Who Is Ifrit In Final Fantasy 16 [All To Know]

Explore Ifrit's journey in Final Fantasy 16, unveiling the fire Eikon's powers, key battles, and its crucial role in the immersive storyline.

Ifrit in Final Fantasy 16, is a powerful fire Eikon, dominated by the main protagonist Clive. Final Fantasy 16, features 8 powerful Eikon, which are the abilities specific to different characters in FF16. When needed, the dominant entity can summon these abilities and use them to knock down the enemy. Ifrit, which is the second Fire Eikon after Pheonix, Eikon of Fire dominated by Joshua is a powerful fiery Eikon that Clive, will summon to fight the enemies as his family Rosfield shatters.

Key Takeaways
  • Ifrit is a powerful Eikon in Final Fantasy 16.
  • It’s dominated by the main character, Clive.
  • Ifrit is the second Eikon of fire, following Phoenix.
  • Ifrit possesses a set of great fire attacks useful in combat.
  • Clive summons Ifrit to tackle enemies, especially when familial ties are threatened.
  • The character’s journey to obtaining Ifrit unfolds in the “Buried Memories” quest.
  • After completing “Buried Memories,” Ifrit is acquired.
  • However, Ifrit’s abilities can only be used and upgraded in the Ability tree after starting the next main quest, “The Meaning of Life.”
  • Once unlocked, Ifrit offers three main abilities: Limit Break, Will-O’-The-Wykes, and Ignition.
  • Each ability provides a unique advantage in battles, enhancing offensive and defensive Clive’s abilities.

Who Is Ifrit In Final Fantasy 16?

Ifrit in Final Fantasy 16, is a powerful Eikon that can perform great Fire Attacks. The Eikon is dominated by Clive, the main protagonist of the game. FF16 is full of mystery and drama. After Joshua saw his father being murdered, he summons Pheonix (Eikon of Fire). However, later Joshua gets out of control, therefore Clive decides to stop Pheonix.

Clive, himself cannot do it, therefore he has to summon Ifrit, the second Eikon of fire. However, Ifrit being a cruel and dark Eikon, kills Joshua as Pheonix, and Clive couldn’t do much.

Buried Memories Walkthrough

Final fantasy 16 - Buried Memories Quest
Final Fantasy 16 – Buried Memories Quest [Image Credit: eXputer]
The ability to access Ifrit comes after the conclusion of the main quest, “Buried Memories,” in Final Fantasy 16. Nevertheless, the capacity to improve and employ Eikon’s powers through Clive’s Ability tree won’t be unlocked until the initiation of the ensuing primary mission, “The Meaning of Life.” The mission “Buried Memories” is a pivotal part of the main narrative thread in Final Fantasy 16.

This quest begins immediately following the completion of the “Holding On” quest, where Clive and Jill set out to unearth the secrets hidden within the ruins of the Phoenix Gates. This walkthrough will guide you step-by-step through this intriguing journey.

Starting Point: The Phoenix Gates

Final fantasy 16 - Buried Memories Phoenix Gates
Final Fantasy 16 – Buried Memories Phoenix Gates [Image Credit: eXputer]
Upon reaching the ruins of Phoenix Gates, you’ll be greeted by a somber scene, an echo of the grandeur this place once held. As you venture further, you spot a mysterious hooded figure, triggering a cutscene.

Pursuing the Mysterious Figure

After the cutscene, your primary task is to follow the hooded figure. Proceed through the doorway he enters and descend the stairs, leading to another cutscene.

Apodytery Exploration

You find yourself in an Apodytery next, where you must defeat a wave of enemies to progress. Following this, descend via the nearby elevator to face another batch of foes.

Unraveling The Past

Once the enemies are dealt with, continue your exploration. Along the path, you’ll encounter a formidable enemy, the Fallen Guardian. This adversary is stronger than the previous enemies, so be prepared for a challenging fight. Employ a hit-and-run strategy, attacking when opportunities present themselves, and dodging its attacks effectively.

After defeating the Fallen Guardian, you’ll find a chest containing The Favour of Wind (Gouge) accessory. Continue through the doors, eliminating enemies in your path.

Fallen Guardian
Fallen Guardian [Image Credit: eXputer]
You’ll find another elevator. Take it upwards to find a chest holding The Will of Wind (Rook’s Gambit) accessory.

Boss Fight: The Iron Giant

The Iron Giant
The Iron Giant [Image Credit: eXputer]
A cutscene triggers the appearance of the Iron Giant, the boss of this area. Defeat it to receive the following rewards:

  • 2x Fallen Iron
  • 60x Wyrrite
  • 2x Meteorite
  • 50 EXP
  • 100 Ability Points
  • 1,800 gil
The Iron Giant Rewards
The Iron Giant Rewards [Image Credit: eXputer]
After the boss fights, another cutscene plays, leading you to a new area.

Towards The End

The Favour of Wind (Wicked Wheel)
The Favour of Wind (Wicked Wheel) – [Image Credit: eXputer]
Navigate towards a chest on your left to acquire The Favour of Wind (Wicked Wheel). Next, descend to the lower platform and prepare for a boss fights against the Lich.

Boss fights against the Lich
Boss fights against the Lich [Image Credit: eXputer]
After the fight, two doors will appear. Each room contains enemies, so clear both before returning to the central area. Here, activate the newly appeared button to trigger a cutscene. Cross the newly formed bridge and enter the door to face the final boss of this quest, the Infernal Eikon.

Defeating the Infernal Eikon grants you:

  • 1x Fire Shard
  • 80x Magicked Ash
  • 450 EXP
  • 180 Ability Points
  • 3,200 gil

After one final cutscene, the Buried Memories quest concludes. This quest helps you unravel more about the rich lore of Final Fantasy 16 and brings you closer to understanding the secrets of the Phoenix Gates.


Once Ifrit is unlocked, there are 3 main abilities Clive can utilize in combat & get an advantage over enemies. As you master these three skills, you get a clear picture of Who Is Ifrit In Final Fantasy 16. 

Limit Break

Limit Break [Image Credit: eXputer]
Limit Break is a powerful, game-changing ability that can be accessed after unlocking Ifrit. With its use, Clive’s battle performance is significantly improved for a short period, resulting in a boost to his damage output. This can be strategically used when Clive is low on health, providing a safety net during critical moments.

What sets Limit Break apart is its dual functionality; not only does it bolster Clive’s offensive capability, but it also provides healing. This gives players a clutch chance to recover when their potion supply has run dry.

However, players should note that Limit Break requires a full gauge to be activated, which means timing and tactical deployment are key to utilizing this ability to its fullest potential. Upgrading Limit Break with Ability Points will allow for additional Limit Break gauges, enhancing its overall utility.


Will-O’-The-Wykes is an elemental ability hailing from Ifrit’s arsenal, functioning as a crucial line of both offense and defense. Upon activation, Clive summons a storm of fireballs, damaging nearby enemies while also absorbing the damage inflicted upon him.

This absorption feature sets Will-O’-The-Wykes apart, as it simultaneously provides offensive firepower and defensive cover. It’s most effective when facing a solo enemy, where multiple fireballs can consecutively strike the same target, dealing substantial damage.

Upgrading this ability enhances its power, increases the number of fireballs summoned, and enables it to block more incoming attacks, bolstering Clive’s ability to maintain his ground in the face of formidable adversaries.


The pinnacle of Ifrit’s abilities, Ignition is a high-octane, versatile skill capable of addressing multiple combat scenarios. It offers Clive a multi-hit, fire-charged attack that can even be used in midair. What makes Ignition especially interesting is its crowd-control properties.

When deployed against a group of enemies, Clive can forcibly drag lighter foes behind him while charging into others, inflicting widespread damage. The degree of damage dealt when the attack lands successfully is quite significant and can turn the tide of battle in Clive’s favor.

Its direction can also be adjusted mid-charge, providing an additional layer of tactical depth. To get the most out of Ignition, players can use Ability Points to upgrade it, enhancing the attack strength and increasing the range, making it an even more potent force on the battlefield.

How To Beat Ifrit

Learning “Who Is Ifrit In Final Fantasy 16” requires you to beat this eikon too. The Phoenix vs. Ifrit boss battle in Final Fantasy 16 is one of the first high-stakes fights. Instead of controlling the main character, Clive Rosfield, you assume the role of his brother, Joshua, who is the Dominant of the Phoenix. This guide will detail the mechanics of this exciting fight and provide strategies to defeat Ifrit, the Eikon of Fire.

The boss battle against Ifrit unfolds in an on-rails format, emphasizing accurate hits and well-timed evasions. Key controls to remember include Triangle for the attack, R1 for evade, and the left stick to aim your attacks.

Phase 1: Dodging And Aiming

The battle begins in a narrow passage with Ifrit leaping from side to side. Aim your attacks at Ifrit using the left stick. When your targeting circle expands, it’s the best time to attack. Ifrit will launch attacks at you periodically. Time your evasions just before they connect to execute a Precision Dodge, and then counterattack.

Phase 2: Expanding Battle Area And Cinematic Strike

As the fight progresses, Ifrit catches up to Phoenix, moving the battle to a cavernous area. Here, Ifrit displays his agility, jumping between pillars and throwing debris at you. Maintain your assault while dodging incoming attacks. If obstacles appear in your path, blast them away with Phoenix’s powers.

When Ifrit’s health drops to about half, a Cinematic Strike opportunity will present itself. Press Square to unleash a powerful attack, significantly damaging Ifrit.

Final Phase: Flames of Rebirth

Near the end of the battle, Ifrit will attempt to finish off Phoenix with his ultimate move. It might seem like the end, but thanks to the Phoenix’s Flames of Rebirth ability, Phoenix recovers and strikes the final blow against Ifrit.

This thrilling battle concludes with Joshua and the Phoenix seemingly vanishing, leaving the extinguished Ifrit behind. The dramatic journey of Final Fantasy 16 has just begun.

Strategies & Tips

  • Use the left stick to aim your attacks precisely. When the targeting circle expands, it’s the ideal time to attack.
  • Time your evasions just before Ifrit’s attacks connect for a Precision Dodge, then retaliate.
  • In the cavernous area, keep an eye out for obstacles and quickly blast them away.
  • Don’t panic when Ifrit launches his ultimate move. The Flames of Rebirth ability of Phoenix will turn the tide of the battle.

Ifrit Vs Garuda Boss Fight 

Ifrit Vs Garuda Boss Fight 
Ifrit Vs Garuda Boss Fight [Image Credit: eXputer]
The question of “Who Is Ifrit In Final Fantasy 16” gets cleared further as you face off against the Garuda boss. This battle is a unique scenario in which you control Ifrit in a showdown against the swift and powerful Garuda. This guide will detail the mechanics of the fight and provide strategies on how to overcome Garuda’s challenging abilities.

As Ifrit, you transform into a slow-moving tank capable of dishing out high amounts of damage. In contrast, Garuda uses her speed to her advantage, keeping her distance while launching a variety of dangerous attacks.

Phase 1: Ranged Combat

The battle typically opens with Garuda casting a ranged explosive orb at you. Your key to evasion is a well-timed sidestep. Once the orb sails past, quickly retaliate with a ranged attack of your own, followed by a lunge to close the gap. If executed properly, you can drag Garuda along the ground with a basic attack combo.

Phase 2: Cinematic Strikes

Throughout the battle, there are several cinematic strike Quick Time Events (QTEs). The first involves punching Garuda out of the sky as she attempts a divebomb. Other cinematic strikes occur during key phases of the battle, culminating in a fiery clash between Ifrit and Garuda.

Phase 3: Dodging Tornado And Skyfall

Garuda’s “Tornado” attack summons three straight-line tornados. Find the gap between them to avoid damage. After dealing enough damage to Garuda, she will initiate the “Skyfall” attack. This prompts a cinematic clash that, if won, sends her flying.

Phase 4: Evading Aerial Blast

Garuda’s “Aerial Blast” summons a large vortex with a wide radius. Evade backward repeatedly to escape its reach. Alternatively, if you are close enough, you can endure the attack and continue dealing damage.

Phase 5: Projectiles And Close Combat

Remember that Ifrit can shoot fireballs to intercept and neutralize Garuda’s projectiles. Immediately after, use a lunge to close the distance and start attacking before she recovers.

Phase 6: Cinematic Strikes And Hellfire

After a series of aerial evasions and clashes, Ifrit seizes Garuda and triggers a cinematic clash. This series of quick time events leads to the unleashing of the powerful “Hellfire” attack, which incinerates Garuda and ends the fight.


Ifrit Vs Garuda Boss Fight  Rewards
Ifrit Vs Garuda Boss Fight  Rewards [Image Credit: eXputer]
Victory against Garuda results in significant character progression, including at least two level-ups. Additionally, you’ll earn the following rewards:

  • 200 Ability Points
  • 2500 Gil
  • A Wind Shard
  • 50 Wyrrite
  • and 2 Meteorites

This brings me to the end of Who Is Ifrit In Final Fantasy 16 guide where I have listed how to get this fire Eikon, its abilities, and how to beat Ifrit & the boss fight against Garuda. Basically, this guide should give you a clear answer about who exactly is Ifrit in FF16. I recommend you also read 12 Games To Play If You Like Final Fantasy 16, Torgal’s, Voice Actors, and FF16 Plot & Story guides & increase your knowledge about the game.


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