FF16: How To Find & Defeat The Tricephalic Terror

Defeat the fearsome Tricephalic Terror, Gorgimera, in Final Fantasy 16 (FF16} to earn valuable rewards for Clive's journey.

Gorgimera, the Tricephalic Terror in FF16, stands as one of the formidable bounties on the late-game hunt board. Discovering the whereabouts of these S-Tier Hunts proves challenging, as they offer very few clues to guide you toward the precise location where the targeted bounty awaits its defeat.

Key Takeaways
  • Gorgimera, the Tricephalic Terror, is a formidable foe on one of the S-tier hunts on the late-game hunt board in Final Fantasy 16.
  • Tricephalic Terror Location: Teleport to The Velkroy Desert Obelisk and head south to encounter the Gorgimera in the scorching heat of the desert.

The Tricephalic Terror Location

The Tricephalic Terror FF16 Location of
Location of The Tricephalic Terror FF16 – [Image by eXputer]
To track down the S-rank adversary, Gorgimera, the Tricephalic Terror in FF16, use the fast travel feature to teleport to The Velkroy Desert Obelisk and proceed in the southern direction. 

Through the dry land, they will gradually encounter the menacing presence of the Tricephalic Terror in Final Fantasy 16 as it basks in the scorching heat, patiently anticipating its next victim. 

How To Beat The Tricephalic Terror

Final Fantasy 16 Gorgimera, the Tricephalic Terror
Gorgimera, the Tricephalic Terror in Final Fantasy 16 – [Image by eXputer]
Gorgimera, among the S-rank enemies, is relatively easier to defeat, but players should remain vigilant and cautious.

  • Gorgimera relies on powerful magical attacks, so be prepared for various spells. Melee attacks are less concerning and can be easily avoided.
  • When the boss initiates a flamethrower attack, swiftly sidestep and capitalize on the opening to unleash damaging combos.
  • Watch for The Dragon’s Voice spell. Use Phoenix Shift to approach Gorgimera, evading the lightning strikes that hit the surrounding area.
  • It will follow up with The Ram’s Voice, causing frost spikes to emerge. Dodge backward to avoid any damage.
  • Beware of Delta Attack, where three elemental pillars converge on Clive’s position. Avoid the beams and move out of the radius. Utilize this opportunity to unleash Charged Magic at Gorgimera.
  • As Gorgimera’s health drops below half, it will employ the upgraded Delta Force, summoning four Delta Attack circles. Focus on evading and protecting Clive rather than attacking.

By this stage in the game, Clive and his allies possess an array of combos and Eikonic Abilities to overcome Gorgimera. Just remain cautious of its magic attacks; victory should be within reach.


After successfully defeating Gorgimera, Clive will get various rewards:

That’s everything you need to know to find and defeat the Gorgimera, the Tricephalic Terror in Final Fantasy 16. Orichalcum is necessary to make the Best Weapon, Gotterdammerung Sword, which you get as a reward for defeating Gorgimera. It wouldn’t be a problem to defeat the S-Rank enemy with the Best Accessories.


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