes crucial to surviving the increased difficulty in this mode.

In the heart-stopping saga of Final Fantasy 16, the power your weapons contain basically molds Clive’s journey as & makes the experience smooth. High ATK and Stagger damage weapons not only define Clive’s combat strategy but also dictate the tactical depth that sets FF16 apart from its predecessors. These powerful tools of war, swords, are catalysts that transform Clive’s journey from an ordinary struggle for survival into an epic tale of heroism. 

Now that you’ve learned about the best swords in FF16, you must go through Final Fantasy 16 Joshua Rosfield, How To Heal, Best FF16 Tips For Beginners, and Games To Play If You Like Final Fantasy 16 guides. 


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