FF16 Gotterdammerung: How To Craft The Best Weapon

Guide to unlocking and crafting Gotterdammerung, the rarest and most powerful weapon in Final Fantasy 16, through Blackthorne's sidequests.

Gotterdammerung is by far the best weapon in FF16, outshining every other weapon type in the game. However, getting your hands on it isn’t easy as you think, as you need to perform several tasks before getting it. So, this write-up will help you unlock and craft this sword with easy to understand guide.

Key Takeaways
  • Gotterdammerung is a powerful weapon in Final Fantasy 16, meaning “twilight of the gods.”
  • The weapon is crafted from the bones of the mighty Ragnarok, symbolizing the fall of gods after the war.
  • Gotterdammerung is the most potent weapon in FF16 with 375 Attack and 375 Stagger stats.
  • The crafting recipe for Gotterdammerung can be unlocked by completing Blackthorne’s chain of sidequests, including Blacksmith’s Blues 4.
  • The crafting materials for Gotterdammerung are earned through various quests and late-game activities. These include three Orichalcum, two Darksteel, and a Primitive Battlehorn.
  • Orichalcum can be obtained from quests such as Breaker of Worlds, Across the Narrow, and Defeating the Behemoth King.
  • Darksteel can be acquired from the Usher to the Underworld quest by defeating The Grim Reaper.
  • The Primitive Battlehorn is obtained by defeating the Gobermouch notorious mark found south of Maudlin Mason in Eistla in Ash.
  • Once all materials are gathered, Gotterdammerung can be crafted at the Blacksmith in The Hideaway, earning you the Half Past Twilight trophy.

What Is Gotterdammerung In FF16?

Gotterdammerung is a rare sword that means “twilight of the gods.” It was made from the robust bones of the mighty Ragnarok. The description of Gotterdammerung says if Ragnarok is a sign of the start of the war of the Gods, then Gotterdammerung marks the fall of those Gods.

It has the best stats with 375 Attack and 375 Stagger, making it the most potent weapon in FF16. With this God-slaying sword, you can easily tackle the worst sceneries in Final Fantasy 16, be it the end of the world or the final bosses you’ll have to encounter.

Gotterdammerung Stats

Rarity Level5

How To Unlock Gotterdammerung Crafting Recipe?

To get Gotterdammerung in FF16, you must first have the weapon’s crafting recipe. After completing the last quest in Blackthorne’s chain of sidequests, Blacksmith’s Blues 4, you’ll get this recipe. Moreover, when you complete all four Blacksmith Blues Side Quests, you’ll be awarded Ragnarok, the most vital element to craft the Gotterdammerung. Once you have both, you can go for the material required for crafting it.

Finishing Blacksmith’s Blues 4 Quests

Blacksmith’s Blues from august
Blacksmith’s Blues from August [Image Credits: eXputer]
  • Blacksmith’s Blues 1, the first quest in the chain, is offered by August. It is given in Main Quest #35: Here Be Monsters. It begins in The Hideaway by speaking to August about it. 
  • For Blacksmith Blues 2, you need to head back to the Hideaway and check the letter About Blackthorne when you have ended the Letting Off Steam III Main Quest mission. The missive is penned by August.
  • To begin the Blacksmith Blues 3, you must complete Like Father, Like Daughter, and return to Hideaway. You must speak to August to start Part 3 of the Side Quest.

Blacksmith Blues 4 Walkthrough

Blacksmith Blues 4 will unlock after you initiate the main quest, “Across The Narrow,” and finish the preceding Blacksmith Blues quest. Head to the Hideout and find August, who will brief Clive about the escalating Aether flood situation at Dravozd. Once you accept the quest, use the fast-travel feature to go to the obelisk in Dravozd that you discovered on a previous visit.

Akashic monsters
Akashic monsters [Image Credits: eXputer]
Upon reaching Dravozd, engage in a conversation with August, which will prompt Blackthorne to join. Meanwhile, your role as Clive is to confront the Akashic monsters that are plaguing the region.

Wave One: Big Horn and Dogs

Prepare for battle as you’ll encounter numerous waves of formidable foes. Make sure you have a full stock of consumables and an additional party member. The initial encounter involves a Big Horn and a group of dogs. Prioritize eliminating the Big Horn while your companion and Torgal tackle the dogs. Conserve your super moves for the subsequent waves as this is just the beginning.

Wave Two: Leg Eaters and Scorpions

The second wave will comprise Leg Eaters and Scorpions. It’s recommended to use AOE (Area of Effect) abilities to maximize damage output while also charging your limit break.

Wave Three: Akashic Griffin

The Akashic Griffin forms the third wave and bears similar attack patterns to its counterpart from the first Blacksmith Blues Quest. Target its stagger bar while avoiding its swift attacks. Stay close to the Griffin as it can bridge distances rapidly. As a strategy, try to complete this encounter without triggering your limit break as the final enemy is yet to come.

Final Wave: Canyon Chimera

The last enemy you face will be a Canyon Chimera, which has an attack repertoire similar to the Gorgimera. Expect multi-stage AOE attacks, and ensure you have Phoenix Shift at your disposal. Maintain a safe distance during its extended combo attacks. Once you’ve depleted its stagger bar, it’s time to unleash your Limit Break.


Completing all of them unlocks the FF16 Gotterdammerung Design Draft. It means you can craft the Gotterdammerung at the Blacksmith later in FF16. The first material, “Ragnarok,” will also be awarded. However, you must gather the remaining materials before crafting this sword.

Getting All Gotterdammerung Material In FF16

After completing these quests, the materials to craft Gotterdammerung won’t be available as freebies to you. You still have to work and kill many enemies to get them. The material needs to craft Gotterdammergun includes three Orichalcum, two Darksteel, and a Primitive Battlehorn. You’ll get them through some late-game activities.

You’ll get Orichalcum drops from S Rank Notorious Marks. All the locations of the Orichalcum are mentioned below.

1. Orichalcum From Breaker of Worlds Quest 

The S-Rank monster, Atlas
The S-Rank monster, Atlas [Image Credits: eXputer]
The Breaker of Worlds quest in Final Fantasy 16 sends players on a hunt for the S-Rank monster, Atlas. This challenging hunt is located in the Rosarian Ruins, specifically in the deserted village of Cressida, which is nestled on the eastern side of the region. You can reach it most efficiently via either Martha’s Rest or Eastpool, though the latter generally has fewer enemies to contend with.

After reaching Cressida, you’ll find the imposing Atlas in a large open area to the east of the village. As a level 45 enemy, Atlas is formidable and requires strategic planning and patience to defeat. His attacks are powerful, with several AoE attacks and a giant sword, but he also leaves gaps for you to strike back.

One of the most effective strategies involves using Titan’s Eikonic abilities: “Boulder Dash” and “Stoneskin”. Boulder Dash allows you to dodge Atlas’s attacks and counter, while Stoneskin protects you from his regular sword swings. Additionally, perfect blocks can reflect some damage back onto Atlas. For a safer ranged attack style, use Bahamut’s Megaflare attack, built up over time.

At half health, Atlas will start using his Golden Section attack, which is a wide-reaching sword swipe. Either block this with Stoneskin or dodge it precisely. Remember that this battle is a marathon, not a sprint, so be patient, and you will eventually defeat Atlas.

Important: Upon Atlas’s defeat, players receive several rewards including 17250 EXP, 120 AP, 20000 Gil, 50 Renown, 1x Fallen Iron, and, notably, the useful 1x Orichalcum.

2. Orichalcum From Across the Narrow Quest

Gorgimera [Image Credits: eXputer]
The Tricephalic Terror in FF16. To find Gorgimera, use fast travel to teleport to the Velkroy Desert Obelisk, heading south until you encounter the fearsome foe basking in the heat.

Gorgimera is known for its powerful magical attacks. Your agility and strategy will be tested, as you’ll need to sidestep its flamethrower attack swiftly, creating a window for your counterattack. Be watchful for Gorgimera’s spells like The Dragon’s Voice. Use Phoenix Shift to dodge the surrounding lightning strikes and approach Gorgimera. Counter The Ram’s Voice by dodging backward to evade emerging frost spikes.

The biggest threat is Delta Attack, where three elemental pillars converge on your position. Avoid the beams, and seize this moment to unleash Charged Magic. Once Gorgimera’s health is below half, it will use Delta Force, summoning four Delta Attack circles. Prioritize evading and protecting rather than attacking during this phase.

The battle, while challenging, isn’t insurmountable, as Clive and his allies possess numerous combos and Eikonic Abilities to defeat Gorgimera. However, it is crucial to remain cautious of its magic attacks.

Important: Victory over the Tricephalic Terror rewards you with 15,000 XP, 120 Ability Points, 20,000 Gil, 50 Renown, and a crucial component for crafting the FF16 Gotterdammerung Sword – Orichalcum.

3. Orichalcum From Behemoth King

Behemoth King
Behemoth King [Image Credits: eXputer]
To find the Behemoth King, head to the Vidargraes region in Waloed after picking up the mark from the hideaway. The location is slightly southwest of the Vidargraes Obelisk.

Facing the S-rank Behemoth King requires vigilance and strong tactics. The battle initiates with the Four Horsemen attack, unleashing comets and shockwaves onto the field. Counteract this with Deadly Embrace or stomp on the Behemoth King to gain height and avoid damage. Stay alert during the lightning strike phase as the Behemoth King can follow up with a sudden rush attack.

Its Maelstrom move calls forth a vision-obscuring tornado accompanied by electrical AoE attacks and a potential rush, so keep moving. Once the Behemoth King’s health dips to about 60%, it casts Reign of Fire, marking areas for comet fall. Stay clear of these spots. With less than half health, it uses Apocalypse, a deadly series of attacks. In response, move Clive swiftly out of the way.

Important: Victory over the Behemoth King brings you 20,000 XP, 200 Ability Points, 20,000 Gil, and 55 Renown. Most importantly, you’ll gain an Orichalcum.

4. Darksteel From Usher to the Underworld 

Thanatos [Image Credits: eXputer]
To find Thanatos, proceed to the Brotherhood’s main quest, then head to the hideaway. Nektar will guide you to the creature’s dwelling in Titan’s Wake, Dhalemkia.

The golem-like appearance of Thanatos belies its deadly capabilities. To triumph, dodge basic melee and ranged attacks promptly. Stay alert for signs of a charged punch and move to evade the ensuing explosion. Thanatos’ Spirits Without Attack, a huge laser beam, provides an opportunity to strike from its rear using potent Eikonic Abilities.

Destrudo is another complex move involving leaping, energy ring creation, and sudden rushing. Lastly, when Thanatos’ health drops, blue energy sigils appear around the arena, exploding in a hazardous attack sequence. Focus on evasion and wait for the right moment to strike.

Important: Defeating Thanatos earns you 10350 XP, 110 Ability Points, 22950 Gil, and 45 Renown, as well as the valuable Darksteel.

5. Darksteel From The Grim Reaper

Prince of Death
Prince of Death [Image Credits: eXputer]
To challenge the Prince of Death, visit the hideaway and prepare for battle, stocking up on healing items and beneficial buffs. Next, fast travel to Northreach in Sanbreque. Venture north out of the city, then west to Cape Orsiere, where the grim figure awaits on a hill.

Defeating the Prince of Death, an A-rank adversary akin to Lich enemies demands strategic acumen. With swift, potent attacks, the Prince will challenge your reaction times. Counter his scythe’s delayed slices with the patient dodging. At range, it sends damaging wave attacks in threes; move continually or employ Heatwave to counter. When the Prince’s health is low, it uses Soul Harvest—a combo of swipes, smashes, and teleports. Stay defensive, wait, dodge, and counter only after the onslaught ends.

Important: Overcoming the Prince of Death rewards players with 8000 XP, 100 Ability Points, 15000 Gil, 45 Renown, and the crucial Darksteel.

6. Primitive Battlehorn

Gobermouch [Image Credits: eXputer]
The final ingredient of the recipe is a Primitive Battlehorn. For this, you have to defeat the Gobermouch notorious mark. You can fight this monster on top of the building the South of the Maudlin Mason in the town of Eistla in Ash. It’s found after completing the main scenario quest, The Last King.

Crafting Gotterdammerung At Blacksmith In FF16

Once you have everything needed to craft the sword, return to the Blacksmith in The Hideaway. Here, pick the crafting list and choose Gotterdammerung. This will unlock the Half Past Twilight trophy. Now the Gotterdammerung is crafted. 

This brings me to the end of the FF16 Gotterdammerung Guide. For further information about the game, you can look up useful guides such as Final Fantasy 16: All Eikons, How To Beat Benedikta, and Final Fantasy 16 Characters.


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