An “Immensely Popular” Sega IP Could Become An NFT Web3 Game

The franchise still remains a mystery.

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  • Line Corp has signed an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) with Sega to license a classic IP for developing an NFT Web3 game.
  • The franchise remains a mystery, but it was quoted as “immensely popular.”
  • It has been a surprise to many since less than a week ago, Sega revealed its plans to pull out of blockchain gaming, calling play-to-earn games “boring.”
  • Sega’s decision will only make sense once they issue a statement explaining the sudden change in plans, even though these decisions take some time to brew.

Line Corp recently announced signing an MOU with Sega to utilize an “immensely popular” Sega franchise to make an NFT Web3 game. The announcement did not reveal what franchise would be used, but fans expect something huge since Line quoted it as immense. The game will be brought to the Web3 gaming platform Game Dosi, with more details coming at a later date.

Announcement from Line.
Announcement from Line.

This announcement contradicts what Bloomberg reported on July 6, revealing Sega’s plans to withhold Sonic the Hedgehog and Yakuza from third-party blockchain gaming projects. Sega believed it necessary to avoid the IPs devaluing as a result. Co-Chief Operating Officer Shuji Utsumi also said it would scrap all plans to develop its own games in that genre.

Utsumi also mentioned, “The action in play-to-earn games is boring,” following his statement with, “We’re looking into whether this technology is really going to take off in this industry, after all.” Even so, Sega confirmed that its lesser franchises will be used to make several blockchain games, which will be announced later this year. However, Line called this IP immense, giving the impression that it’s on the level of Sonic.

Line CEO Statement
Statement from the CEO of Line

Sega’s plans for this venture remain unclear, but it could lead to a potential mainstream project later on. Even so, this situation might lead to some criticism, like it did when Sega first started venturing into blockchain gaming in 2021. An official statement from Sega is much-needed to shed some light on its sudden change of plans, even though these agreements take some time before any initiative.

Speaking of criticism, Sega was called out by an ex-dev not so long ago for leaving Persona 3 and 4 out of credits. The bad luck didn’t end there, as a 272-page classified document from Sega of America was leaked recently, giving tons of confidential information. On a brighter note, Sega recently trademarked a potential Sonic & Friends game, which could be released on mobile devices.

Line Next is pleased to be teaming up with Sega to bring some exciting gaming to the Web3 space for gamers around the world. Through this partnership, GAME DOSI will provide Web3 content that anyone can easily enjoy, including SEGA fans,” says Youngsu Ko, CEO of Line Next.

For those unfamiliar, Web3 games are play-to-earn decentralized games where a player’s in-game assets are delegated away from the central authority. Game Dosi is a Web3 gaming platform that provides game-centered services under the motto “Gamer First, Web3 Next.” It has already released 5 titles and an in-house game, “Project GD.”

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