The Best Leveling Spots & Methods In FF16

My expert guide discusses some of the best leveling spots and techniques in Final Fantasy 16 for efficient experience point farming.

Final Fantasy 16 is a relatively fast-paced action game with stage-based progression. In games like these, experience points are hard to come by. However, in my FF16 Best Leveling Spot guide, I will discuss all the best spots and strategies you can use to level up as swiftly as possible.

It’s wise to grind from the get-go in a game like Final Fantasy. It forces you to grind because of the difficulty spike with each new stage. However, grinding is a mechanic that not most players are too fond of. my guide is for players like those because it will minimize the duration of the repetitive soul-sucking tasks.

Key Takeaways
  • Final Fantasy 16 forces you to grind for more levels to progress efficiently for each battle.
  • Farming in FF16 can often be tedious and annoying because it’s slow and repetitive.
  • Using Accessories like Scholar’s Spectacle can boost the amount of experience you earn.
  • Farming in locations like the Velkroy Desert result in optimal grinding.
  • Another one of the best ways to farm experience is by completing bounties on the Hunting Board.

FF16 Leveling Process

Final Fantasy 16 Clive Image
Final Fantasy 16 Clive

The leveling system in Final Fantasy 16 is fairly similar to its predecessor. Seasoned players may already be familiar with how tedious the process can be. You fight several tough enemies for little to no experience points at all.

However, my guide will also discuss some accessories or tactics you can use to make your life easier. Using these items will indefinitely increase the amount of experience you get. Efficient farming is my end goal, so check the following section to know exactly how to do that.

Here’s a summary of all the farming methods: 

Method Description Best For
Hunting BoardBy using recommended accessories, level up by hunting high- value monstersN/A
SidequestsLook for NPCs with exclamation points, talk to them, and complete assigned quests to gain quick levelsN/A
Velkroy DesertUnlock the The Velkroy Desert to gain all the levels in desire for the rest of FF16.The Best Late Game Farming Spot


A player can equip accessories in FF16 that best suits their playstyle. They give you some bonus stats in combat or bonus loot after battle. Accessories for grinding are a very important tool in your arsenal if you even hope to farm efficiently.

Gameplay in Final Fantasy
FF16 Gameplay Image

Some of the best accessories are listed as follows

Scholar’s Spectacle Increases the amount of Experience you earn by 10%
On Fortune and Heavens Increases amount of EXP earned by 15%
Ring of Timely Evasion Allows for automatic evasion

Best Ways To Earn Experience Points

Now that I have the equipment to farm well, it is time to discuss where to farm. My FF16 Best Grinding Spots guide will cover two of the best places for farming levels. It is important to note that some of these are available from the start. The rest require you to progress through the story first.

1. Hunting Board

I must say, the Hunting Board is the simplest and the easiest way to earn some quick levels. It is your most effective place to go to grind early in Final Fantasy 16. Using the accessories mentioned above, you can stack up levels quickly by hunting down the high-value monsters and creatures associated with each bounty available in the Hideaway.

  • Why I Chose This: If you are confident in your combat skills, then hunting board would be your best source to earn quick levels.
  • Can provide levels quickly and efficiently.
  • Also has many other rewards along with XP.
  • Some hunting board encounters are very difficult.
  • Mny hunting targets are tied to story progression.

2. Sidequests

Sidequests are a very popular and time-efficient way to gain some quick levels. Granted, it is not a “place” you can go for leveling up but still a good tactic for fast levels. If you see an NPC with an exclamation point on them, you should talk to them, and they will assign you a quest. Completing these quests not only gives you a lot of experience but also gives some other rewards as well.

  • Why I Chose This: Sidequests offers many fascinating stories and also rewards some quick XP and other gears.
  • Some sidequests have genuinely interesting.
  • Sidequest award both EXP as well as renown.
  • Some Sidequests can be tedious and don’t reward as much XP.
  • Many sidequests require pre-requisites.

3. Velkroy Desert

The Best Late-Game Farming Spot.
Final Fantasy 16 Velkroy Desert
Final Fantasy 16: Velkroy Desert
  • Why I Chose This: Velkroy Desert is an open area filled with those enemies which would reward you alot of XP and can be respawned.

The Velkroy Desert is, in my experience, is the most efficient place to farm in. The only problem is that it’s only available once you complete 60% of the campaign quests. However, once you unlock it, you can go on a killing spree and gain all the levels you want for the rest of FF16.

This stage not only has a ton of monsters for you to kill, but they are also quite bountiful in experience points. In the game’s context, they are hard enemies to fight, giving them a lot of experience. But, they are surprisingly easy to get rid of, allowing for easy experience access.

  • Contains many enemies for farming levels.
  • Enemies are reset-able, allowing more farming.
  • The enemies can be strong at this point, hence difficult to beat.
  • The area is unlocked quite late in the campaign.

My Thoughts On The Best Leveling Spots

If you wish to take out any adversity that dares challenge you in Final Fantasy 16, leveling up is going to be integral. As I always like overpowered characters, my first course of action was to get Clive to the highest level possible when playing the game. Side Quests and Hunting Board are indispensible for this cause. Not only are they contextual and narrative-based encounters, but reward you handsomely for doing so.

Since doing these quests alone is not enough to reach max level, you’ll need to do some manual farming. In that case, don the exp boost accessories and get going to the Velkroy desert and farm to your heart’s content.

Finally, the time has come to close out this FF16 best leveling spot guide. Hopefully, it was more than helpful in your pursuit of farming more efficiently. If you do have anything you feel like adding, be sure to use the reply section below.

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