FF16: Blacksmith’s Blues [Walkthrough]

Explore 'Blacksmith's Blues', an engaging FF16 side quest with Clive, featuring formidable foes and rewarding loot.

Blacksmith’s Blues in FF16 is one of the many side quests you will get to complete while going through the story of Clive. There is no direct way to trigger this quest. However, you will need to speak with August first and then follow up further for the quest to appear. 

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Key Takeaways
  • There are 4 Blacksmith’s Blues side quests in FF16 and the first one involves hunting The Griffin & getting the Treated Leather back to Blacksmith. 
  • “Blacksmith’s Blues” is a side quest in Final Fantasy 16, accessible during the “Here Be Monsters” main quest.
  • The protagonist, Clive, is tasked to assist Blackthorne, the Hideaway’s blacksmith, by finding and defeating a powerful griffin named Dozmare.
  • Dozmare can be found at the Lostwing Obelisk, through Cutter’s Gate, and finally at the Caer Norvent River Gate.
  • For completing “Blacksmith’s Blues”, players receive the following rewards:
    1. Drakeslayer’s Belt Design Draft
    2. 250 EXP
    3. 10 Renown

There are 4 Blacksmith Blues quests, and this video showcases all of them.

What Is Blacksmith’s Blues In FF16?

Clive having a conversation with August about Blackthorne’s [Image Captured by eXputer]
Blacksmith’s Blues in FF16 is a side quest that is unlocked during the Here Be Monsters main story. At the very beginning of the quest, you will see that Clive has come back to the Hideaway, from where he and Jill will leave for the isle of Drustanus.

In Blacksmith’s Blues Clive is tasked to Find and defeat a Powerful Griffin named Dozmare. More precisely you have to find a way to help Blackthorne, The Blacksmith at the Hideaway, and you will be doing that by Finding and defeating Dozmare. To initiate the Blacksmith’s Blues FF16 quest, Clive must first discover Blackthorne’s problem through a conversation with August. It may look like a simple task but it is not for sure, and it can be quite more difficult if your Clive hasn’t yet reached Level 28.

How To Start The Blacksmith’s Blues?

August joins the conversation between Clive and Blackthorne [Image Captured by eXputer]
Before you can start the quest you need to know Blackthorn’s problem, For this Clive will have to travel to The Mess area located in the Hideaway and speak with August.

Upon talking with August Clive will come to know that August is Worried about Blackthorn, The only Hideaways Blacksmith’s. But In this Quest Clive will get no clue of what is actually troubling him, this creates another challenge for Clive since he will find out himself about this.

  1. After agreeing to the mission from August, Clive should go back to the Boarding Deck and will have to travel towards the north to reach the Main Deck.
  2. Then, he needs to turn left and take the first right, which will lead him to The Black Hammer.
  3. There, Clive will find Blackthorne’s Forge, and Blackthorne himself will be standing behind his anvil.
  4. When Clive talks to Blackthorne, August will show up.
  5. From here you will get the answer to your first challenge of finding what the problem actually is by speaking to the Blackthorn himself. 

He will tell you about a Leather pattern that he lost, you can know more about the Leather pattern by speaking to Charon the Shopkeeper. She will tell you about the appearance of the person who purchased the pattern, who is a Griffin. So now your next challenge will be to find Griffin and defeat it in combat to get the Leather pattern back.

Finding the Griffin

talk with Charon [Image Captured by eXputer]
From Charon, you will come to know that Griffin took the Leather pattern. Next, you need to speak with Nektar, The Moggle standing next to Hunt Board, Players must select the “Ask about Griffin sightings” option

Dozmare – Hunt Board in FF16 [Image Captured by eXputer]
Then they will be able to check the Hunt board to find out where the Griffin, also known as Dozmare, can be found. To reach Griffin’s territory, known as Dozmare’s domain, the fastest way is to fast-travel and go to the Lostwing Obelisk. From there, follow the road that goes through Cutter’s Gate. Blacksmith’s Blues” FF16 takes Clive through intriguing locations, from The Mess area to the Lostwing Obelisk.

Lost Wing Fast Travel point [Image Captured by eXputer]
And then you will arrive at the Caer Norvent River Gate, from there you need to head South towards the Castle’s Wall where the Battle will begin.

Dozmare The Griffin Boss Fight

Dozmare boss fight in FF16 [Image Captured by eXputer]
At the start of the battle, Dozmare may look like a simpler enemy since in the opening his attacks are easy to avoid and Clive can easily dodge them and at the same time can give a counterattack. 

But as the health decreases Dozmare (Griffin) starts using Destructive and seriously health-consuming Wind-based attacks, so to ensure safety Clive at the beginning of battle should save his health for later and take less damage.

Dozamare attacks [Image Captured by eXputer]
Dozmare has a very dangerous move where it goes up in the sky and creates a small Tornado around itself. If Clive is standing close to the Tornado, he can quickly move away to avoid health consumption. 

The same goes with the Dozmare’s Noble Dive attack, it is also a tricky Attack, this Attack produces a shockwave, but the good thing is a text appears above the Griffin “Noble Dive ”, so you should back up as you see the message. 

As a Griffin, Dozmare will frequently fly up into the sky to launch different attacks. Clive’s physical attacks may not work well during these moments, but players can overcome this difficulty by using Ramuh’s ranged abilities. 

Dozmare boss strategy [Image Captured by eXputer]
These attacks can hit Dozmare even when it’s flying and can cause significant damage. But Ramuh’s projectile abilities can be used from some distance, so Clive doesn’t have to get too close to Dozmare to use them, which will save him from close damaging attacks. The Blacksmith’s Blues FF16 quest concludes with a return of the Leather pattern to Blackthorne and valuable rewards for Clive.

Blacksmith’s Blues Side Quest Rewards 

Hand over Treated Leather [Image Captured by eXputer]
After defeating the Griffin, talk to the injured man close by to get back the Leather Pattern. Then, return to The Hideaway and give it to Blackthorne. He will reward you for completing the quest.

Dozmare boss fight rewards [Image Captured by eXputer]
Return back to the Blacksmith and hand over the Treated Leather to complete the Quest. For this, you will be rewarded with the following rewards for covering this sidequest:

  • Scarletite
  • Meteorite
  • Drakeslayer’s Belt Design Draft 
  • 250 EXP
  • 10 Renown

The “Blacksmith’s Blues” side quest in Final Fantasy 16 brilliantly showcases the game’s depth and meticulous storytelling. Navigating through Clive’s quest to aid Blackthorne, players face formidable foes like Dozmare the griffin, and explore intricate environments, from the Hideaway’s quaint forges to the perilous Lostwing Obelisk.

With this, I wrap up my Blacksmiths Blues FF16 guide as I have described the location, how to trigger the side quest & how to beat the Griffin boss. There are lots of interesting boss fights that you will encounter in Clive’s journey such as facing FF16: Gobermouch Location, and Sekhret boss fight. You can not just walk at the doorstep of these bosses & expect to come out victorious. You need to have Clive’s best abilities, Eikon’s abilities, and the best accessories to have the chance of defeating main and side missions bosses in FF16.


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