7 BEST Secrets In FF16 [Mount, Weapons, Accessories]

Discover the best FF16 secret Items, powerful mounts, accessories, and potion enhancements to enhance your first-time experience.

FF16 Secrets can enhance gameplay efficiency and save time. These include a powerful mount, weapon, combat items, accessories, and potion enhancements. All of these can prove invaluable in case you miss them in your first playthrough of the game.

Spoiler Warning: The following information within the guide contains potential story spoilers for Final Fantasy 16.
Key Takeaways

Here are the 3 best Final Fantasy 16 Secrets:

  1. Chocobo Mountain Quest: Unlock the ability to ride Chocobos by completing the story quest, “The Gathering Storm,” and then undertaking “The White-Winged Wonder” in Martha’s Rest.
  2. The Channeler’s Whispers: An accessory that allows players to charge ranged attacks while performing other actions.
  3. Berserker Ring: Earn renown by completing side missions and special haunts to unlock the Berserker Ring. Equipping it grants the Precision Dodge ability and increases attack proficiency

Before we begin, let’s briefly check out the Seven Secrets in FF16:

Secret RarityHow to GetEffect Buy Price Sell Price
Chocobo MountN/AThrough the side quest " The White-Winged Wonder"Faster Traversal N/AN/A
The Channeler's Whispers3Accessible through the main quest "Cid the Outlaw" at Charon's Toll.Magical spells are automatically charged and kept charged until they are cast.20000 gil10000 gil
Berserker Ring4Reward for attaining 85 Renown via the "Pillow Talk" contribution at the Patron's Whisper.Following each precise dodge, attack proficiency is momentarily increased.N/A25000 gil
Gotterdammerung Weapon5Craft after getting its design draftHigh Stagger damageN/AN/A
Genji Gloves5Reward for achieving 2365 Renown from the Patron's WhisperIncreases damage by 5%N/A50000 gil
Cleric's Medallion +11Beat Chirada for the first time through the "Louder Than Words" main quest.Healing Potency of potions is increased by 20%N/A750 gil
Morganbeard Extract4Get as a reward for completing "Root of the Problem" side quest Increases the consumable potency N/AN/A

1. Chocobo Mount

ff16 secret Chocobo Mount
Chocobo Mount – [Image by eXputer]
An incredible FF16 secret unlock is Chocobo Mount which provides faster traversal in the Final Fantasy 16 world. However, you can only unlock the ability to ride a Chocobo later, specifically after reaching the main story quest, “The Gathering Storm.”

  1. Travel to Martha’s Rest and speak with Rowan.
  2. Accept the quest “The White-Winged Wonder” from Rowan, learning about a white Chocobo hunting bandit.
  3. Follow the road toward green quest markers, interacting with large white feathers along the trail.
  4. Encounter bandits led by the boss, the Huntsman, engaging in battle and defeating him. Use the Wind element, especially Garuda, for an easy victory.
  5. After defeating the Huntsman, Rowan marks the completion of the quest.
  6. Clive realizes the white-winged wonder is his royal steed, Ambrosia.
  7. Ambrosia becomes Clive’s mount, summoned by holding the R3 button in open areas outside towns and cities

2. The Channeler’s Whispers

Final Fantasy 16 secret The Channeler's Whispers
The Channeler’s Whispers – [Image by eXputer]
An accessory that has a significant impact on combat mechanics in Final Fantasy 16 Secret accessory is The Channeler’s Whispers. By equipping this accessory, players gain the ability to charge ranged attacks in the background while simultaneously performing other attacks.

  • With the Channeler’s Whispers equipped, players can charge ranged attacks and unleash them instantly by pressing the triangle button.
  • This accessory allows for a more frequent and seamless utilization of ranged attacks, enhancing overall combat effectiveness.
  • It becomes available for purchase at Charon’s Toll during the “Cid the Outlaw” main quest.
  • The Channeler’s Whispers can be purchased at Charon’s Toll for 20,000 gil.

3. Berserker Ring

final fantasy 16 secret Berserker Ring
Berserker Ring – [Image by eXputer]
Another FF16 secret accessory is The Berserker Ring which can be obtained through the “Patron’s Whisper” activity. To acquire this accessory, players need to earn renown by completing side missions and special hunts.

  • Earn renown from side missions and special haunts to unlock the Berserker Ring and other rewards.
  • As renown accumulates, access to the Berserker Ring becomes available.
  • Equipping the Berserker Ring enables Precision Dodge with a sliding effect, enhancing agility in combat.
  • Successful precision dodges temporarily increase attack proficiency, providing a powerful asset in battles.
  • The Berserker Ring represents a significant upgrade to combat mechanics

4. Gotterdammerung Weapon

Final Fantasy 16 secret Gotterdammerung Weapon
Gotterdammerung Weapon – [Image by eXputer]
The most powerful weapon available in your initial playthrough of Final Fantasy 16 is the Gotterdammerung sword. Renowned for its exceptional strength and high Stagger damage, this weapon possesses immense power.

However, obtaining the Gotterdammerung is a challenging task that requires great effort and determination and that’s why it’s considered one of the Final Fantasy 16 Secrets.

  • Start the Blacksmith Blues IV side quest.
  • Receive the Gotterdammerung Design Draft as a reward upon quest completion.

Once in possession of the Gotterdammerung Design Draft, players should make their way to The Black Hammer at Cid’s Hideaway. At this location, they can craft the Gotterdammerung using the following materials:

5. Genji Gloves

Genji Gloves
Genji Gloves – [Image by eXputer]
Genji Gloves are a valuable Final Fantasy 16 secret accessory that provides a significant gameplay advantage for Clive. These gloves offer a 5% bonus damage from all sources, enhancing Clive’s offensive capabilities.

  • Once you reach the 15th donation level, you will unlock Genji’s Gloves as a reward.
  • Accumulate a total of 2365 Renown to reach the 15th donation level at Patrons Whispers.
  • Earn Renown by completing side quests, bounties, and other tasks throughout Final Fantasy 16.
  • Access the rewards section of Patrons Whispers to claim Genji’s Gloves.

6. Cleric’s Medallion +1

Cleric's Medallion +1
Cleric’s Medallion +1 – [Image by eXputer]
An upgraded version of the Cleric’s Medallion accessory in Final Fantasy 16

  • The Cleric’s Medallion +1 enhances the potency of potions in Final Fantasy 16.
  • The healing potency of both regular and high potions is increased by 20%.
  • Also available at Patrons Whisper 5th donation level for 205 Renown.
  • This accessory proves particularly useful during challenging boss fights where healing is crucial.
  • The enhanced potion potency provided by the Cleric’s Medallion +1 offers long-term benefits and improves survivability throughout Final Fantasy 16.

7. Morganbeard Extract

FF16 secret Morganbeard Extract
Morganbeard Extract – [Image by eXputer]
Another FF16 Secret Item is hidden behind a side quest. It is obtained as a reward for completing the “Root of the Problem” side quest.

  • This extract plays a crucial role in increasing the potency of consumable items in Final Fantasy 16.
  • By using Morganbeard Extract, players can enhance the effectiveness of various consumable items.
  • When equipped with the Cleric’s Medallion +1, regular potions become more effective and can provide healing comparable to high potions.

What I Think About The Best Secrets

ff16 ps5
My FF16 Hours PSN: Liontamer55460

Spending more than 100+ hours across my initial playthrough along with NG+ of FF16, the secrets that I loved discovering were the Genji Gloves and, of course, the Chocobo Mount. The Genji Gloves are immensely powerful, especially in NG+, when you can upgrade them to boost their attack power further, and I can never forget that sweet memory of Clive reuniting with Ambrosia, one that stuck with me for the remainder of FF16.

That’s it on 7 Best FF16 Secrets that cover the mount, items, and accessories that can’t be achieved easily. You will get powerful as you progress through the main story as you acquire Eikons most of which are unlocked by defeating the Dominants. With the Best Eikon Abilities, dominating the combat is an easy feat.


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