Final Fantasy 16: How To Use Limit Break

Understand Final Fantasy 16's Limit Break feature, learn how to optimize it in battles & boost Clive's combat for game-changing results.

Limit Break is a fundamental combat feature in Final Fantasy 16 that players must master to gain an edge in battles. This feature follows a tradition in the Final Fantasy franchise, transforming Clive, Final Fantasy 16’s protagonist, into a formidable powerhouse. The Limit Break technique can accelerate combat scenarios significantly, turning the tide of a battle in the player’s favor.

Key Takeaways
  • The Limit Break feature transforms the protagonist, Clive, into a powerhouse during combat scenarios in Final Fantasy 16.
  • To perform a Limit Break, Clive’s Limit Break Gauge, represented by a yellow bar under the HP bar, needs to be filled. 
  • Clive’s Limit Break form, “Semi-Prime”, enhances his attack combos and enables him to inflict more damage.
  • Limit Break is best used after breaking a boss enemy’s Will when the boss is staggered and thus more vulnerable to damage.
  • Also when Clive is low on HP, as Limit Break heals Clive each time he damages an enemy.
  • In Limit Break mode, Clive’s abilities undergo changes, including altered weapon attack behavior, and enhanced magic capabilities.
  • The Power increases in certain abilities, increased defense, HP regeneration, prevention of flinching and knockouts, and extended Limit Break gauges.
  • Upgrading the Limit Break Gauge is essential for increasing Limit Break’s duration, starting with two gauges and possibly upgrading to four. 

Here is an overview video showcasing how to use Limit Break in FF16:

What Is Limit Break In Final Fantasy 16?

Limit Break Final Fantasy 16
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A Limit Break is performed when Clive’s Limit Break Gauge is filled. This gauge is depicted by a yellow bar beneath Clive’s HP bar and steadily charges as Clive takes and deals damage. The charging process can be expedited by using certain abilities such as the Eikonik Feat Titanic Block. Once at least one gauge is filled, players can trigger the Limit Break state by pressing L3 and R3 on the DualSense controller at the same time.

  • Clive’s Limit Break form is referred to as “Semi-Prime” in Final Fantasy 16.
  • During this state, both Clive and his sword ignite into flames, and he gains new, menacing features, enhancing his combat abilities significantly.
  • His attack combos are extended and amplified, inflicting far more damage than usual on enemies.
  • The effect is short-lived, but it can be extended by using Limit Break with more than one full bar of Limit Break Gauge.
  • It’s worth noting that prematurely ending the effect by pressing L3 and R3 again doesn’t conserve any unused Limit Break Gauge.

An opportune moment to use a Limit Break is immediately after breaking a boss enemy’s Will. This leaves the boss staggered, allowing Clive to string together multiple successful hits that inflict increasingly more damage. Combining this tactic with the powerful Limit Break combos can result in a substantial amount of damage being dealt to bosses in a short period.

Tips For Using Limit Break

Optimizing your use of the Limit Break ability can significantly enhance your battle performance in Final Fantasy 16. Checkout below tips:

  1.  Use Limit Break during Stagger State: It’s highly advantageous to trigger Limit Break when an enemy is staggered. 
    • Staggered enemies take more damage and cannot retaliate, providing an uninterrupted window for you to deal hefty damage.
    • Remember, the duration of The Limit Break is limited, so maximizing output during this window is crucial.
  2.  Deplete the Enemy’s Stagger Stat: To effectively stagger an enemy, you need to deplete their Stagger Stat. This can be achieved by continually dealing damage to them.
    • Increasing your own Stagger stat through leveling and using high-rated Stagger Abilities can make this process easier.
  3.  Activate Limit Break when Low on Health: One of the benefits of Limit Break is that it heals Clive each time he damages an enemy.
    • So, using Limit Break when you’re low on HP can provide a significant boost in survivability, allowing Clive to continue fighting effectively.
  4.  Utilize Limit Break during Enemy’s Takedown State: Similar to the staggered state, enemies are defenseless and more susceptible to damage during the takedown state.
    • This makes it an excellent opportunity to activate Limit Break and deal substantial damage.
  5.  Charging the Limit Break Gauge: You can charge the Limit Break Gauge by attacking enemies, taking damage, or using abilities such as Precision Dodge or Titan Block.
    • Regularly monitor the gauge to ensure you can activate Limit Break when needed.
  6.  Upgrade your Limit Break: As you progress, remember to upgrade your Limit Break ability to gain more gauges, increasing your Limit Break duration.
    • You can start Final Fantasy 16 with two gauges but can have up to four with the right upgrades.

Effects Of Limit Break Abilities

When Clive enters Limit Break mode in Final Fantasy 16, several changes to his abilities occur which enhance his combat performance significantly. These enhancements are designed to give players a distinct advantage during critical phases of the battle. Here’s a breakdown of how Limit Break affects Clive’s abilities:

  1. Weapon Attack Behavior Changes: The way Clive handles his weapon changes, enabling more powerful and dynamic attacks. These changes can give him a significant advantage in combat.
  2. Enhanced Magic Capabilities: Clive’s magic abilities also get a boost. Magic changes to two shots, providing more opportunities to deal damage.
  3. Power Increase in Certain Abilities: The power of certain abilities, such as Charge Shot, Magic Burst, and Precision Shot, increases by 1.1 times.
    • This power increase allows these abilities to deal more damage than usual.
  4. Increased Defense: Clive’s defense increases by 1.1 times, which means he takes less damage from enemy attacks.
  5. HP Regeneration: Perhaps one of the most critical changes is the HP regeneration during Limit Break mode. This feature can be crucial in maintaining Clive’s health during challenging battles.
  6. Prevents Flinching and Knockouts: During Limit Break, Clive doesn’t flinch when hit, allowing him to continue his attacks uninterrupted.
    • He also cannot be knocked out while the Limit Break is still active, providing temporary invulnerability.

How To Upgrade The Limit Break In FF16

Upgrading your Limit Break Gauge in Final Fantasy 16 is essential for increasing the duration of your Limit Breaks and, therefore, your combat effectiveness. Initially, Clive starts with two Limit Break Gauges. However, you can increase this count through upgrades, allowing for a total of four gauges.

However, generally in Final Fantasy games, you typically upgrade abilities and stats by earning and investing experience points (XP) or Ability Points (AP) gained from battles, completing quests, or using specific items.

This is it from my side. I hope you now know what is Final Fantasy 16 Limit Break and all the must-know tips by now! Feel free to check out Final Fantasy 16: Eikonic Challenge Mode.

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