Sonic Frontiers New Leak Possibly Showcases Boss Fight

Following a host of leaks, another new gameplay leak has surfaced of the yet-to-release title Sonic Frontiers

Sonic is not a character unknown to many, being extremely popular among not only children worldwide, but adults as well. He is SEGA‘s mascot, debuting in 1991 through his titular game Sonic the Hedgehog. Well received by the public, Sonic propelled SEGA and its console, the SEGA Genesis to great heights and made the console a key player in the the16-bit era. The game would go on to become one of the best selling video-games of all time and spawn a massive media franchise.

Ever since then there have been various entries in the Sonic series of games, that have delighted fans for years. Later on, Sonic games would undergo a decline in quality that left fans yearning for Sonic to return to his glory days. In recent years, there has surely been a steady improvement in Sonic games, and fans are excited for Sonic Frontiers which is to be the next title.

Over time, there have been several leaks of Sonic Frontiers, and now we have another, courtesy of @Mr_Rebs_.

Rather than recordings of Sonic Frontiers gameplay from Gamescom using a camera, this seems to be a proper in-game recording, hence, the far superior visual and sound quality.

The clip shown lasts a bit over three minutes and showcases three different areas. Particularly interesting is the start of the clip, which showcases possibly a boss fight or maybe a mini-boss. Previous leaks have all been showcases of the regular open-world exploring and enemy fights. As there is no health bar or name indicated of the enemy we can not be sure as to its nature, but this is its first showing.

Only upon release or further official clarification can we be sure of what the enemy is, till then, we can only make hypothetical evaluations.

Sonic Frontiers had been rumoured to be delayed but as of yet, it is set to release on time on November 8, 2022, on Windows, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox and PlayStation consoles. Sonic Frontiers sees Sonic exploring the many areas of the areas of Starfall Islands after being separated from Miles, Tails, and Amy, after falling through a wormhole.

What has fans most excited is the open-world design of Starfall Islands, a first for a Sonic game. In that way, the writers of Sonic Frontiers compared it to Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild, another beloved franchise of old. How Sonic Frontiers shapes up, only time will tell, but we are hopeful and impatiently await its release.


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