Final Fantasy 16: How To Get The Cait Sith Charm

Discover the Final Fantasy 16 Cait Sith Charm, an exclusive pre-order item that enhances your gameplay by increasing your total gil by 25%.

Final Fantasy 16 is finally out, and players might want to be one of the first to get their hands on the Cait Sith Charm, as it offers players a stimulating effect and is pretty easy to get. 

Important: Players can only get the Cait Sith Charm if they pre-order FF16, as there is no other way to obtain it.
Key Takeaways
  • The Cait Sith Charm is a charm that you can get after pre-ordering Final Fantasy 16. 
  • The Cait Sith Charm can increase the total gil that you earn by 25%. 
  • Gil can be earned by completing certain side quests, carrying out hunts, and selling unwanted items. 
  • Players must pre-order Final Fantasy 16 to get the charm, the Braveheart, and the Scholar’s Spectacles. 
  • Players need to start FF16, complete the A Chance Encounter quest, go to System Tab, and obtain the bonuses to claim the bonuses. 

What Is The Cait Sith Charm In FF16? 

Kicking things off, the Cait Sith Charm is an item that players can get their hands on. 

  • The Sith charm allows players to have the overall gil that they earn increased by 25%
    Cait Sith Charm
    Cait Sith Charm (Image Credits Exputer)
  • Gil is a pretty valuable item, and it is obtained by getting the Gil Bug, which can be obtained by completing the “Make Do And Mend” questline. 
  • The bug can then be sold to obtain Gil, for which the charm can come pretty hand, and Gil can also be obtained through doing side quests, doing hunts, and selling items not needed at shops. 

How To Get The Cait Sith Charm? 

Now, there is no possible way to farm or fight any enemy to get the Cait Sith Charm, as it is not an item that can be obtained in-game. 

  • Rather, the primary way to get the charm is by simply and pre-ordering Final Fantasy 16 from website. 
    Scholar's Spectacles
    Scholar’s Spectacles (Image Credits Exputer)
  • Just like the Cait Sith Charm, you won’t be able to get the other pre-order bonuses, such as the Braveheart or the Scholar’s Spectacles. 
    Braveheart (Image Credits Exputer)

The charm is described as a good-luck charm modeled after the front foot of Cait Sith, essentially a cat whose claws dig into treasure from the earth. The legend likely originated from the apocryphal tales of the Valisthean coeurl. 

Claiming Items
Claiming Items (Image Credits Exputer)

How To Claim Pre-Order Bonuses? 

Let’s examine how players might access pre-order bonuses such as the Cait Sith Charm. For players that have ordered the physical copy of FF16, you will need to wait until you get a redeem code and will need to enter it on the Playstation Store website. However, you don’t need to complete this step if you have digital copies. 

Booting Up The Game
Booting Up FF16 (Image Credits Exputer)
  1. After that, boot up Final Fantasy 16, which lets you get a prompt telling you that any additional content, such as redeemable items, can be retrieved from the System tab. 
    System Tab
    System Tab (Image Credits Exputer)
  2. However, players need first to complete the A Chance Encounter questline in the main questline, and only after that will they be able to claim it. 
    All Claimable Items
    All Claimable Items (Image Credits Exputer)
  3. Once the quest has been completed, players gain another prompt that tells them that additional content can be redeemed, and they need to head over to the System Tab. 
    Claiming The Cait Sith Charm
    Claiming The Cait Sith Charm (Image Credits Exputer)
  4. The system tab can be accessed through the main menu. 
  5. After heading there, three items will be in the system tab: the Scholar’s Spectacles, the Cait Sith Charm, and the Braveheart. 
  6. You only need to select the item you want to claim; you can easily take it from here. 

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