Final Fantasy 16: Best Titan Eikon Abilities [My Picks]

My Final Fantasy 16 Best Titan Eikon Abilities guide will showcase the top 5 best abilities, their working, and the best situations to use them.

Final Fantasy 16 has 8 Eikons to unlock, which are insanely powerful beings. Each Eikon comes with its own set of abilities, with the Titan Eikon being one of them. You might want to know the abilities that are made available and which one of the five might be the Final Fantasy 16 Best Titan Eikon Abilities to use. Rest assured I’ve got you covered.

Important: Players need to complete the Bolts of the Blue questline to unlock the Titan Eikon abilities.
Key Takeaways
  • The Titan Eikonis associated with Earth, and the abilities will correspond to Earth-based abilities. There are total of 5 abilities it offers.
  • Players must complete the Bolts of the Blue questline to use the Titan Eikon abilities.  
  • The specialized Titan abilities in FF16 makes the overall combat diverse & dynamic. 

Best Titan Eikon Abilities Summary

Below listed is my summarized version of the abilities: 

Titan Eikon AbilitiesEffectsBest For
Raging FistsMove forward to deliver high-speed punches. The Best Titan Ability For Counter-Attack
Windup Punch forward towards opponents, and hold the button to increase the potency of the attack. The Best Titan Skill For Single-Target Dmg
Earthen FuryCast down both hands into the ground, causing the ground to surge up, and causing enemies to become airborne. The Best Titan Ability For Crowd Control
Titanic BlockBlock incoming enemy attacks, and cast counterattacks if guard is timed perfectly. The Best Titan Skill For Parrying
UpheavalSlam down your fist, dealing damage to opponents. The Best Titan Ability When Surrounded

What Are Titan Eikon Abilities In Final Fantasy 16

The Eikons in Final Fantasy 16 are known to have their own sets of skills and abilities that can range from various purposes. 

  • The Titan Eikon is known to be the Eikon associated with the earth element, and Hugo is dominant over the Eikon, making him extremely important. 
  • You must defeat Hugo to unlock Titan during the main questline, the Capital Punishment, but the actual Final Fantasy 16 Best Titan Eikon Abilities will not be up for use until the Bolts of the Blue questline. 
  • Once Titan can access more ability points by defeating opponents, you will unlock many more earth-based deadly attacks, which I’ve listed below. 

You can continue reading my guide or watch this short video explaining all the best Titan Eikon abilities in FF16:

YouTube video

1. Raging Fists 

The Best Titan Ability For Counter-Attack.

First, Raging Fists is easily one of Final Fantasy 16 Best Titan Abilities when fighting the toughest opponents. 

Raging Fists
Raging Fists (Image Credits Exputer)
  • Why I Chose This: Raging Fists can block enemies’ attack and stun-lock smaller foes, allowing easy counter-attacks.
  • Use Raging Fists to step forward, and cast out a flurry of punches toward your opponents, rendering them useless. 
  • Blocking out an opponent’s attack using the step-forward method enhances the overall potency of the punches. 
  • The ability can be unlocked whenever you get the power of Titan while doing the Bolts from the Blue questline. 

How To Use Raging Fists 

Anytime you are using Raging Fists; it’s not all that difficult since it grants you the ability to annihilate your opponents. 

Raging Fists Showcase
Raging Fists Showcase (Image Credits Exputer)
  • If the attacks are timed properly, your first attack launched out will be able to block an attack that is incoming from the opponent’s end. 
  • I suggest you do, as it will enhance your attacks’ overall potency while decreasing the ability’s cooldown by 50%. 
  • The total duration of the ability can be extended if you manage to click on the execute button while fighting an opponent. 

Ability Upgrade Costs 

The ability can be upgraded, as the costs and effects are listed below. 

Raging Fists Cost Effects
Base  120
Upgrade 600 Enhances attack potency. 
Mastery 1200 Allows an assignment to any Eikon
  • Can block enemies’ attacks and deals high counter dmg.
  • Smaller foes can be stun-locked with this ability.
  • Is not that practical, as the Titanic Block provides similar effects.
  • Effectiveness greatly diminished if used without blocking.

2. Windup 

The Best Titan Skill For Single-Target Dmg.

Next up, another excellent of the Final Fantasy 16 Best Titan Eikon Abilities is Windup, which is more of an attack-based ability. 

Windup (Image Credits Exputer)
  • Why I Chose This: Windup deals massive dmg to a single enemy and deals even more dmg and knockback if executed at perfect timing. 
  • With Windup, you can easily head forward and deliver a powerful punch. 
  • Holding down the button grants you the ability to wind up further the attack, which ends up increasing its potency. 

How To Use Windup 

Windup has a solid few usage scenarios, so let me explain an ideal rotation a bit. 

  • While Windup typically will make Clive use a stone-based punch, holding down execution makes the attack deadlier. 
    Windup Showcase
    Windup Showcase (Image Credits Exputer)
  • Hold down the execute button just enough until it reaches the red marker, then release it, increasing its overall damage to opponents. 
  • I recommend unlocking a technique known as the Precision Windup, as it can make it even deadlier by improving its timing. 

Ability Upgrade Costs 

When it comes to its overall ability and upgrade costs, they are listed as follows. 

Raging Fists Cost Effects
Base  120
Upgrade 660 Increases the overall window during which precise execution can take place. 
Mastery 1000 Allows assignment to an Eikon. 
  • Can deal massive HP dmg to a single target.
  • Awards precise timing with additional damage and stagger.
  • Has considerably low range and requires closing up on the foe.
  • Difficult to hit more than one enemy targets.

3. Earthen Fury 

The Best Titan Ability For Crowd Control.

Another ability that can be considered a solid addition to my Final Fantasy Best Titan Eikon Abilities list is the Earthen Fury. 

Earthen Fury
Earthen Fury (Image Credits Exputer)
  • Why I Chose This: Earthen Fury is pretty effective in dealing with large groups of small enemies and has great AoE and stagger dmg.
  • Use both hands to drive them down into the ground, which causes the land to move upwards, causing opponents to fly. 
  • Earthen Fury typically focuses on being a more attack-based ability which is very useful while fighting. 

How To Use Earthen Fury 

The best way to use Earthen Fury is to collect opponents together on the lighter end and then throw them about to follow up with a flurry of attacks. 

Earthen Fury Showcase
Earthen Fury Showcase (Image Credits Exputer)
  • precision windup can be used here to strike down any opponent too. 
  • Note that heavier opponents won’t get affected by Earthen Fury. 

Ability Upgrade Costs 

As far as the upgrade costsare concerned, they are listed below. 

Raging Fists Cost Effects
Base  1895
Upgrade 2525 Enhances range and total number of hits. 
Mastery 4500 Allows assignment to an Eikon. 
  • Can knockback enemies and deals multiple hits.
  • Can effectively clear hordes of smaller enemies in front of you.
  • Has very high cooldown of 135 sec.
  • Essentially ineffective against large enemies that cannot be pushed.

4. Titanic Block 

The Best Titan Skill For Parrying.

Moving on, the next of the Final Fantasy Best Titan Abilities is known as Titanic Block, a pretty solid ability players can use. 

Titanic Block
Titanic Block (Image Credits Exputer)
  • Why I Chose This: Titanic Block is very useful if you prefer counters. A parry can be executed with this ability to deal good dmg and stagger.
  • Titanic Block can block incoming opponent attacks, allowing you to stay safe during combat. 
  • If you manage to carry out a perfect guard, it can launch three counterattacks toward the enemy. 
  • Titanic Block can be unlocked after getting Titan’s Power while doing the quest Bolts from the Blue. 

How To Use Titanic Block 

While using Titanic Block, there are a few pointers I feel you should keep in mind which can help you make the most out of it. 

  • While guarding yourself against an enemy, you will still be able to move around the battle area, but your movement will be pretty slowed down, as can be expected. 
    Titanic Block Showcase
    Titanic Block Showcase (Image Credits Exputer)
  • Use Titanic Block to your advantage, and use it to block attacks in a way as to allow your Limit Break gauge to fill up easily. 
  • Titanic Block can easily block out most of the enemy’s attacks, but let me warn you it won’t work against some heavier attacks. 
  • Use the perfect guard to dish out counterattacks against opponents and render them useless.

Titanic Block has a few techniques, each allowing you to launch a different effect, such as the following. 

Titanic Block Techniques Effects
Basic Titanic Block Cause an opponent to be stopped using Titanic Block simply. 
First Counter Launch out one counterattack toward the opponent. 
Second Counter Cast out two counterattacks
Third Counter Cast out three counterattacks. 
  • Can be used indefinitely and protects against many attacks.
  • A parry can be executed at the right time for decent dmg.
  • Cannot block many heavy attacks.
  • Pretty tight parry window makes it difficult to perform.

5. Upheaval 

The Best Titan Ability When Surrounded.

Last but not least, Upheaval allows players to slam down their fists toward the ground, which causes you to deal damage to all opponents that are present within range. 

Upheaval (Image Credits Exputer)
  • Why I Chose This: Upheaval helps you escape when ambushed. It causes stagger dmg in a radius around you and can even be used mid-air.
  • Players can hold down the button to enhance the range of the attack, and it can be used while airborne. 

How To Use Upheaval 

Using Upheaval can be pretty easy, as I’ve listed below, with a few different techniques. 

Upheaval Showcase
Upheaval Showcase (Image Credits Exputer)
  • Release the button whenever the marker is in the red zone, increasing the attack’s force. 
  • The more you hold the execute button, the deadlier the attack force. 
  • Deals great stagger dmg in a wider area.
  • Can be charged and used mid-air, making it more versatile.
  • Has considerably less HP dmg.
  • Animation leaves you vulnerable against stronger foes.

My Thoughts On The Best Abilities For The Titan Eikon

The Titan Eikon was one of my favorite Eikons to use in battle. I absolutely loved all of the Eikonic abilities of Titan. However, I can still say with confidence that the Earthen Fury ability is the best one, as it not only deals massive damage but can easily crowd-control multiple enemies at once. It also becomes advantageous in gank fights.

ff16 hours
My hours on Final Fantasy 16

Aside from that, the default parrying ability known as the Titanic Block is so hard to play without once you get used to it. The Windup ability is also perfect for dealing deadly damage to a single target or a boss.

And that’s just about it! All that players need to know about the Final Fantasy 16 Best Titan Eikon Abilities, and with that, let’s wrap up the guide! While you’re here, why not read up on the Final Fantasy 16 Beat Benedikta Bossfight guide, detailing how to defeat the boss efficiently? Alongside that, the Final Fantasy 16 All Characters guide will showcase the characters’ personalities!

With that, the Final Fantasy 16 Plot Story guide will entail everything about its plot! Lastly, the Final Fantasy 16 Voice Actors guide will showcase the voice actors!

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