Final Fantasy 16: Best Gear [Weapons, Armor & Accessories]

The best gear in Final Fantasy 16 is restricted to not only weapons but also includes belts, vambraces, and accessories.

The best gear in Final Fantasy 16 includes some of the strongest weapons, belts, vambraces, and accessories that you can use to make yourself an invincible tank. Some items can only be obtained by completing side quests, whilst others are accessed in the new game plus mode additionally.

Key Takeaways
  • Equipping the best gear in FF16 enhances your gameplay by improving Clive’s stats.
  • The gear includes a total of 28 weapons, 17 belts, 18 vambraces, and around 90 accessories.
  • The gear can increase your attack power, defense, health, and other special abilities.
  • The best gear is often acquired near or at the end-game stages.
  • Some gear pieces are unlocked after completing certain side quests.
  • The quality of gear varies, with some being significantly more potent than others.
  • Upgrading your gear is essential as it enhances its effects and benefits.
  • Carefully choosing and managing your gear is a crucial aspect of strategic gameplay in FF16.
Important: You’ll need to reach the end-game to acquire the best gear, and for the best weapon, you’ll have to enter the new game plus mode.

Best Gear To Have In Final Fantasy 16

Here is an overview of the best gear that I believe players should acquire in FF16:

CategoryBest Gear
SwordsUltima Weapon, Gotterdammerung, Ragnarok, Everdark, Masamune
BeltsOuroboros, Circle of Heaven, Rune Belt, Drakeslayeer's Belt, Silkeen Sash
VambracesThe Sons of Ouroboros, Sun Bracelets, Regal Armguards, Rune Crescents, Drakeeslayeer's Bracelets
AccessoriesCleric's Medallion +1, High Cleric's Medallion, Adamantite Gauntlets, Berserker Ring, Eikonic Ability Boosting Accessories

Best Weapons In FF16

These are the top 5 best weapons that you can obtain and use in Final Fantasy 16. In order to obtain Ultima, however, you’ll have to enter the new game plus mode additionally.

Weapon NameAttack DamageStagger DamageBest For
Ultima Weapon700700The Strongest Weapon In FF16
Gotterdammerung375375The Strongest Weapon In NG
Ragnarok325325The Best Late-Game Weapon In FF16

1. Ultima Weapon

The Strongest Weapon In FF16.
Ultima Weapon In Final Fantasy 16 (Image Capture Credit: eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: Ultima weapon is by far the strongest weapon in FF16. It has the highest stats of all weapons and melts almost everything.

The Ultima Weapon is undoubtedly the strongest weapon with the highest damage, and no other weapon even comes close. The difference between the damage of the first and second strongest weapon is drastic. Once you obtain Ultima Weapon, you won’t need to use any other sword additionally. There is also a downside, though, as Ultima Weapon can only be obtained in new game plus mode.

  • The strongest weapon in Final Fantasy 16.
  • It can absolutely melt bosses and mini-bosses.
  • It can only be unlocked in NG+.
  • Extremely tedious to obtain, requires a lot of grind.

2. Gotterdammerung

The Strongest Weapon In NG.
final fantasy 16 best gear
Gotterdammerung In Final Fantasy 16 (Image Captured by Us)
  • Why I Chose This: Gotterdammerung is the best weapon for you to use in NG and is extremely powerful to use in first playthrough.

The Gotterdammerung is the second-best weapon in Final Fantasy 16, and it can actually be obtained near the end-game of your first playthrough. However, the damage dealt by Gotterdammerung is almost half of that dealt by the Ultima Weapon. It is really powerful for your endgame, but you should definitely start grinding for the Ultima Weapon in the new game-plus mode.

  • It is the second-strongest weapon in Final Fanatasy 16.
  • Extremely powerful for your first playthrough.
  • Not that useful in NG+.
  • Needs completion of a side quest to get its crafting recipe.

3. Ragnarok

The Best Late-Game Weapon In FF16.
final fantasy 16 best gear
Ragnarok In Final Fantasy 16 (Image Captured by eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: Ragnarok can deal substantial dmg and stun, can be easily crafted and carries you through end-game.

The third strongest weapon in my list is the Rangarok which can be crafted at the end of the Blacksmith’s Blues IV side quest. It is another end-game weapon, but it can be obtained before the Gotterdammerung, and it is easier to craft as well. In terms of stats, it only deals 50 less attack and stagger damage than the Gotterdammerung, which is not drastically low.

  • Has the third-highest damage in FF16.
  • Can be easily crafted after completing a side quest.
  • An end game weapon, thus obtained very late.

4. Everdark

final fantasy 16 best gear
Everdark In Final Fantasy 16 (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: Everdark would be your ally throughout the mid game encounters as it provides the best dmg output in that stages.

After defeating Odin in Final Fantasy 16, you can craft Everdark, which is one of the best weapons additionally. It has the fifth highest damage out of all of the weapons, and you can easily obtain it after defeating King Barnabes Tharmr.

  • Can be easily crafted after defeating Odin.
  • Has the fifth-highest dmg, making it one of the best.
  • Obtained towards the mid-to-end game areas.

5. Masamune

final fantasy 16 best gear
Masamune In Final Fantasy 16 (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: Masamune deals decent dmg and also has a unique aesthetic. It doesn’t require farming materials to craft as it is obtained from a chest.

The last weapon on my list of the best weapons for your gear in FF16 includes the Masamune. It not only has high damage but has a unique design that makes its appearance distinct when compared to other swords. Additionally, you don’t even need to craft this weapon, as it is obtained by opening up a chest in The Shadow Coast area.

  • Acquired from a chest, thus doesn’t require grinding.
  • Possesses a unique design along with high dmg.
  • Requires access to Kingdom of Waloed to obtain.

Best Belts

Belts are included in your armor alongside the Vambraces and raise your defense.

Belt NameHPDEFBest For
Ouroboros3295The Best Belt In FF16
Circle of Heaven24/27/3085/88/91The Best Late-Game Belt
Rune Belt20/23/2675/78/81N/A
Drakeslayer's Belt2374The Best Belt For Mid-Game
Silken Sash0/21/2466/69/72N/A

1. Ouroboros

The Best Belt In FF16.
final fantasy 16 best gear
Ouroboros In Final Fantasy 16 (Image Captured by Us)
  • Why I Chose This: Ouroboros has the highest defense and HP boosting capabilities, making it the optimal choise for end-game encounters.

If you’re looking for the strongest belt in Final Fantasy 16, then Ouroboros will easily make for the best gear. It is not only the strongest belt, but it also increases your total health additionally. You’ll have to complete a side quest known as Blacksmith’s Blues III in order to unlock the crafting recipe of Ouroboros. You’ll need to find Orichalcum to craft it.

  • Strongest belt in Final Fantasy 16.
  • It provides the highest defense and increases health.
  • Unlocked near mid-end game.
  • Ouroboros cannot be upgraded.

2. Circle of Heaven

The Best Late-Game Belt.
final fantasy 16 best gear
Circle of Heaven In Final Fantasy 16
  • Why I Chose This: Circle of Heaven provides secong-highest defense and does not require farming of materials as it can be bought.

I must say, the next best belt that you can obtain is the Circle of Heaven, and you don’t have to craft it additionally. It also provides a strong defense and a good increase in health. You can purchase this belt from Goetz whilst you’re playing the Streets of Madness main quest in Final Fantasy 16.

  • Can be bought, no need of grind to craft it.
  • Second best belt in terms of defense and can be upgraded.
  • Available for purchase near the end-game.

3. Rune Belt

items in the game
Rune Belt In Final Fantasy 16 (Image Captured by eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: Rune Belt can be upgraded, increasing its stats and can be easily purchased without the need of any grinding.

In terms of stats, the Rune Belt takes fourth place. You can also upgrade this belt, and it can be bought before the Circle of Heaven additionally as it becomes available for purchase during the A Song of Hope main quest.

  • It can be purchased, so there is no need to craft it.
  • Rune Belt is upgradeable, which further boosts its effects.
  • Available during late-game.

4. Drakeslayer’s Belt

The Best Belt For Mid-Game.
final fantasy 16 best gear
Drakeslayer’s Belt In Final Fantasy 16 (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: Drakeslayer’s Belt boasts high defenses and is acquired fairly earlier than other options and carries you through mid-game.

Next I have the Drakeslayer’s Belt. The crafting recipe can be unlocked after completing the Blacksmith’s Blues side quest, which allows you to obtain this belt during mid-game. It serves as a really good piece of armor until you get your hands on better belts.

  • Drakeslayer’s Belt is a strong belt obtained during mid-game.
  • Increases both defense and health.
  • You’ll need to collect special items to craft it.

5. Silken Sash

items in the game
Silken Slash In Final Fantasy 16 (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: Silken Sash provides decent defenses in mid-game scenarios and can be bought to remove the need for farming recources.

Lastly, the Silken Sash is another good belt that can be obtained after defeating the Titan. You can either craft it or purchase it, but purchasing it will remove the hassle of collecting materials for crafting. Additionally, this belt does not increase your health until you upgrade it.

  • Can be bought right after defeating Titan.
  • Can also be upgraded for further stats increase.
  • No health boost provided without upgrades.

Best Vambraces

Vambraces are paired with belts to make up the total defense of Clive in Final Fantasy 16.

Vambrace NameHPDEFBest For
The Sons of Ouroboros3297The Strongest Vambrace In FF16
Sun Bracelets26/28/3086/89/92The Best Late-Game Vambrace In FF16
Regal Armguards2584N/A
Rune Crescents23/25/2876/79/82The Best Vambrace For Mid-Game
Drakeslayer's Bracelets2374N/A

1. The Sons of Ouroboros

The Strongest Vambrace In FF16.
items in the game
The Sons of Ouroboros In Final Fantasy 16 (Image credit: eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: The Sons Of Ouroboros is by far the strongest vambrace in FF16. It provides exceptionaly high defense and health to deal with stronger foes.

Since Ouroboros was the strongest belt, The Sons of Ouroboros is the strongest vambrace that you can obtain in Final Fantasy 16. However, its crafting recipe is unlocked during the late game by completing the side-quest Blacksmith’s Blues III. Additionally, you’ll need to hunt down special materials for crafting.

  • Strongest vambrace in Final Fantasy 16.
  • Provides the biggest increase in defense and health.
  • Becomes available near the end of FF16.
  • Special materials required for crafting.

2. Sun Bracelets

The Best Late-Game Vambrace In FF16.
items in the game
Sun Bracelets In Final Fantasy 16 (Image Captured by Us)
  • Why I Chose This: Sun Bracelets provides substantial defenses making it a great choice for end-game builds before getting better options.

Next I suggest The Sun Bracelets, as they will serve you well until you can get your hands on The Sons of Ouroboros since these have the third-best stats in terms of vambraces. You can purchase these from Goetz during the Streets of Madness main quest, so there is no need to go through the hassle of crafting.

  • Provides great increase in health and defense.
  • It can be upgraded, great option until you get The Sons of Ouroboros.
  • Obtained at the end-game areas.

3. Regal Armguards

items in the game
Regal Armguards In Final Fantasy 16 (Image Captured by eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: Regal Armguards is a good choice as it doesn’t need to be purchased or crafted and provides substantial defense boost.

The Regal Armguards don’t even require you to buy or craft them. You simply need to open up a chest in The Shadow Coast area to obtain these powerful vambraces. These vambraces provide a strong defense, and all you have to do is make your way to The Shadow Coast to get these.

  • Strong vambrace that does not need to be bought or crafted.
  • It can only be found once you unlock the Kingdom of Waloed.

4. Rune Crescents

The Best Vambrace For Mid-Game.
items in the game
Rune Crescents In Final Fantasy 16 (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: Rune Crescents have a high defense stat along with a HP boost making certain mid-game encounters easier with it.

Another great vambrace can be purchased from Charon during the A Song of Hope main quest. It provides a good boost to defense and health additionally. You can also upgrade the Rune Crescents to increase your defense and health further.

  • It can be found in the mid-late game.
  • Provides good defense and a small health boost.
  • Even in its upgraded form, it is beaten by the Regal Armguards.

5. Drakeslayer’s Bracelets

final fantasy 16 best gear
Drakeslayer’s Bracelets In Final Fantasy 16 (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: Drakeslayer’s Bracelets has the best overall defenses in Mid-game, making it a life-saver in those stages.

The last vambrace on my list is the Drakeslayer’s Bracelets which make for the best gear during mid-game in FF16. You can craft the Drakeslayer’s Bracelets after completing the Blacksmith’s Blues side quest additionally.

  • Provides the best defenses among Vambraces in Mid-game.
  • These give a good boost to the defense as well.
  • Cannot be upgraded, so you’re stuck with the base stats.

Best Accessories

Accessories give Clive certain buffs, and there are various different accessories in Final Fantasy 16 additionally.

Accessory NameDescriptionBest For
Cleric's Medallion +1Boosts the healing potency of potions by 40%.The Best Accessory For Potion Efficiency
High Cleric's MedallionBoosts the healing potency of high potions by 25%.The Best Accessory For Heal Efficiency
Adamantite GauntletsMaximum health is increased by 500 points.The Best HP Increasing Accessory
Berserker RingPrecision dodges increase your attack proficiency.The Best Accessory For Precision Dodge buff
The Breath of Ice (Ice Age)Decreases the cooldown of the Ice Age ability by 1.5 seconds.The Accessory For Ice Age Buff.

1. Cleric’s Medallion +1

The Best Accessory For Potion Efficiency.
final fantasy 16 best gear
Cleric’s Medallion +1 In Final Fantasy 16 (Image credit: eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: Cleric’s Medallion is one of the first accessories that you come across and provides great support in early-game with its heal increasing capacity.

You’ll be depending on potions and high potions to heal yourself during battles. The Cleric’s Medallion +1 will increase the potency of the normal potions by 40%, which means that they’ll heal for more health. I strongly recommend it as it is especially useful early on since you’ll be able to carry the minimum number of potions at that point.

  • Increases the potency of normal heals by 40%.
  • Especially useful in early game areas.
  • Needs to be upgraded in NG+ for increased effect.
  • Doesn’t provide any buff to offense.

2. High Cleric’s Medallion

The Best Accessory For Heal Efficiency.
final fantasy 16 best gear
High Cleric’s Medallion In Final Fantasy 16 (Image Captured by Us)
  • Why I Chose This: High Cleric’s Medallion increases the heal potency of High Potions, especially useful when playing difficult content.

The High Cleric’s Medallion works in a similar fashion to the Cleric’s Medallion, but it increases the healing potency of the High Potions by a whopping 25%. Increasing the effectiveness of your limited number of heals is really going to help you out in beating the toughest bosses.

  • Increases the heal provided by High Potions by 25%.
  • Especially useful in boss battles where emergency heals are needed.
  • High Potions are limited and valuable recources.
  • The Accessory can be tedious to acquire.

4. Adamantite Gauntlets

The Best HP Increasing Accessory.
final fantasy 16 best gear
Adamantite Gauntlets In Final Fantasy 16 (Image Captured by eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: There is no other accessory that can provide Raw HP boost, thats why Adamantite Gauntlets stands the best accessory for that purpose.

The Adamantite Gauntlets provide the biggest buff to health in Final Fantasy 16. You’ll get a whopping increase of 500 points to your total health when you equip this accessory additionally.

  • Allows to tank hits due to high HP increase.
  • Recieves a great boost in NG+.
  • Can be missed as hidden in a secret area.
  • Obtained from essentially the end-game.

5. Berserker Ring

The Best Accessory For Precision Dodge buff.
final fantasy 16 best gear
Berserker Ring In Final Fantasy 16 (Image by eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: Berserker Ring favors those who like to dodge perfectly as the ring provides an Atk buff with a precision dodge for some time.

If you can perform precise dodges with ease, then I must say, the Berserker Ring is really going to help out your overall playstyle. With each precision dodge, your attack proficiency will be enhanced. You can keep stacking the buff as long as you keep performing precision dodges.

  • Increases the speed and dmg of normal attacks.
  • Is acquired early in the game and remains effective.
  • Precision Counters can’t be used while wearing the ring.
  • Cannot be upgraded in NG+.

Eikonic Ability Boosting Accessories

final fantasy 16 best gear
Eikonic Ability Boosting Accessory (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)

Lastly, you’ll come across various accessories for the Eikonic abilities in Final Fantasy 16. You can choose any accessory that boosts Clive’s abilities of specific Eikons that you use. Most of these will either boost the damage or reduce the cooldown of the Eikonic abilities.

Other Options To Go For

While compiling my list of the best gears in Final Fantasy 16, I came across some other alternative options that I did not include in the guide, but you can use them per your preference.

  • Omega Weapon (Sword): This sword has a high attack and stagger rate, which makes it a great option.
  • Regal Sash (Belt): Compared to the other belts I’ve mentioned above, this one gives approximately the same higher boost to defense and health.
  • Channeler’s Whispers (Accessories): Attacks on your enemies will become easier because your magic projectile will be fully charged every time you use it.

My Thoughts

Most accessories are numbers and percentages, but I still recommend berserker rings and upgrading your swords to Ragnarok or Gotterdammerung status for additional advantage on every correct precision dodge and high-endgame damage.

Final Fantasy 16 is the latest entry in the franchise and introduces a new world of Valisthea that you can explore. The boss battles, which include Eikons, are so well done. There are various Eikonic abilities that you can experiment with as well. FF16 is also graphically impressive, and there is a photo mode that you can use to capture the most beautiful moments.

This concludes my guide on Final Fantasy 16 best gear, which includes the best weapons, belts, vambraces, and accessories in FF16. I hope that the guide was helpful in learning about the strongest gear that you can obtain. Let me know what you think about Final Fantasy 16 in the comments below!


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