FF16: What Does Mastering Abilities Do?

Unlock the potential of your abilities in Final Fantasy 16 & what they do, how to master, upgrade and wisely utilize them in combat.

Final Fantasy 16 not only allows you to acquire and upgrade abilities but also lets you take these skills to a whole new level by mastering them. However, mastering them costs a lot of skill points to get the desired results. That said, if you want to know what mastering an ability can do, I have written this easy-to-understand guide explaining everything about this mechanic in FF16.

Key Takeaways

Final Fantasy 16 introduces a system of mastering abilities, which implies giving abilities their final or most powerful upgrade.

  • Mastery requires skill points and maximum level upgrades for abilities.
  • Mastered abilities offer build crafting opportunities for both Clive and Eikon.
Master Abilities FF16
How To Master Abilities in FF16 [Image Credit: eXputer] 

What Do Mastering Abilities Do?

Depending on what you’re trying to upgrade, mastering Abilities in Final Fantasy 16 can bring different results for the players. Some Abilities can increase the skill’s duration and enhance damage output. While others can result in reducing the casting time

If you want to know what mastering Ability can do, open the abilities menu, mark any Ability, and push the triangle button to check their attributes, upgrades, mastery, and combat capabilities.

However, some Ability masteries are better than others, and they can come in handy when you’re up against tougher enemies. For example, Downthrust Mastery enhances the damage output and area in which it affects the enemies, which is highly useful when you face many enemies simultaneously. Compared with the Stomp Mastery, the latter can increase your kicks to two, which is not helpful against powerful foes. 

If you have mastered the ability and don’t like it, you can get your points back for free and spend it elsewhere. However, it’s advisable checking the ability’s details before spending your points on mastering it. 

Mastering Eikon’s Ability

Mastering Eikon abilities in FF16 requires a lot of ability points to master Eikonic abilities, as they have many upgrade levels. Once you have mastered an Eikon’s power, you’ll have the power to switch it and equip it on Eikons other than the one it belongs to. In this way, you’ll be able to unequip its parent Eikon and still get your favorite combat move from it.

For example, if you have mastered an Eikon’s Ability, like the Phoenix’s Rising Flames, you are entitled to allocate this ability to any of the Eikons. It’s like you’re using the Garuda and Phoenix, but you have mastered Phoenix’s Rising Flames. Now, you’ll have the power to swap one of Garuda’s abilities for Rising Flames.

Phoenix Rising Flames in FF16
Phoenix Rising Flames in FF16 [Image Credits: eXputer]
Remember that you can’t use inactive Eikon’s abilities because you can only have three active Eikons at once. Moreover, if you have mastered an Eikon ability, it won’t boost damage or overall stats. Therefore, you need to unlock four or more Eikons to benefit from mastering an Eikon ability.

Mastering Non-Eikonic Feats

Eikonic Feats differ from the Mastering abilities of FF16 as they don’t follow the same process. Moreover, they can’t be assigned to any Eikon. They require individual upgradation, like in the case of Phoenix’s “Phoenix Shift” which empowers Clive to teleport a short distance.

Phoenix Shift in FF16
Phoenix Shift in FF16 [Image Credits: eXputer]
However, if you master this Feat, the distance will be greater. On the other hand, non-Eikonic Feats like Magic Burst, Charged Magic, and Stomp have their own mastery systems. Each needs to be upgraded individually.

As players navigate the complex world of Final Fantasy 16, mastering abilities become an integral part of the journey. This empowering feature lets us augment Clive’s combat strategies, transforming ordinary abilities into extraordinary ones. Whether it’s boosting basic combat capabilities or enhancing Eikon powers, mastering abilities provides a path to character optimization, building diversity, and strategic depth. 

With this, I wrap up my FF16 mastering abilities guide and have also mentioned what these skills do. for more quality information you can have a look at  FF16: Best Party, Who Is Clive’s Mother, and Braveheart.


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