FF16: Arcade Mode Rewards [Full List]

Final Fantasy 16's Arcade Mode is where players hone combat skills against exclusive foes, enhancing combat through score-based challenges.

Catering to long-time fans, this score-based mode allows Final Fantasy players to practice various moves and learn the best combos to prepare for worthy foes ahead in the story. FF16 features the incredible Arcade Mode, intended to provide the players with challenging fights but the rewards are not guaranteed at all. In Arcade mode, the players can come across unique enemies unavailable elsewhere, and probably this is the reason I, and many players like me, never seem to get tired of the Arcade mode in FF16

Key Takeaways
  • Arcade Mode in Final Fantasy 16 is a score-based mode designed to improve players’ combat skills.
  • The mode includes unique, challenging enemies not found elsewhere in FF16.
  • Player equipment and level conditions are pre-determined to enhance the challenge.
  • Arcade Mode becomes available after completion of the Fanning Embers quest.
  • The mode focuses on mastering combos and techniques, rather than accumulating in-game items.
  • Players can compete for higher scores on a global leaderboard.
  • Despite the intense focus on skill improvement, Arcade Mode offers no guaranteed material or experience rewards.
  • It’s best used for refining combat techniques, essential for challenging boss fights in the main story.
  • If players seek material rewards, the Stage Replay feature would be more suitable.

What Is Arcade Mode In Final Fantasy 16?

Selecting FF16 Arcade Mode [image Captured by eXputer]
Final Fantasy 16’s Arcade Mode provides score-based challenges for players seeking additional skill development. Exclusive enemies, pre-set equipment and level conditions, and an online leaderboard fosters competitive engagement. Unlockable via the Fanning Embers quest, this mode focuses on perfecting combos and techniques, rather than material rewards. With unlimited play, Arcade Mode aims to enhance players’ combat prowess through repetition and refining strategies.

In this mode, the players can replay the previously completed missions by limiting them to a certain, challenging difficulty—the equipment and levels are also pre-determined. FF16 makes sure to force you into this challenge so you could compare your score with other players around the world, via Online Leaderboards.

Arcade Mode restricts players from using certain enhancement weapons so players can focus solely on various combos and techniques to get an edge against the adrenaline-rushing encounters. While you are at it, keep in mind that the unique enemies you encounter are extremely buffed and may prove to be much stronger than any regular enemy you’ve come across so far.

The purpose of Arcade mode is to provide the players with enough freedom to master various combos. The best part about Arcade Mode is that it’s limitless, and can be rinsed for as long as the player desires.

How To Unlock Arcade Mode?

Arcade Mode scenarios FF16 [image Captured by eXputer]
Arcade Mode isn’t available from the get-go; you’ll have to progress the main story to try it out. To unlock the Arcade Mode, you don’t have to do much in the main story of FF16. A player must complete the Fanning Embers quest in the Greatwood, by killing the raven boss.

Afterward, head straight to the Arete Stone in Clive’s hideaway to unlock the challenging Arcade Mode feature in Final Fantasy 16. Once you unlock the feature, now is the time to delve in and slash some monsters while grinding score.

Score-Based System In Arcade Mode

Arcade Mode introduces the players to newly-added score-based techniques. Getting a higher score completely depends upon the players’ techniques, chaining combos, wiping the enemies off within a limited time, and avoiding any sort of damage during the mission.

The Arcade Mode system encourages players to strive for higher scores as they want to improve their skills further. It is an ideal feature for ambitious players who are not content with their scores and always desire to reach new horizons.

The score depends upon the battle techniques and how well you implemented them during your fights. Battle System Technique Complexity represents the color of your score grade while performing those techniques affects the number of stars you are given.

By combining these two factors, FF16 rewards you with the overall score in Ardace Mode. To get a better overview of it, here is a table.


Are There Any Rewards In FF16 Arcade Mode?

FF16 Arcade Mode Rewards [image Captured by eXputer]
While Arcade Mode offers various sorts of training and combos, it falls short in providing the players with useful materials, or experience for their journey. Currently, there are no guaranteed rewards for completing a mission in Arcade Mode.

However, it is worth much more to try just for mastering abilities and combos as they will come in handy in adrenaline-pumping boss fights ahead in the story. Arcade Mode is purely about bragging about your skills, in case you are looking for materials, try doing Stage Replay for items, experience, and other stuff.

Final Fantasy 16’s Arcade Mode is a test of skill and strategy. It provides an unparalleled opportunity for players to hone their combat prowess against unique, tough adversaries. Though devoid of material rewards, the true prize lies in the mastery of FF16’s intricate battle techniques. As you climb the online leaderboards, each victory validates your growing expertise. With this, I conclude my FF16 Arcade Mode Rewards guide. 

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