Final Fantasy 16: How To Beat Benedikta? [Bossfight]

Learn how to beat Benedikta with ease in Final Fantasy 16!

The Final Fantasy 16 Demo has quite a lot of content for fans to explore while they wait for the full version. In fact, the demo has an exclusive mode, the Eikonic Challenge Mode, that lets players face off against a strong boss, Benedikta. With this Final Fantasy 16 how to beat Benedikta guide, you’ll be able to predict all of her moves and annihilate her with ease!

Key Takeaways
  • You’ll face off against Benedikta in Caer Norvant as part of the Headwind quest.
  • She will have three total phases, and you’ll be accompanied by Torgal during the fight.
  • The final victory comes after staggering Benedikta for the last time, using all your Eikonic abilities, and launching an all-out attack.
  • An insightful cutscene and a rewarding victory await the post-battle of Benedikta in FF16.

Take a look at the video here that showcases Benedikta boss fight:

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Benedikta Harman Bossfight In FF16

In the grand scheme of Final Fantasy 16, the duel against Benedikta, an Eikon, stands as a major challenge that unfolds in the confines of Caer Norvant as part of the Final Fantasy 16 plot.

As the final boss of this imposing area, Benedikta boasts a formidable array of abilities, with each phase growing progressively more intense, pushing you to the limits of your skills and mastery of the battle system. But here are a few tips that can help you beat her with ease.

Phase One

final fantasy 16 how to beat benedikta in eikonic challenge
Benedikta Bossfight First Phase [Image Credit: eXputer]

Starting off in a relatively restrained manner, Benedikta’s first phase presents a combination of magical and melee assaults. Here is the move set for the first phase and how to deal with them:

  1. Low-Moving Missiles:
    • Dodge between the slow-moving missiles in a semi-circle formation to evade them effectively.
  2. Aerora:
    • Watch out for the large green projectile launched by Benedikta and maneuver to avoid its path.
  3. Aeroga:
    • Maintain a safe distance to evade the massive orb Benedikta hurls, which explodes upon impact, emitting electricity.
  4. Dashing Sword Lunge:
    • Evade Benedikta’s quick dashing sword lunge by staying vigilant and maintaining an active lock-on.
  5. Wind Blade:
    • Sidestep to avoid the horizontal blue beams generated by Benedikta’s Wind Blade attack, continuing to evade until the threat subsides.
  6. Stagger and Exploit:
    • Utilize your Eikonic abilities to drain Benedikta’s health when she’s staggered for the first time. This triggers a cutscene and signifies the transition to the second phase of the battle.

Successfully navigating these attacks in the first phase will bring you one step closer to defeating Benedikta in this challenging boss battle.

Phase Two

final fantasy 16 eikonic challenge benedikta bossfight how to beat second phase
Final Fantasy 16 how to beat Benedikta’s second phase boss fight [Image Credit: eXputer]

This phase kicks off with a dramatic evasion Quick Time Event (QTE) and a short sequence where Benedikta injures Torgal, leaving you without his aid for the moment. Here’s the move set for the second phase and how you can deal with it:

  1. ‘Nosedive’ Attack:
    • When Benedikta marks the ground with a blue beam, quickly evade before her descent to avoid damage.
  2. ‘Aerora’ and ‘Aeroga’ Attacks:
    • Evasion is crucial for both attacks; don’t wait for all projectiles to launch before evading.
  3. Garuda’s Claws Dash Attacks:
    • Dodge the slashes from Benedikta’s Garuda’s claws and time your evasion for a counterattack opportunity.
  4. Unnamed Horizontal Attack:
    • Dodge early or perform a precise last-moment dodge to evade the green projectiles.
  5. ‘Aero Rain’ Attack:
    • When Benedikta’s Will Gauge is below 50%, she uses ‘Aero Rain,’ circling the arena and releasing six projectile clusters. Beware of the subsequent ‘Nosedive’ attack.
  6. ‘Aerial Slash’ Evolution:
    • Benedikta’s ‘Aerial Slash’ now includes an additional blade. Dodge to the sides and watch for a third blade at ground level.
  7. ‘Rammelfall’ Attack:
    • After her second full stagger, a QTE evasion sequence triggers. Use this opportunity to unleash your power, including Eikonic abilities, and trigger a cutscene transitioning to the final phase of the battle.

Stay vigilant and adapt your strategy to these moves to conquer this phase.

Phase Three

Final Phase of Benedikta [Image Credit: eXputer]

The final phase and portion of Final Fantasy 16 how to beat Benedikta, can be overwhelming, with Benedikta unleashing a maelstrom of rapid-fire and area-wide attacks. 

  1. ‘Aeroga’ Spell:
    • Evade quickly to minimize damage from the simultaneous launch of three orbs.
  2. Upgraded ‘Aerora’ Attack:
    • Dodge swiftly to avoid taking damage from the rapid succession of four projectiles.
  3. Transformed ‘Aero Rain’ Attack:
    • Use character abilities or time your dodges carefully to mitigate damage from projectiles raining down randomly across the arena.
  4. ‘Nosedive’ Attack:
    • Maintain distance and utilize movement abilities to swiftly relocate after the dive, especially when followed by an ‘Aero Rain’ attack.
  5. Enhanced ‘Wind Blade’ Spell:
    • Jump to avoid the first vertical blade, dodge the second on the ground, and jump again to evade the final blade. Timing is crucial to avoid taking damage.
  6. Sword Dash Attacks:
    • Predict the point of impact and dodge away to avoid the shockwave accompanying the dash attacks.
  7. ‘Aeroja’-like Laser Orbs:
    • Continuously move and watch the lasers to dodge effectively, preparing to evade Benedikta’s swooping dive.
  8. Maintain Evasion:
    • Prioritize evading attacks over attacking and seize opportunities to chip away at Benedikta’s health.
  9. Final Stagger:
    • Once Benedikta is staggered for the last time, utilize all Eikonic abilities and attack relentlessly to finish her off.

A rewarding cutscene and a well-earned victory await you on the other side.

With that, you know everything about Final Fantasy 16 how to beat Benedikta! The battle will certainly test your understanding of your character’s abilities, your reaction time, and your strategic planning while also giving a great demonstration of the combat elements of Final Fantasy 16.

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