Final Fantasy 16 Characters: Role, Story & Guide

Learn all about the unique personalities of all the major characters in Final Fantasy 16!

The Final Fantasy 16 characters are composed of some interesting political figures and individuals, both male and female, with unique abilities. They all have different, and sometimes interlinked, backstories and strong motives for the actions that they take. Regardless, here is an overview of some of the significant characters in Final Fantasy 16.

Key Takeaways
  • The characters of Final Fantasy 16 are crucial in moving the narrative forward.
  • Their individual stories and motivations shape the events of the game and lead to interesting plot developments.
  • Each character in FF16 comes with unique abilities and skills, offering players a varied gameplay experience.
  • This adds to the game’s replayability and depth, as players can explore different strategies and approaches.

Clive Rosfield

main character of final fantasy 16
Clive Rosfield as the Protagonist

In the universe of Final Fantasy XVI, Clive Rosfield takes center stage as the protagonist. Born as the first son of the Archduke of Rosaria, Clive carries the distinct honor of being the firstborn and the initial heir apparent to the Phoenix’s Dominant powers. However, destiny chooses a different path, rendering him a pivotal character in Final Fantasy 16’s intricate narrative.


Clive’s life is intricately tied to the prosperous realm of Rosaria, where he is born and nurtured as the first son of the Archduke. 

  • His life’s trajectory significantly shifts when his younger brother, Joshua, becomes the Dominant of Phoenix, an Eikon of Fire. 
  • The unexpected reversal of fortunes crafts Clive’s initial backstory and sets him on an unforeseen course.


Despite not being the Dominant, Clive Rosfield remains central to the plot of Final Fantasy XVI

  • He starts his journey as a promising young warrior aspiring to become a First Shield of Rosaria, tasked with the noble duty of guarding the Phoenix
  • His relentless dedication earns him the honorary title of “Blade of the Phoenix,” enabling him to wield part of Phoenix’s fire. 

Quest for Vengeance

A significant turn of events in Clive’s life instigates his quest for vengeance. When a monstrous disaster strikes, allegedly caused by an Eikon of Dark, it sets Clive on a path of retribution. His journey throughout the narrative is thus shaped by his pursuit of revenge, a trajectory that navigates him through the intricate politics and intense battles of the world of Valisthea.

Other Interesting Facts

Clive’s character showcases a blend of valiance and vulnerability. His intricate relationship with his younger brother Joshua, and Jill Warrick, a ward of Rosaria, adds depth to his character, painting a portrait of a protagonist driven by love, duty, and vengeance.

  • It is noteworthy to mention the voice talent behind Clive’s character. 
  • Neil Newbon, known for his roles in popular games like Resident Evil 3 and Devil May Cry 5, lends his voice to Clive, adding layers to the hero’s persona.
  • Additionally, Clive’s unique abilities to harness the power of the Eikons he defeats and his inherent prowess in combat lend a unique dynamism to the gameplay. 
  • His journey from a merely skilled swordsman to a warrior capable of challenging the Eikons forms an integral part of the Final Fantasy XVI experience.

Joshua Rosfield

Young Joshua Rosfield

Joshua Rosfield emerges as one of the central Final Fantasy 16 characters, known as the second son of the Archduke of Rosaria and as a Dominant. Born into the prestigious Rosfield family, Joshua carries the enormous responsibility of being the Dominant of Phoenix, an Eikon of Fire, a factor that significantly shapes his life’s path.


Born and raised in the prosperous realm of Rosaria, Joshua’s life takes a different turn when he is revealed as the Dominant of the mighty Phoenix. 

  • His privileged upbringing is underscored by the weight of his destiny, casting a long shadow over his young life. 
  • He grows up alongside his brother Clive and the duchy’s ward, Jill Warrick, forming an inseparable bond with them.


As the Dominant of Phoenix, Joshua plays a pivotal role in the unfolding events of Final Fantasy XVI. 

  • His dominion over the Eikon of Fire not only gives him immense power but also puts him at the center of the grand political machinations in the world of Valisthea. 
  • His abilities and status make him a critical player in Final Fantasy 16’s plot, influencing the journey of his elder brother Clive.

Other Interesting Facts

An intriguing aspect of Joshua’s character lies in his relationship with his brother Clive. 

  • Despite being younger, Joshua’s status as a Dominant lends him a position of significant influence. 
  • This relationship dynamic forms an interesting narrative contrast in the story of Final Fantasy XVI.
  • Notably, Joshua’s fascination with flora is an endearing trait that humanizes him amidst the epic events of Final Fantasy 16. 
  • His special fondness for a particular flower, known for its resilience, provides symbolic resonance to his character.
  • Providing the voice for Joshua is actor Harrison Dickinson. 
  • His talent and dedication add depth to Joshua’s character, making him a compelling part of the Final Fantasy XVI narrative.

Jill Warrick

final fantasy 16 characters jill warrick female
Jill Warrick

In terms of female characters in Final Fantasy 16, up next is Jill Warrick. Jill Warrick is a notable character in the expansive universe of Final Fantasy XVI, functioning as a central figure in the Grand Duchy of Rosaria’s royal family. Hailing from the Northern Territories, she is bound to the powerful Eikon, Shiva. Her life is deeply interwoven with that of Clive Rosfield, the protagonist, as she is brought up alongside him and his younger brother Joshua.


Born in the Northern Territories, a region outside of the influence of the six great powers, Jill is taken from her homeland at a tender age. 

  • This significant event marks the beginning of her new life in Rosaria. 
  • Despite her status as a ward of the duchy, designed to guarantee the Northern Territories’ independence, she is raised with the Rosfield brothers, Clive and Joshua, and shares a deep and meaningful bond with them.


Jill Warrick holds an essential role in Final Fantasy XVI, serving as the Dominant of Shiva, the Eikon of Ice. 

  • With her powers, she becomes a crucial figure in the narrative of Final Fantasy 16, directly affecting the fate of the protagonist, Clive Rosfield. 
  • Her unique abilities and the relationships she has developed since her childhood in Rosaria add depth and intensity to the narrative.

Other Interesting Facts

Jill’s close relationship with the Rosfield brothers, especially Clive, adds a dynamic layer to her character. 

  • Her upbringing alongside them provides a familial bond that deeply influences their interactions throughout the narrative. 
  • The depth of such a bond also has the potential to shape the narrative, with their destinies being intricately linked.
  • Furthermore, Jill’s unique role as the Dominant of Shiva contributes significantly to the complex political landscape of Final Fantasy XVI. 
  • This, combined with her status as a ward of Rosaria, highlights the geopolitical tensions within the continent of Valisthea.
  • Jill Warrick is brought to life by actress Joanna Ruiz, a talented voice actor known for her work in several animated series and video games. 
  • Her portrayal of Jill adds a layer of authenticity to the character, creating an immersive experience for the players.


final fantasy 16 plot and characters
Pet Torgal

Final Fantasy 16 introduces a number of compelling characters, and one of them is the exceptional Torgal. A critical character in the plot, Torgal, a creature reminiscent of a wolf, stands by the protagonist Clive Rosfield through thick and thin, traversing the expansive realm of Valisthea. 


Origins of Torgal trace back to the harsh landscapes of the Northern Territories. 

  • An outcast in this rugged land, Torgal’s fate intertwines with the influential Rosfield household. 
  • Discovered as a young pup, Torgal is taken under the wing of the Archduke of Rosaria, becoming a cherished companion to his sons Clive and Joshua Rosfield.


In the unfolding narrative of Final Fantasy XVI, Torgal plays a crucial role as a steadfast companion. 

  • Torgal accompanies Clive on his treacherous journey, engaging in both combat and puzzle sequences. 
  • In battle, the character’s agility and prowess are showcased in combination attacks alongside Clive. 
  • The evolution of Torgal from an endearing pup to a formidable ally underpins the progress of the plotline.

Other Interesting Facts

The character’s moniker, ‘Torgal,’ carries intriguing connotations. 

  • Drawing from potential Norse roots, the name is believed to signify ‘under the protection of the God of Thunder.’ 
  • The representation of Torgal as a creature of formidable strength and loyalty indeed echoes this etymological significance.
  • The creators’ attention to balance is evident in Torgal’s design. 
  • As a character who shares a significant portion of the gameplay with the player, it was crucial for Torgal to augment Clive’s journey rather than overshadow it. 
  • Hence, players are offered a blend of engaging gameplay and narrative progression without the necessity for continuous monitoring of the wolf-like companion.

Cidolfus Telamon

Cidolfus Telamon cutscene

Up next in our list of Final Fantasy 16 characters is Cidolfus Telamon, familiarly known as Cid. Cid’s character has journeyed from the status of a soldier to that of an outlaw, becoming a symbol of rebellion in the process. He is identified as a Dominant, possessing the power of the Eikon Ramuh. As a formidable outlaw, he expertly wields lightning abilities, further enhancing his character’s appeal.


Cidolfus Telamon’s past is shrouded in mystery. 

  • It’s known that he previously held a prestigious position as a soldier in the Royal Waloeder Army, highlighting his roots in discipline and combat. 
  • Intriguingly, he also has connections with a potent adversary, Benedikta Harman, a Dominant of Garuda. 
  • His life took a significant turn when he decided to abandon his soldier duties. 
  • Instead, he dedicated his time and effort to figuring out how to survive in the deadlands, providing a refuge for individuals like him—labeled as heretics—and creating a niche for their existence within the realm.


Cid’s character plays a significant role in the storyline of Final Fantasy XVI. 

  • As the Dominant of Ramuh, he commands respect and fear of others. 
  • Final Fantasy 16 sees him leading a group of outlaws, all committed to creating a safe space for magic users and societal rejects. 
  • He uses his knowledge of science and his awakened Eikon power to navigate and lead this group. 
  • The protagonist, Clive, forges a strong relationship with Cid during the course of the storyline. 
  • Cid takes Clive under his wing and invites him to the Hideaway, a haven for exploited Dominants. 
  • The Hideaway, located within a Fallen construct in the Central Storm Deadlands, offers an interesting location for the development of the plot and characters.

Other Interesting Facts

Cid’s portrayal in Final Fantasy XVI comes to life with the voice of Ralph Ineson in the English version and Hiroshi Shirokuma in the Japanese version. 

  • His character has several notable characteristics that link him to previous versions of Cid in the Final Fantasy series. 
  • His first name, “Cidolfus,” was shared by characters in Final Fantasy Tactics and Final Fantasy XII. 
  • Moreover, his command over the lightning Eikon Ramuh could be a nod to Orlandeau’s “Thunder God” title in Final Fantasy Tactics. 
  • Additionally, Cid’s smoking habit might be a reference to Cid Highwind from Final Fantasy VII, adding a nostalgic touch for returning players.

Hugo Kupka

Hugo Kupka is a key antagonist in Final Fantasy XVI, distinguished by his title as the Dominant of the Earth Eikon, Titan. Originating as an unknown foot soldier in the Dhalmekian Republican Army, Hugo’s fate takes a dramatic turn when he awakens as Titan’s Dominant, thus elevating him to an influential position in the political arena of the Dhalmekian Republic.


Born into humble circumstances, Hugo embarked on his life journey as a soldier devoid of fame or recognition. 

  • His life took an unexpected turn when he awakened as the Dominant of Titan, the Earth Eikon. 
  • Capitalizing on this powerful transformation, Hugo propelled himself to a prominent role in Dhalmekian politics, using his influence to command the national armies and shape policies. 
  • As a result, he managed to amass a considerable personal wealth, marking a dramatic shift from his humble beginnings.


As a central antagonist, Hugo Kupka wields significant influence in the narrative of Final Fantasy XVI. 

  • Having attained a formidable status in the republic through the power of Titan, he plays a crucial role in decision-making processes, often with far-reaching consequences. 
  • His presence in the Dhalmekian political landscape suggests that he has a significant part to play in the unfolding of the storyline. 
  • It is also noteworthy that he shares a romantic involvement with Benedikta Harman, another Dominant, which hints at intriguing character dynamics and potential plot twists in the narrative.

Other Interesting Facts

Hugo’s character, although wealthy and influential, retains a rough edge, possibly a remnant of his early life as a lowly soldier. 

  • His interactions with other characters and his strategic moves offer a glimpse into his character and his underlying motivations. 
  • His relationship with Benedikta Harman, the Dominant of Garuda, adds an extra layer of complexity to his character.
  • In the English version of Final Fantasy XVI, Hugo Kupka’s voice comes to life through the talented Alex Lanipekun, who has lent his voice to other notable characters in the gaming world, such as Nils from Horizon Zero Dawn
  • Meanwhile, Japanese players hear Hugo’s voice through Yasuhiro Mamiya, adding further depth and authenticity to the character.

Benedikta Harman

benedikta final fantasy 16 female characters
Benedikta Harman cutscene

Benedikta Harman is a critical female character in Final Fantasy 16, known as the Dominant of the Eikon Garuda and Warden of the Wind. Her reputation precedes her as a person of ruthless determination and a cold-hearted demeanor. She is recognized for her masterful sword skills and aptitude for stealth, leading her to a prestigious position as the commander of Waloed’s most proficient intelligencers.


Benedikta hails from the Waloed Kingdom, where she serves as a Royal Attaché. 

  • Her impressive skills in combat and subterfuge have allowed her to rise through the ranks quickly. 
  • She’s closely associated with Garuda, a bird-like creature representing wind power. 
  • Her connection to Garuda is evident in her feathered jacket and armor with a scaly appearance. 
  • This connection extends back to Garuda’s first appearance in Final Fantasy XI and subsequent appearances in FF13, 14, and 15.


The narrative of Final Fantasy XVI presents Benedikta in a significant role, where she’s on a quest to locate the second Eikon of Fire. 

  • The mission intertwines her fate with that of the protagonist, Clive Rosfield, compelling her to confront her past. 
  • The plot reveals that Benedikta’s homeland, Waloed, utilizes Eikons to suppress rebellions due to their advanced military capabilities. 
  • The storyline also suggests that the Dominant of Phoenix, the first Eikon of Fire, is Joshua, Clive’s brother, who ascends to the position of the Archduke of the Grand Duchy of Rosaria.

Other Interesting Facts

Benedikta’s character possesses a unique blend of tactical acumen, warrior spirit, and leadership, all evident from her first appearance in the initial FF16 trailer. 

  • Her golden-handled sword is a symbol of her prowess in combat, while her position as a Dominant of Garuda indicates her innate power and crucial role in the narrative.
  • In the English version of Final Fantasy 16, the voice behind Benedikta Harman is Nina Yndis, a renowned actor based in London with a rich background in theatre, audio, and TV shows, including the popular Peaky Blinders. 
  • Benedikta’s character and her portrayal by Nina Yndis contribute a layer of depth to the immersive world of Final Fantasy XVI, further enhancing the overall gaming experience.

Dion Lesage

final fantasy 16's story and plot and characters
Dion Lesage cutscene

Final Fantasy 16 introduces Dion Lesage, a character of considerable significance who bears the mantle of Bahamut’s Dominant, the King of Dragons, and the Eikon of Light. Being the crown prince of the Holy Empire of Sanbreque, and a commanding leader of the esteemed Dragoons, Dion is celebrated for his valor and successful military campaigns.


Dion Lesage hails from the noble lineage of Sanbreque’s royal family. 

  • As the crown prince, he also leads the Dragoons, a highly respected and formidable order of knights. 
  • His lineage and position of authority set him apart in the core cast of FF16, most of whom are either not of royal descent or do not control a Dominant. 
  • Known for his battle prowess, Dion has successfully turned many battles in favor of his kingdom, which has earned him adoration and respect among his people and troops.


In the narrative of Final Fantasy XVI, Dion plays a crucial role that echoes the heroism of Final Fantasy IV’s protagonist, Cecil. 

  • Similar to Cecil, Dion’s reputation as a heroic leader of the Dragoons precedes him. 
  • However, Dion’s journey is expected to take divergent paths, as hinted by Square Enix’s blog post, indicating a potential tragedy befalling him.
  • Dion’s connection with Bahamut and his royal lineage sparked theories among fans that his character might pivot toward becoming the antagonist of Final Fantasy 16. 
  • Nevertheless, these are conjectures, and the actual trajectory of Dion’s role in the narrative remains to be revealed.

Other Interesting Facts

Songs glorifying Dion’s heroism and power are often heard in Sanbreque, demonstrating his widespread popularity among his people. 

  • Yet, despite the power and nobility, Dion seems troubled in the glimpses shown in the trailers, suggesting an underlying dark turn of events that has left him discontented.
  • In the English version, Dion’s character is voiced by Stewart Clarke, known for his roles in Horizon Forbidden West and Valkyrie Elysium.
  • While Dion Lesage appears to be a character shrouded in glory and power, the looming threat suggested in his official description, and the potential tragic twist in his story contribute to Final Fantasy 16’s dynamic narrative and keep the players on edge as they navigate the world of Valisthea – making him quite a unique Final Fantasy 16 character.

Barnabas Tharmr

Barnabas Tharmr look

Barnabas Tharmr, one of the pivotal Final Fantasy 16 characters, serves as the Dominant of the Eikon Odin. His exceptional combat skills and control over Odin helped him subdue the East, establishing his reign over Waloed. An individual deeply engrossed in the thrill of battle, Barnabas often finds himself at the heart of the conflict, savoring the scenes of carnage if he’s not engaging himself.


Originating as a wanderer with no land or title, Barnabas was unique among the main cast, as he wasn’t born into nobility. 

  • His ascent to power came from his remarkable ability with a blade that eventually won him a kingdom. 
  • His rule over Waloed wasn’t welcomed by the indigenous beastmen who attempted to revolt. 
  • Barnabas, however, squashed the rebellion by leveraging the power of his Eikon, Odin, thereby consolidating his rule over the eastern continent. 


In the broader storyline of Final Fantasy XVI, Barnabas emerges as a character with grand ambitions. 

  • He expresses a desire to unite all Dominants to create an end to prevailing conflicts and foster a new order, as revealed in the ‘Ambition’ trailer. 
  • Speculations suggest that he might be seeking to establish a global government with Dominants at its helm. 
  • Given his intentions, it’s likely that he might be at loggerheads with other characters like Clive, who seems to harbor intentions of destroying the Mother Crystals.

Fans have theorized an intriguing angle about Barnabas’ connection to Clive. 

  • There are assumptions about Barnabas being an estranged father or uncle to Clive, primarily because of their strikingly similar appearances, shared combat styles, and the collective goal of destroying crystals. 
  • Another speculation sets Barnabas as the primary antagonist of Final Fantasy 16, an idea that stems from a quote from the Japanese website where Barnabas expresses a twisted fascination with the destruction of Mother Crystals.

You also get to fight Barnabas in FF16, and I have a video of boss fight here for you:

Other Interesting Facts

In Final Fantasy XVI, Barnabas is portrayed as a character profoundly obsessed with battles. 

  • Whether he is slashing through foes on his spectral steed with his iconic black blade or watching the chaos unfold from a safe distance, he never misses an opportunity to relish the bloody spectacle.
  • His voiceover in the English version is provided by David Menkin, an actor known for his roles in various video games, including Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers. 
  • In the Japanese version, his voice is lent by Gotaro Tsunashima.
  • The character dynamics surrounding Barnabas in Final Fantasy XVI contribute to making the narrative immersive and unpredictable. 
  • As the narrative unfolds, players will discover the depth and complexity of his character, his motives, and how his actions steer the events in the world of Valisthea.

With that, you know everything about the major Final Fantasy 16 characters, both male and female! These few characters will help shape much of the plot with their unique background stories, motives, and much more. You can learn more about Final Fantasy 16 through the demo!

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