Final Fantasy 16: How To Heal [4 Best Methods]

Uncover tips for health restoration in Final Fantasy 16, from utilizing healing potions & Torgal's support to using Timely Healing Ring.

Healing in Final Fantasy 16, is a key to your survival as you progress through the open world and face fiery enemies. In Final Fantasy 16, as you start your journey as Clive Rosfield to take revenge for his younger brother’s death, you will face many enemies.

Key Takeaways
  • Healing is crucial as Final Fantasy 16 progresses, the difficulty increases and enemies deal more damage.
  • You’ll need to heal often to maintain your health and survive enemy encounters.
  • Potions are one method of healing, scattered across FF16’s world for Clive to pick up.
  • Use the ‘Up’ or ‘Right’ button on the controller to consume potions and restore health.
  • The amount of health restored depends on the button pressed. ‘Up’ triggers a normal potion, and ‘Right’ triggers a high potion.
  • Torgal, a wolf companion unlocked in FF16, can also be used for healing.
  • Command Torgal to for “healing” prompt in order to receive healing during combat.
  • Torgal’s healing ability affects the grey portion of the health bar, representing the health Torgal can restore.
  • The Ring of Timely Healing is an accessory that provides automatic healing when Clive’s health is critically low.
  • Limit Break, even though is an offensive mechanic, allows Clive to replenish lost health as long as you continue landing hits on enemies. 

Here is an overview about the best ways to heal in FF16:

When Do You Need Heal In FF16?

In Final Fantasy 16, you need to heal as difficulty increases and enemies become tougher, causing significant health reduction during combat, making healing crucial for survival. At the beginning of FF16, the enemies you will face are all weak, and won’t affect your health bar a lot.

However, as you progress through FF16 and reach higher levels difficulty keeps on increasing. Therefore, you need to heal Clive to restore his health or the next enemy you face will knock you down. The open world of FF16 comprises a lot of haunting enemies who are all ready to take you down.

Therefore, as you progress through FF16, you need to make sure you have healing items so you can restore your health after combat. This way, your health is restored and you can now fight better with the next enemy.

How To Heal In Final Fantasy 16?

Healing Potions to Equip [Image Credit : eXputer]
Fortunately, Final Fantasy 16 enables players to heal Clive to restore his health bar in multiple methods. As FF16 progresses, enemies get tougher and tougher. Therefore, as Clive takes part in combat with these enemies, his health reduces significantly.

Here are some of the methods you can adopt to Heal Clive in Final Fantasy 16:

  1. Heal Using Potions
  2. Torgal
  3. Ring of Timely Healing
  4. Limit Break

1. Heal Using Potions

High Potion to Restore large health bar [Image Credit : eXputer]
In Final Fantasy 16, players can heal using Potions which restores Clive’s health bar, therefore you can take part in further combat and not feel vulnerable. These healing potions are spread all across the world, therefore as you explore it, Clive will automatically pick up these healing potions which you can then use to restore health.

To use these potions, all you need to do is press the “Up” or “Right” button on your PS controller and this will automatically heal you by activating the Potions [Assuming potions are assigned to these two D-pad buttons].

However, the amount of health restored depends on the button you’ve pressed. If you have pressed the Up button, you will be healed to a small extent as this activates a normal potion, however, the Right button activates the high potion therefore you will receive a huge amount of healing.

2. Torgal

Torgal’s menu to heal Clive [Image Credit : eXputer]
Torgal in Final Fantasy 16, is a wolf you will unlock after reaching a certain point. Once, you have Torgal as your companion, you can then give him different commands and he will work accordingly. Torgal is very useful in combat as it helps Clive to heal in combat. To do so, all you need to do is, control Clive and give Torgal a command to heal. This way as Torgal gets this command, it will howl and heal you in no time in the middle of a combat.

Torgal provides critical healing support for Clive using his Heal ability. Whenever Clive takes damage, a section of his health bar turns grey, representing the health that Torgal can restore. By activating the Heal command, Torgal releases a howl, creating an area of effect that provides passive health regeneration for Clive and other allies in range.

This healing aura solely affects the grey portion of the health bar, effectively recovering lost health. It’s a significant mechanic that enhances Clive’s survivability in combat, emphasizing the deep bond and strategic partnership between Clive and Torgal.

3. Ring of Timely Healing

In Final Fantasy 16, you can also use the Ring of Timely Healing, which is a Timely accessory to heal Clive after combat. Once, you have access to it, it will automatically heal you whenever your health bar is near the end. To equip it, all you need to do is go to the Gear slot, there you will see an option “Ring of Timely Healing”. Click on it to activate this accessory.

4. Limit Break

Limit Break in FF16 [Image Credit : eXputer]
Limit Break in Final Fantasy 16 is more than just a power-boosting mechanism for Clive. When activated, Limit Break enhances Clive’s overall performance, providing him with a much-needed edge in the heat of combat. The real kicker, though, is its healing aspect. Every successful hit landed while in Limit Break mode regenerates Clive’s health, making it an integral component of the survival strategy in FF16.

Picture a scenario where Clive is low on health during a challenging battle. Activating Limit Break transforms the dire situation into a tactical advantage. As Clive unleashes his enhanced attacks, every strike landed on the enemy replenishes his health bar, allowing him to stay in the fight longer. This healing factor in tandem with the increased damage output makes Limit Break a vital element in turning the tide of battle.

In the grueling battles of Final Fantasy 16, survival hinges on strategic healing. It doesn’t matter if you’re a new or a veteran Final Fantasy player, you must keep your health bar robust by harnessing Potions, employing the loyal wolf Torgal’s healing ability, and maximizing the Ring of Timely Healing’s automatic restoration. As you navigate the challenges of this high-stakes world, remember—your capacity to heal isn’t just a skill, it’s your lifeline. 

With this, I conclude my Final Fantasy 16 how to heal guide. I have listed the four best tips in FF16 for you to restore lost health of Clive, and these should be enough to get you till the end game. Also, I recommend you read Final Fantasy 16 Trophy List, All Dominants, How To Beat Benedikta, and All Eikons guides & learn more about the game.


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