FF16: Ruin Reawakened [How To Beat Svarog & Rewards]

Master the FF16 Ruin Reawakened Hunt with our concise guide and conquer Svarog, the mighty dragon in FF16, for rewards such as EXP and Gil.

The FF16 Ruin Reawakened Hunt becomes accessible after the “Fire in the Sky” Main Scenario. Players must locate and defeat the Level 50 dragon, Svarog, in the southeast corner of Mornebrume, Sanbreque. The battle is tough, requiring strategic planning, effective evasion, and long-range attacks. Completing the hunt yields significant rewards, including Renown, Gil, experience points, and rare materials, making it a challenging but worthwhile endeavor.

Key Takeaways
  • FF16 Ruin Reawakened is unlocked after completing the “Fire in the Sky” Main Scenario in FF16.
  • This hunt tasks you with defeating Svarog, a powerful dragon notorious mark.
  • The hint to find Svarog leads you to the Sanbreque region, known in legends for a dragon’s fiery wrath.
  • The exact location of Svarog is at the southeast corner of Mornebrume, Sanbreque.
  • You can reach Svarog’s location by fast traveling to Caer Norvent Glorieuse Gate, then following a trail named ‘Mornebrume.’

  • Svarog is a level 50 enemy, making the fight a significant challenge, especially for lower-level players.
  • The battlefield is complex due to Svarog’s fire magic attacks and its massive attack range.
  • Clive, the main character, should maintain high HP to survive Svarog’s strongest attacks.
  • Completion of the Ruin Reawakened Hunt rewards players with 60 Renown points and 30,000 Gil.
  • Defeating Svarog also drops rare and valuable materials such as Orichalcum, Fallen Enigma, and Amber.
  • The player will receive 25,000 EXP and 300 AP after successfully completing the hunt.

What Is FF16 Ruin Reawakened?

Ruin Reawakened is an exciting and challenging S-Rank Hunt in Final Fantasy 16, tasking players with taking on Svarog, a colossal dragon known for its powerful fire magic. This notorious mark hunt appears after you’ve completed the Fire in the Sky Main Scenario, and it’s a hunt that you might want to consider leaving until near the end due to the strength of your adversary.

Svarog is found in a currently unspecified location at the end of Mornebrume in Sanbreque. This enormous creature is an intense opponent to face, with a vast pool of HP and a terrifying array of fire-based abilities, making the battlefield a tricky space to navigate without getting hit. However, the challenge is well worth it, as taking Svarog down grants you 60 renown points and 30,000 gil as a reward.

How To Start The Ruin Reawakened Hunt 

ruin reawakened ff16
Svarog Location (Image Credit: Gamerpillar YouTube Channel)

The “Ruin Reawakened” hunt is one of the most challenging S-Tier Hunts in FF16, where players face off against a formidable enemy known as Svarog. The monster, Svarog, is a colossal dragon notorious for its powerful fire magic and its massive health pool, making the fight quite a feat even for the most experienced players.

  1. Unlocking the “Ruin Reawakened” hunt in FF16:
    • Available after completing the “Fire in the Sky” main scenario quest.
    • The poster for the hunt can be found on the Hunt Board.
  2. Accessing the Hunt Board in FF16:
    • Unlocked after completing the “The Gathering Storm” main story quest.
    • Interact with Nektar, the Moogle in the Hideaway, to see available hunts.
    • More hunts become available as the main story progresses.
  3. Finding Svarog for the Ruin Reawakened Hunt:
    • The in-game description provides a clue about finding the Svarog.
    • Fast travel to Caer Norvent Glorieuse Gate on the eastern side of the map.
    • Look for the’ Mornebrume’ trail in the forested region of Glorieuse.
    • The boss arena, where the Svarog Hunt spawns, is located at the bottom of this area.
  4. Important considerations for Svarog Hunt:
    • It will initially be 20 levels higher than the player.
    • Recommended to prepare before attempting the hunt.
    • Possible to defeat it early with proper strategies and patience

Remember, defeating Svarog requires a lot of patience, as its massive HP pool will always make this a long fight. Svarog can deal massive damage with its strongest attacks, so be sure to stay on your toes and keep your health up throughout the fight. Finally, stay persistent, and the victory will be yours.

Svarog, the Notorious Mark

ruin reawakened ff16

FF16 Ruin Reawakened is one of the most formidable S-Tier hunts you can undertake. This challenge centers around facing off against Svarog, a colossal dragon variant with a fearsome reputation. The creature you’ve encountered in various story sequences now reappears as a superior, harder version, promising a tougher fight and more significant rewards.

  • Svarog is a Level 50 beast known for powerful fire magic and size.
  • It possesses the ability to deal massive damage.
  • Fast travel to Caer Norvent Glorieuse Gate on the eastern side of the map.
  • Find the trail named ‘Mornebrume’ in the forested region of Glorieuse.
  • Boss Arena, where Svarog awaits, is located at the end of the trail.
  • Svarog has high HP and potent attacks.
  • Patience is crucial during the encounter.
  • Mastering long-ranged attacks, like charged magic, can be advantageous.
  • Understanding and anticipating Svarog’s fire magic patterns helps avoid significant damage.

Conquering Svarog in the Ruin Reawakened hunt offers an array of benefits. You will gain substantial crafting materials, gil, and renown, which can aid in your progress throughout FF16. Moreover, the thrill of triumph over such a powerful foe brings an unrivaled sense of achievement and glory. Whether you’re a veteran or a newbie in the FF series, the Ruin Reawakened hunt is a memorable challenge to undertake on your journey through FF16.

Effective Strategies to Defeat Svarog

ruin reawakened ff16
Using Long-Range Attacks Against Svarog (Image Credit: 100% Guides YouTube Channel)

Taking down Svarog, the dragon in the Ruin Reawakened hunt in FF16, is undoubtedly a daunting task. As an S-Tier beast with a vast range of abilities, including devastating fire magic, your approach needs to be strategic and well thought out. Here are some strategies you can employ to defeat Svarog.

Know Your Enemy

Understanding Svarog’s attack patterns is crucial. Watch for cues when it’s about to unleash a powerful attack, and be ready to dodge or take defensive action. Svarog’s primary elemental affinity is fire, which means you’ll face a series of explosive, wide-range attacks that can inflict significant damage.

Patience Is Key

Svarog has an incredibly large HP pool, which makes the battle a test of endurance rather than a quick skirmish. It’s best to adopt a conservative strategy, focusing on gradually whittling down its health bar while minimizing the damage you take.

Use Long-Range Attacks

Svarog is a massive enemy, which gives you a considerable advantage when using long-range attacks. Whether you’re relying on a bow or magic, staying at a distance can help you avoid the worst of its close-quarters combat abilities.

Healing Potions

Equip yourself and your party with gear and items that can help boost your defense, such as the softskin tonics. Also, ensure you’re well-stocked with healing items to keep your HP up.

Be Prepared For Phase Shifts

Like many boss fights in FF16, Svarog’s behavior can change as its HP decreases. Stay observant and ready to adapt your strategy on the fly as the battle progresses. Particularly when its HP is low, Svarog unleashes a series of powerful attacks, so be on guard.

If you’re still struggling in defeating Svarog, then I recommend you watch this video:

Rewards For Completing The Ruin Reawakened Hunt

ruin reawakened ff16
Rewards earned from the encounter (Image Credit: 100% Guides YouTube Channel)

Upon successfully defeating Svarog in the FF16 Ruin Reawakened, you’ll receive a series of worthwhile rewards that can enhance your gameplay and progression. It’s worth noting that while the fight is challenging, the fruits of your labor will be well worth the effort.

  1. Renown Points: Completing this hunt will earn you 60 Renown Points. Renown Points are an essential in-game currency that you can use to unlock various features and rewards. 
  2. Gil: The primary currency in FF16, Gil, is awarded generously upon completing this hunt. Expect a whopping 30,000 Gil to add to your treasury after defeating Svarog. 
  3. Drops: Several high-value items are also dropped by Svarog once defeated. These drops include Orichalcum, Fallen Enigma, Amber, and an Empty Shard. 
  4. Experience Points (EXP): Along with these material rewards, you’ll gain 25,000 experience points which can differ if you have any experience items. 
  5. Ability Points (AP): Svarog also grants 300 Ability Points upon defeat.

The Ruin Reawakened Hunt, therefore, not only tests your mettle but also provides ample rewards to support your journey through the vast world of FF16. These rewards can help you prepare for more formidable challenges that lie ahead.

Successfully navigating the FF16 Ruin Reawakened requires keen attention to game clues, careful planning, and combat strategy. Despite the challenge, defeating Svarog not only delivers a thrilling gameplay experience but also rewards the player with valuable in-game resources and points. Following these guide points, players can conquer one of FF16’s toughest hunts.


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