FF16: Gobermouch Location, Boss Fight & Rewards

Explore strategies to find location of Gobermouch boss in FF16 for unique rewards & use them further in main and side quest of the game.

In the expansive and rich world of FF16, finding Gobermouch’s location & boss fight stands out as a uniquely challenging encounter. Tied to the FF16’s main storyline, this formidable Notorious Mark not only tests your tactical prowess and understanding of combat mechanics but also offers very interesting rewards. This intricacy and promise of rewards place Gobermouch as a pivotal point of interest in the plot & story for players aiming to fully experience FF16’s depth and complexity.

Key Takeaways
  • Gobermouch is a notorious mark in Final Fantasy 16, located in the Kingdom of Waloed.
  • This mini-boss is known for its swift melee attacks: Little Swing and Goblin Punch.
  • To unlock the Gobermouch Hunt, players must complete the Brotherhood main story quest in Act 3 and interact with the Hunt Board in Cid’s Hideout.
  • FF16 Gobermouch Location can be found in the Kingdom of Waloed, near the Eistla Obelisk.
  • The boss is specifically located in a complex south of Maudlin Mason.
  • Gobermouch’s attacks require strategic usage of Clive’s abilities and an understanding of its attack patterns.
  • The key to defeating Gobermouch is maintaining good positioning, effective use of the Titanic Block, and dodging attacks.
  • Defeating Gobermouch rewards players with 4800 XP, 15,000 Gil, 90 Ability Points, 30 Renown, and 1 Primitive Battlehorn.
  • The Battlehorn is used for crafting one of the best weapons in FF16.
  • This challenge provides not only an exciting battle system but also significant rewards that can aid in overall game progress.

Here is a quick video showcasing how to find, and beat Gobermouch:

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Who Is Gobermouch In Final Fantasy 16?

Gobermouch Location Hunt Board [Image Credit: eXputer]
In Final Fantasy 16, Gobermouch is a Notorious Mark, a mini-boss part of the game’s Hunt Marks mechanic. Located in the Kingdom of Waloed, this elusive enemy is known for its swift, melee attacks: Little Swing and Goblin Punch. Defeating Gobermouch rewards players with valuable loot, including the unique crafting material, Primitive Battlehorn, used for crafting one of the best weapons in FF16.

How To Unlock the Gobermouch Hunt?

Unlocking the Gobermouch Hunt in Final Fantasy 16 is tied to the game’s main storyline progression. After completing the Brotherhood main story quest in Act 3, players can unlock the Gobermouch Hunt. Once this quest is complete, head back to Cid’s Hideout, where you’ll find the Hunt Board. Gobermouch will now appear on this board, marking the initiation of the hunt.

Interacting with the board in FF16 will add Gobermouch to your list of hunts, allowing you to track and engage this powerful enemy for a chance at rare and valuable rewards.

Gobermouch Hunt Location In FF16

Gobermouch location [Image Credit: eXputer]
To find Gobermouch in Final Fantasy 16, you first need to unlock the Hunt Bill for this Notorious Mark. After doing so, you’ll need to travel to the Kingdom of Waloed, specifically to the Eistla Obelisk which is the closest fast travel point to the Gobermouch’s spawn location.

Once you’re at Eistla, follow the narrow path heading northwest on your map. Continue along this route until you reach a complex located just south of the Maudlin Mason.

As you enter this area, move through the abandoned village. Ascend the stairs leading to the top, and as you reach the apex, turn left. Approach the house on your left, and Gobermouch, a Rank-A Goblin at Level 38, will spring into action.

This detailed navigation should lead you straight to Gobermouch’s location in FF16. Now, you are prepared to challenge this formidable foe.

How To Beat Gobermouch In Final Fantasy 16?

Gobermouch boss fight [Image Credit: eXputer]
Defeating Gobermouch in Final Fantasy 16 requires a keen understanding of its attack patterns and strategic use of your abilities.

Gobermouch’s Attack Patterns

  1. Little Swing: This is a quick melee attack where Gobermouch spins rapidly in a straight line toward Clive. While swift, this attack can be fully negated using Titanic Block or avoided with precise dodging.
  2. Goblin Punch: This is a more dangerous three-part attack that covers a lot of ground and hits hard. Unlike Little Swing, Goblin Punch is immune to the effects of Titanic Block. As such, players must rely on swift dodging to avoid taking significant damage.

Strategy To Defeat Gobermouch

Gobermouch how to beat [Image Credit: eXputer]
  1. Positioning: The fight with Gobermouch takes place in a relatively small arena. As such, it’s crucial to maintain your positioning to prevent getting trapped in a corner, which makes dodging attacks far more challenging.
  2. Dodge and Block: Gobermouch’s attacks are quick and can cause severe damage if not appropriately handled. The use of Titanic Block can entirely negate the effect of Little Swing, while a quick dodge can help you avoid Goblin Punch.
  3. Use Eikon Abilities: The speed and size of Gobermouch make mobility a priority. Using Shiva’s Cold Snap can assist in avoiding becoming cornered. Additionally, Titanic Block can be used to entirely negate the effects of Little Swing.

Remember, Gobermouch is a formidable foe, and understanding its attack patterns is crucial to ensuring victory. With the right positioning and strategic use of your abilities, you can take down this challenging opponent.

Rewards For Defeating Gobermouch

Gobermouch rewards [Image Credit: eXputer]
Defeating Gobermouch in Final Fantasy 16 grants a variety of valuable rewards. These include:

  • 4,800 Experience Points (XP): Helps level up your character, enabling Clive to gain new abilities and improve their overall stats.
  • 15,000 Gil: The in-game currency which can be used to buy items, gear, and other services throughout the game world.
  • 90 Ability Points: These points can be spent on unlocking and upgrading character abilities, enhancing their effectiveness in battle.
  • 30 Renown: A form of social currency that can improve your reputation and possibly unlock additional quests or dialogue options.
  • 1 Primitive Battlehorn: This is a unique crafting material, crucial for creating the Gotterdammerung, one of the most potent swords in the game.

Defeating Gobermouch not only provides you with a challenging battle but also offers a substantial reward that can significantly improve your game progress. Be ready, and take this opportunity to enhance your arsenal and experience. Whether you seek thrilling combat or covet its valuable rewards, the Gobermouch in Final Fantasy 16 remains an iconic boss. Facing off against this Notorious Mark will challenge your strategic skills and agility, offering a true test of mastery. 

That is everything I had to entail about FF16 Gobermouch Location, boss fight & potential rewards that you will get after beating the boss. Now that you know everything about Gobermouch, don’t forget to read Final Fantasy 16: What Is Active Time Lore, All Features, BEST Accessories in FF16, and How To Use Photo Mode guides. 


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