Final Fantasy 16: Dread Comet Location & Bossfight

Discover the location of and how to beat the Dread Comet in Final Fantasy 16!

Final Fantasy 16 introduces formidable opponents for players to face, one of them being the imposing Dread Comet. This fearsome Chocobo, notorious for its forceful presence, haunts the expanses of the Dhalmekian desert. But before you can even encounter and attempt to beat it, you need to be aware of the Dread Comet location in Final Fantasy 16.

Key Takeaways
  • Dread Comet, an imposing Red Chocobo, is a formidable opponent encountered in the Dhalmekian desert, a location between the areas of The Sickle and The Fields of Carava, during the Evenfall main quest in Final Fantasy 16.
  • Unlike common enemies, the Dread Comet lacks a Stagger gauge.
  • Dread Comet’s main attacks include Choco Burst, Choco Meteor, Choco Meteorain, and many more. 
  • An effective strategy involves an aggressive approach, consistent damage dealing, precise evasion timing and positioning, and rearranging ability loadouts to emphasize regular damage over Stagger damage.
  • Bahamut’s Impulse can be useful due to its swift multiple hits.
  • Rewards for defeating the Dread Comet include 5,300 Experience points, 90 Ability Points, 13,000 Gil, 30 Renown, and a Comet Feather. 

Here is quick look at Dread Comet location, boss fight & rewards you get in FF16:

Dread Comet Location In Final Fantasy 16

Final Fantasy 16 Dread Comet location
Dread Comet Location in Final Fantasy 16 [image by eXputer]

Longtime fans of Final Fantasy will immediately recognize the rich, crimson feathers of the Red Chocobo. This bird, infamous since the early iterations of the game, most notably in Final Fantasy 7, made a name for itself as a level 99 Chocobo, notorious for its relentless Choco Comet attacks. The tradition finds its way into Final Fantasy 16, with the reincarnation of the Chocobo as the Dread Comet.

The Mark Of Dread Comet

hunt board location dread comet in final fantasy 16
Dread Comet on the Hunt Board [screenshot by eXputer]

Upon embarking on the Evenfall main quest, players have the opportunity to secure the Notorious Mark of Dread Comet. This valuable clue sets you on a course toward the Dhalmekian desert, nestled between the areas of The Sickle and The Fields of Carava. As a beacon in the vast sands, the Dread Comet’s distinctive bright red plumage serves as a guide for the players.

Tracing Dread Comet’s Steps

To hunt down this Rank-A mark, the following steps can guide your journey:

  1. Select Southwestern Dhalmekia on your world map, pinpointing The Jaw.
  2. Proceed to The Sickle and veer right at the first junction towards The Fields of Corava.
  3. From your world map, select the waypoint located right below The Hideaway and then choose The Jaw obelisk to fast travel.
  4. After spawning in, go straight till you spot a path that takes you right, towards the Sickle.
  5. Keep following the Sickle and take the second right turn to find the Dread Comet.
  6. It will be in between The Sickle and The Fields of Corava. 

Final Fantasy 16 How To Beat The Dread Comet

dread comet location in final fantasy 16
Dread Comet Rank Showcase [captured by eXputer]

One of the most challenging marks you’ll face in Final Fantasy 16 is the Dread Comet, an exceptional Chocobo that demands both your patience and strategic thinking. With its meteor-based attacks and inability to be Staggered, this opponent isn’t your regular enemy. Let’s break down the steps required to defeat the Final Fantasy 16 Dread Comet.

  • Unlike common enemies, the Dread Comet, being a Chocobo, lacks a Stagger gauge. 
  • This factor imposes unique challenges, primarily that it won’t afford you any moments of respite through partial or full Stagger. 
  • Nevertheless, it possesses a considerable health bar that demands attention.

Understanding Dread Comet’s Attacks

Meteor attack of Dread Comet [image by eXputer]

The Dread Comet is a formidable foe in Final Fantasy 16, characterized by its unyielding nature and powerful attacks. Notably, it lacks a Stagger gauge, making it impervious to stagger-focused attacks. The challenging opponent presents players with a unique fight that requires quick reflexes, strategic maneuvering, and offensive tactics. The following are Dread Comet’s main attacks:

  • Flying Kick: The attack sees the Chocobo leaping towards the player, kicking in midair. Players can evade the attack by dodging to the side, as the attack does not have significant midair tracking.
  • Peck: The Chocobo lunges forward and tries to peck at the player. Such a close-range attack can be dodged by moving back a bit, opening an opportunity to strike the Chocobo’s side or back.
  • Stamp: Similar to the peck, the Dread Comet lunges forward, slamming its foot down. To avoid it, players must be mindful of the cues and move to either side or execute a precision dodge.
  • Stunning Blast: A non-damaging attack, Dread Comet releases a large blue blast to briefly stun the player. It often precedes stronger attacks, requiring players to react promptly to incoming strikes.
  • Bicycle Kick: A multi-hit attack that can inflict substantial damage. Upon seeing the Chocobo rise into the air, players should prepare to dodge the flurry of attacks that follows.
  • Choco Burst: An attack that does no damage but pushes the player away, giving the Chocobo time to execute subsequent moves.
  • Choco Meteor & Choco Meteorain: The Chocobo’s signature moves involve summoning meteors to strike the ground. 
    • The impact creates shockwaves that players must avoid by leaping over or using a precision dodge. 
    • While the Choco Meteor involves a single meteor, the Choco Meteorain increases the difficulty by raining down multiple meteors in quick succession.

Dealing with Dread Comet’s attacks involves keen observation of its cues and quick reaction times. 

  • Players should adopt an aggressive approach, consistently dealing damage while simultaneously avoiding the Chocobo’s onslaught. 
  • Especially during meteor attacks, prioritizing dodging over attacking can be the key to survival. 
  • However, precise timing and positioning are also crucial, as avoiding one attack can often present opportunities to strike back.

Useful Strategy

Fighting against Dread Comet [taken by eXputer]

Considering the Dread Comet lacks a Stagger gauge, rearrange your ability loadout to emphasize regular damage over Stagger damage. 

  • Consider using Bahamut’s Impulse for its swift multiple hits, which could effectively stunlock the Dread Comet. 
  • However, refrain from attacking during its meteor showers. Prioritize evasion and positioning, seizing the gaps between meteor casts for retaliation.
  • The primary challenge lies in the Dread Comet’s meteor attacks. 
  • You can dodge through the shockwaves from ‘Choco Meteor.’ 
  • When the Chocobo starts summoning three meteors, adopt a defensive position, retaliating between the third meteor showers. 
  • As for ‘Choco Meteorain,’ focus on dodging while launching projectile magic and Eikonic attacks when possible.
  • Constantly attack the Dread Comet with robust Eikon Abilities to trap it in a loop, which leads to continuous damage without threat. 
  • When dealing with the meteors, concentrate on evading their impacts and shockwaves. 
  • Extend your airtime by jumping and evading as soon as a meteor strikes the ground.


Upon defeating the Dread Comet, you earn the following:

  • 5,300 Experience points 
  • 90 Ability Points 
  • 13,000 Gil
  • 30 Renown.
  • Comet Feather: useful in crafting the Ouroboros Belt when combined with the Stone Tongue from Agni and an Orichalcum

With that, you know everything about the Final Fantasy 16 Dread Comet location and how to beat it when you encounter it. It is a nice reference to the previous games and offers an enjoyable fight where you get tested on your mastery of the battle system.

Of course, there is so much more for you to explore in Final Fantasy. You can discover all of the Eikons and their dominants. Additionally, you can still fight more enemies, such as the Grimalkin. And if you’re having trouble fighting against enemies, perhaps check out our best party suggestions.

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