FF16: Bomb King Location, Boss Fight & Rewads

Discover the combat strategy, rewards, & Bomb King FF16 location so that you defeat the boss & get materials for crafting the Excalibur sword.

In the vast and complex world of Final Fantasy 16, players encounter an array of formidable foes, each presenting unique challenges. Among these bosses, the Bomb King location in FF16 stands out as an explosive power and fiery Notorious Mark that must be eliminated. This fiery, ball-shaped monster serves as a gatekeeper to precious rewards and an essential ingredient for crafting the iconic Excalibur sword.

Key Takeaways
  • The Bomb King, a fiery, ball-shaped B-rank Notorious Mark, is encountered in FF16.
  • Unlocked during the side quest “Weird Science” after completing the “Out of the Shadows” subquest.
  • Located to the North of The Imperial Chase in an area known as The Crock.
  • The battle demands agility and strategic thinking against the boss’s magic-centric and explosive attacks.
  • Successful defeat involves recognizing attack patterns, swift dodging, and launching effective counter-attacks.
  • The most dangerous attack is “King’s Justice,” emphasizing the need for prioritized evasion
  • Defeating the Bomb King yields the following rewards:
    • 1150 XP
    • 65 Ability Points
    • 9000 Gil
    • 20 Renown
    • Bomb Ember
    • The Bomb Ember is a key component in crafting the Excalibur.
  • Additional rewards can be gained by returning to Owain post-battle, including a Treated Potion Satchel and Black Blood.

Here is video showcasing the Bomb King location, boss fight & the rewards you get from this boss in FF16:

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Who Is Bomb King In Final Fantasy 16?

Fiery Ball – Bomb King in Final Fantasy 16 [Image Captured by eXputer]
In Final Fantasy 16, the Bomb King is a fiery, ball-shaped monster, also known as a Notorious Mark. This explosive enemy is unlocked during the side quest “Weird Science,” which becomes available after completing the main campaign’s subquest “Out of the Shadows.”

The fiery attacks of the boss are formidable, but with the right strategy, players can defeat this B-rank Notorious Mark, yielding various rewards including Gil, Renown, and the Bomb Ember.

Location of Bomb King

The Dragon’s Aery fast travel [Image Captured by eXputer]
The Bomb King in Final Fantasy 16 resides in The Crock, a region found to the North of The Imperial Chase in The Holy Empire of Sanbreque. To reach the Bomb King location in FF16, you should take a waypoint to The Dragon’s Aery and then head north.

As you approach, you’ll notice a black ball on the floor within the ruins – this is the Bomb King. When Clive gets too close to the target, a cutscene will be triggered, revealing the Bomb King in its ignited, fiery form, ready to be challenged in a thrilling battle.

BOMB KING LOCATION [Image Captured by eXputer]
Unlocking the Bomb King mission in Final Fantasy 16 requires the completion of several key tasks. First, players must complete the main campaign’s subquest called “Out of the Shadows”, and more specifically, the third quest within it titled “Letting off Steam.

Weird Science – Bomb King Subquest [Image Captured by eXputer]
After completing these prerequisites, the side quest “Weird Science” becomes available, which can be accessed through the Missives found in your room at The Hideaway. This side quest tasks you with obtaining a vital ingredient from the Bomb King, essentially initiating the hunt for this explosive enemy.

Bomb King Boss Fight

Bomb King Boss fight [Image Captured by eXputer]
The Bomb King is a magic-centric boss, and its primary mode of attack is via explosive damage. You’ll face a barrage of fireball-like spells, which, although powerful, generally have small AoE (Area of Effect) radii and are straightforward to dodge. Your success in this battle relies heavily on your agility and ability to move out of harm’s way quickly.

Once you have completed the prerequisite missions, the Bomb King location in FF16 becomes your next key target. Despite its intimidating appearance, the Bomb King is categorized as a B-rank Notorious Mark, so while formidable, it’s not insurmountable. However, it’s crucial to understand the two primary mechanics to navigate this fight successfully.


Hot Bomb Drop – Bomb King [Image Captured by eXputer]
Firstly, there’s the Hot Bomb Drop or Coronation. In this move, the Bomb King hurls a large fiery bomb in your direction. Although it’s a slow-moving attack and relatively easy to dodge, the bomb leaves a fiery AoE (Area of Effect) spot on the ground, which you must avoid until it disappears.

Self-Destructing Minions – Bomb King [Image Captured by eXputer]
Secondly, it spawns Self-Destructing Minions or Witan, weaker versions of itself that explode after a set time or when their health drops. Maintain your distance from these minions and use long-range Clive’s abilities to handle them without risking getting caught in their blast radius.

Best Strategy

  • Recognize the Bomb King’s attack patterns and strategically time your strikes during its vulnerable moments.
  • Equip quick abilities for swift disengagement to dodge attacks and counter-attack effectively.
  • Abilities like Phoenix Strike can help you quickly re-engage after avoiding damaging attacks.
  • Manage your positioning carefully during Hot Bomb Drop, avoiding fiery AoE spots left on the ground.
  • Use long-range abilities to deal with Self-Destructing Minions and keep a safe distance to avoid damage.
  • Keep consumables for quick recovery during encounters with Self-Destructing Minions.
  • Prioritize evasion over retaliation when facing “King’s Justice” to avoid the explosion radius and focus on the Bomb King itself.


Upon defeating this fiery foe, players will earn 1150 XP, 65 Ability Points, and 9000 Gil. In addition to these considerable rewards, players also receive 20 Renown. Renown is a crucial resource in FF16, used to unlock additional features and improve your overall gameplay experience.

But perhaps the most exciting reward is the Bomb Ember. This rare item, dropped by the Bomb King upon defeat, is a vital component in crafting one of the best weapons of the Final Fantasy series – the Excalibur. You’ll need to combine this Bomb Ember with a Grimalkin Hide to create this mighty sword.

Bomb Ember FF16 [Image Captured by eXputer]
Moreover, after you’ve defeated the Bomb King and picked up the Bomb Ash left in the arena, you can return to Owain to receive additional rewards: a Treated Potion Satchel and one Black Blood. The former item increases the number of potions Clive can carry, which will surely come in handy as you continue your journey.

Treated Potion Sachel – Bomb King [Image Captured by eXputer]
In FF16, finding Bomb King’s location and defeating the boss is not just a test of skill but a necessity for progression. The victory over this formidable enemy brings numerous rewards, including Gil, Renown, and the valuable Bomb Ember. This crucial ingredient allows players to forge the iconic Excalibur sword, enhancing their combat power. Ultimately, vanquishing the Bomb King opens doors to new possibilities and enriches your overall main story and side quest experience.

This is everything I had to discuss Bomb King Location in FF16, boss fights mechanics & the amazing rewards you can get if you manage to defeat the boss. Now that you have learned how to conquer the Bomb King boss fight, read Gobermouch Location and Sekhret Location guides as well & learn how to defeat these two as well. Other than that, you can also go through How To Get Orichalcum, Blacksmith Blues 2, Knight Of The Splendent Heart Guide, and What Do Mastering Abilities Do? guides as well.


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