FF16: All Chronolith Locations & Rewards

The Chronolith Trials in FF16 are hidden at different locations throughout the map, and each one rewards you with unique accessories.

Final Fantasy 16 has different side quests or tasks to ensure that players remain entertained throughout their playthrough. One such activity is the Chronolith Challenges. Players have to locate these challenges and complete them. And FF16 Chronolith Locations are spread across the map, making it harder for players to find them.

Before You Start: Complete the Mission Fire in the Sky before you go looking for the Chronolith Trial locations.
Key Takeaways
  • Players will come across 7 Chronolith Challenges in FF16, which are essentially time-gated combat trials.
  • These are the locations of the Chronolith Challenges.
    1. Near Martha’s Rest obelisk in Grand Duchy of Rosaria region.
    2. Near Laetny’s Cleft obelisk in The Dhalmekian Republic region.
    3. Near Caer Norvent River Gate obelisk in The Holy Empire of Sanberque region.
    4. Near Velkroy Desert obelisk in The Dhalmekian Republic region.
    5. Near Northreach obelisk in The Holy Empire of Sanberque region.
    6. Near Eistla obelisk in The Kingdom of Waloed region.
    7. Near Vidragraes obelisk in the Kingdom of Waloed region.
  • In each challenge, players must defeat different waves within a time limit using one Eikon type.
  • By using abilities or special combos, the time limit increases.
  • Once completed, Clive will receive an Accessory related to that Eikon.

What Are Chronolith Challenges

During the Chronolith Challenges, players have to fight multiple enemies in multiple waves. Clive has to defeat waves of enemies during these challenges. During each of these Chronolith Trials, Clive has to use only one single Eikon and its abilities.

Chronolith Trials.
The Chronolith Trials can only be accessed by Clive. [Image Credit: eXputer]
During each of these challenges, Clive has to fight alone, without any help of any sort. This means you can’t use Tonics or Potions or won’t have any party members to help you. So the only way you can heal Clive is by using Limit Break or any healing abilities or accessories.

During each of these trials, you will have to defeat all of the enemy waves during a time limit. Now the time limit can increase as you finish the waves or use certain moves. So, if you want to have a rather easy time, then make sure to use your abilities as they will help you a lot. All in all, you won’t have a problem if you use the time-increasing abilities.

All Chronolith Locations In Final Fantasy 16

In Final Fantasy 16, there are a total of 7 Chronoliths. So, I’ll be going through each of the FF16 Chronolith Locations and help you locate them in your game.

Chronolith ChallengeEikonLocationAccessory
Hand of HyperionPhoenixGrand Duchy of RosariaThe Favor of Fire (Flames of Rebirth)
Hand of DioneGarudaThe Dhalmekian RepublicThe Will of Wind (Aerial Blast)
Hand of LapetusRamuhThe Holy Empire of SanberqueThe Favor of Lightning (Judgement Bolt)
Hand of TitanTitanThe Dhalmekian RepublicThe Favor of Earth (Earthen Fury)
Hand of MimasBahamutThe Holy Empire of SanberqueThe Favor of Light (Gigaflare)
Hand of RheaShivaThe Kingdom of WaloedThe Will of Ice (Diamond Dust)
Hand of EnceladusOdinThe Kingdom of WaloedThe Will of Darkness (Dancing Steel)
IMPORTANT: Ensure you are at a higher level and have the Best Gear available before you go into these challenges.

1. Hand of Hyperion

  • Location: North-east of Martha’s Rest obelisk in The Grand Duchy of Rosaria region.
1st Chronolith Trial location ff16.
The Chronolith Trial of Phoenix. [Image Credit: eXputer]
To locate the Trial By Fire: Phoenix Chronolith, you will have to travel to the Grand Duchy of Rosaria region of Valisthea. There, you will have to travel to the Martha’s Rest obelisk. From there, you will have to travel North and then head to the East. You’ll find the Phoenix Chronolith a few meters ahead. Interact with it, and you can enter the Trial Challenges.

2. Hand Of Dione

  • Location: South-west from the Laetny’s Cleft Obelisk in the Dhalmekian Republic region.
2nd Chronolith trial.
The Chronolith Trial of Garuda. [Image Credit: eXputer]
For the second Chronolith, Trial by Wind: Garuda, travel to The Dhalmekian Republic. Now when you look at the map, the nearest Obelisk seems like the Krozjit Echoes. But that, in reality, is far away as you will have to go around the map. The nearest Obelisk to travel to is Laetny’s Cleft. Fast travel there and then go southwest, and after a long and tedious path, you will come across the Hand of Dione Chronolith.

3. Hand Of Lapetus

  • Location: North-west from the Caer Norvent River Gate obelisk in The Holy Empire of Sanberque region.
3rd Chronolith Trial Location in FF16
The Chronolith Trial of Ramuh. [Image Credit: eXputer]
The Trial by Thunder: Ramuh Chronolith is located in The Holy Empire of the Sanbreque region. There, on the southern side of the map, locate the Caer Norvent River Gate obelisk. That one is farthest away on the map, and if you haven’t unlocked it, you can go to the Lostwing obelisk too. Anyways, from the Caer Norvent River Gate, you will have to move North West and turn right. The Chronolith will be a few seconds away.

4. Hand Of Titan

  • Location: North-west from The Velkroy Desert obelisk in The Dhalmekian Republic region.
The 4th Chronolith Trial.
The Chronolith Trail of Titan. [Image Credit: eXputer]
As for the fourth Chronolith, the Trial by Earth: Titan, go to The Dhalmekian Republic. The nearest obelisk is The Velkroy Desert obelisk. From there, you will have to travel North East to Ceratina.

Traveling through there, you will have to head East through the sandstorm to the Hand of Titan Chronolith. You might have to keep checking your map in the sandstorm to ensure you’re heading in the correct direction.

5. Hand Of Mimas

  • Location: West of the Northreach obelisk in The Holy Empire of Snabreque region.
5th Chronolith Trial location ff16
The Chronolith Trial of Bahamut. [Image Credit: eXputer]
Trial by Light: Bahamut can be located in The Holy Empire of the Sanbreque region. When you make it there, you will have to fast-travel to the Northreach obelisk. From there on, you will have to go to the Northwestern side of the town and exit. From there, continue heading West, and you will come across the Hand of Mimas Chronolith.

6. Hand Of Rhea

  • Location: Head west from the Eistla obelisk in The Kingdom of Waloed region.
6th Chronolith Trial.
The Chronolith Trial of Shiva. [Image Credit: eXputer]
The sixth Chronolith, Trial by Ice: Shiva, is found in The Kingdom of Waloed. There, fast travel to the Eistla obelisk. From there, you will have to head West through the narrow path. You’ll find yourself at the Angry Gap. After crossing it, you will have to go southwest until you come across a small gap. Go through it, and you will find The Hand of Rhea Chronolith.

7. Hand Of Enceladus

  • Location: South-east of the Vidragraes obelisk in The Kingdom of Waloed region.
7th Chronolith Trial Location ff16
The Chronolith Trial of Odin. [Image Credit: eXputer]
Lastly, the Trial by Darkness: Odin is located in The Kingdom of Waloed. To get there, the closest Obelisk is the Vidargraes obelisk, located at the North-most region of the map. Once you have fast-traveled there, start heading South East. Travel to The Badbach Conservatory. From there, head East, and The Hand of Enceladus will be next to you.


You will get an Accessory when you complete each of the Chronolith Trials. These accessories increase the damage to the Eikon that you used during the trial. So, if you want to get overpowered, you will have to go through the Chronolith Trials.

AccessoryHow to GetEffect
The Favor of Fire (Flames of Rebirth)Acquired by completing the Hand of Hyperion (Phoenix)Increases the damage of Flames of Rebirth by +8%
The Will of Wind (Aerial Blast)Acquired through finishing the Hand of Dione (Garuda)Increases the damage of Aerial Blast by +12%
The Favor of Lightning (Judgement Bolt)Acquired by finishing the Hand of Lapetus (Ramuh)Increases the damage of Judgement Bolt by +7%
The Favor of Earth (Earthen Fury)Acquired by completing the Hand of Titan (Titan)Increases the damage of Earthen Fury by +7%
The Favor of Light (Gigaflare)Acquired through finishing the Hand Mimas (Bahamut)Increases the damage of Lof Gigaflare through +5%
The Will of Ice (Diamond Dust)Acquired by completing the Hand of Rhea (Shiva)Increases the damage of Diamond Dust by +10%
The Will of Darkness (Dancing Steel)Acquired through finishing the Hand of Enceladus (Odin)Increases the damage of Dancing Steel by +20%

If you have completed any one of the Chronolith Trials, you will get the Trial Run trophy. Whichever Chronolith you complete doesn’t matter, as you will get the trophy.

Once you have completed all Chronolith Trials, you will acquire The Circle of Malius. It is a Curiosity that you will require if your goal is to get the For the Honor trophy. Once acquired, The Circle of Malius is displayed in Clive’s Chambers.

Unlocking Chronolith Trials

If, for some reason, you still haven’t unlocked the Chronolith Trials, then you don’t need to worry, as they are unlocked as you progress through the story. During the mission ‘Fire in the Sky,’ you will gain access to any Chronolith Trials that Clive has Eikon abilities.

I would still suggest that you wait to complete the story before you go through the trials. That is because, by the end of FF16, Clive will be at a higher level and much more powerful. And clearing the Trials within the time limit will be a lot easier for you than early on. Keep in mind that you won’t be able to use any Potions or other healing methods to heal yourself.

My Experience With The Chronolith Trials

ff16 ps5
My FF16 Hours PSN: Liontamer55460

As someone who had to fight and endure through the Final Fantasy mode of FF16 to achieve the Platinum Trophy in under 100+ hours, the Chronolith Trials were fairly easy. The only ones I had trouble with were the Titan one and the Bahamut, but with careful strategy and persistence, you should be able to easily complete them without too many worries since they mostly require you to keep up the timer by various feats.

These are FF16 All Chronolith Locations that you can find. Completing these can be a hassle if you haven’t fully grasped the basics. Consider reading the Tips to help you get better. You need to have the best Weapons and know how to fight. Most importantly, knowing how to Dodge Attacks can be quite beneficial for you.

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