Who Is Clive’s Mother In Final Fantasy 16

Clive's mother, whose name is Anabella Rosfield, plays a major role not only in the beginning but throughout the story in Final Fantasy 16.

Clive’s Mother in Final Fantasy 16 is one of the earliest characters that you are introduced to during the first flashback sequence, and her name is Anabella Rosfield. She has a major influence in the early part of the story and plays an important role as an antagonist later as well.

Key Takeaways
  • Clive’s mother is Anabella Rosfield, who first appears during a flashback at the beginning of Final Fantasy 16.
  • She is a woman who seeks power and uses everyone as her tool.
  • Anabella is married to Elwin, and both rule over the kingdom of Rosaria.
  • She hates Clive, who is her firstborn because he was not born a Dominant.
  • Instead, she takes care of her second son, Joshua, because he can control the Eikon of Fire and is Dominant.
  • Anabella has great importance in the story and acts as one of the antagonists additionally.
Important: Spoilers are discussed in the “Anabella Rosfield’s Story” section, so proceed with caution!

Who Is Clive’s Mother In FF16?

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Anabella Rosfield’s First Appearance In Final Fantasy 16 (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)

Clive’s mother is first introduced in the beginning hour when a flashback starts to take place, showing Joshua as a child and Clive as a teen. Her name is Anabella Rosfield, and she arrives after you’re done completing the tutorial as Clive in the flashback sequence.

She comes looking for Joshua, who is also present at the site, watching and motivating his brother while he takes on a duel. Both Joshua and Clive are Anabella Rosfield’s sons, but the mother does not treat them both equally due to special reasons relating to Eikons.

Anabella Rosfield’s Story

Her overall plot during the flashback can be divided into three different parts, which can give us a better analysis of what type of character she is in Final Fantasy 16.

First Encounter

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Lore About Anabella And Elwin (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)

According to the in-game lore about Anabella, you can see that she married Elwin, who is the Archduke of the kingdom of Rosaria.

  • The marriage occurred for the sole reason of the birth of a Dominant who would control the Eikon of fire known as Phoenix.

At Rosalith Castle

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Why Anabella Hates Clive (Image Captured by eXputer)

Unfortunately, Clive was not born a Dominant, which is all that Anabella cared about.

  • That is why she started to resent Clive and thought of him as a failure who could accomplish nothing.
  • All Anabella desired was the power that would come through giving birth to a Dominant and taking control of him.

Joshua, her second son, was born a Dominant, which is why Anabella cared for him a lot. It was probably not her son that she cared about what was inside him that drove her. She can be seen during the flashback being extremely worried about Joshua’s health, but she doesn’t seem to give Clive any attention. 

Phoneix Gate Ambush

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Anabella’s Betrayal (Image Captured by Us)

Elwin, Clive and Joshua’s father was a kind ruler who not only protected his kingdom but was also supportive of both of his sons. He didn’t think of the common folk as rubbish which seemed to be the mentality of her wife. Anabella only desired power through any means necessary, but Elwin would sacrifice his honor.

  • Anabella, in hopes of power, decided to betray her husband and her kingdom of Rosaria.
  • She joined the Holy Empire of Sanbreque with conditions that would lead to her becoming the ruler and would guarantee Joshua’s safety.
  • She didn’t care for Clive or Elwin or anyone for that matter, as they were all tools for her.
  • Due to her betrayal, the Holy Empire of Sanbreque slaughtered the army of Rosaria in a secret ambush at Phoenix Gate.
  • In the middle of the massacre, even Joshua dies at the hands of Ifrit, another Eikon of fire.
  • Clive is the only survivor of this ambush, and all of these events occur during the flashback.
  • Upon finding out about the death of Joshua, the mother does not grieve at the loss of her own child.
  • She only gets sad about losing the Eikon as Joshua was not what she cared about.
  • Additionally, she hands over Clive to the Holy Empire, which leads to him becoming a Branded Soldier.

After the end of the flashback, a time skip takes place where you’ll play as an older version of Clive. During this period, you will find out that Anabella is still alive and is the ruler of Rosaria, but she is a cruel monarch.

  • She has imposed heavy taxes on her people and does not even consider them humans.
  • Anabella is showcased as one of the antagonists of the story, which can be seen through her actions.

Anabella Rosfield Character Analysis

As you can already make out from the information above, Anabella Rosfield is an evil character and an antagonist in the story. She will cross any boundary in search of power and wealth, so much so that she sacrifices her own family for the sake of power. She is clearly a wicked lady who additionally, plays a major role in the overall plot of Final Fantasy 16.

Final Fantasy 16 is the latest entry in the Final Fantasy franchise, and it completely overhauls the gameplay with the addition of more action and cinematic set pieces. There are various editions of Final Fantasy 16 that you can buy. Additionally, there is a demo that allows you to play for the first two hours for free. Your save data from the demo also carries over to the release version of Final Fantasy 16.

This concludes my guide, Clive’s mother in Final Fantasy 16, whose name is Anabella Rosfield. I have entailed the complete backstory of Anbella and have also mentioned the events related to her that happen in the story. I hope that the guide was helpful in learning about everything that you need to know about Anabella. Let me know what you think about the latest entry in the Final Fantasy franchise in the comment below!


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