FF16: Sekhret Location, Boss Fight & Rewards

Learn the essential steps to locate and challenge Sekhret, the mighty Minotaur, for an epic showdown in Final Fantasy 16.

In the labyrinthine world of FF16, discovering the location of the formidable boss Sekhret is a quest that carries significant weight. Not only does finding this colossal Minotaur offers a thrilling and challenging combat experience, but it also provides the opportunity to reap substantial rewards. The location of Sekhret, deep within the northern realms of Valesthia, shapes a key narrative pivot in the plot & story. That is why I have listed Sekhret’s location, how to defeat this boss & rewards you can get. 

Key Takeaways
  • Sekhret is a B-rank Notorious Mark, known for his heavy blows and powerful charge attacks.
  • Sekhret is located north of Martha’s Rest, not west of Rhiannon’s Ride in Rosaria as the Hunt Board suggests.
  • The Hunt Board, managed by Nektar the Moogle, provides important information about Sekhret and other bosses.
  • Sekhret’s primary attacks include “Raging Bull,” “Big Swing,” and “Charge Attack.”
  • Learning to dodge and parry Sekhret’s slow but heavy attacks is crucial to defeating him.
  • The Limit Break ability is particularly useful during the fight against Sekhret.
  • Rewards for defeating Sekhret include a Minotaur Mane, experience points, ability points, gil, and Renown.
  • Defeating Sekhret also contributes to your progression in the hunt side quests.

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Who Is Sekhret In FF16?

Sekhret Hunt Board [Image Credits: eXputer]
Sekhret is a formidable boss in Final Fantasy 16, a colossal Minotaur feared by many. Hailing from the North, he now challenges players in the South due to a spreading Blight. Known for his heavy blows and powerful charge attacks, he tests the mettle of even the most seasoned players. Sekhret is a B-rank Notorious Mark, offering substantial rewards for his defeat, making him a sought-after adversary in the vast world of Valesthia.

Sekhret Location In FF16

FF16 Sekhret Location [Image Credits: eXputer]
Finding Sekhret, the colossal Minotaur, is a challenge of its own in Final Fantasy 16. However, with the right guidance, you can easily navigate through the world of Valesthia to find him.

Nektar the Moogle is a key figure in the hunting side quests of Final Fantasy 16. Moogles have always been a staple of the Final Fantasy franchise, offering various types of assistance to players. In this installment, Nektar the Moogle is responsible for managing the Hunt Board.

Talking to Nektar provides you with more detailed information about each hunt, including the difficulty rank and the rewards you can expect upon completing the hunt. For locating Sekhret, you’ll need to interact with Nektar to get initial information about Sekhret’s general whereabouts and his fighting style. So, here’s a step-by-step walkthrough of Sekhret’s location.

Step 1: Martha’s Rest

The Hunt Board is a vital tool in FF16 for locating notorious marks like Sekhret. In addition to main and side quests, the game introduces ‘Hunts’ as a new type of side content. These Hunts usually involve tracking and defeating powerful monsters and bosses, rewarding players with hefty amounts of Gil, Renown, and other prizes.

Begin your journey at Martha’s Rest, a location accessible via the world map. It’s important to note that the waypoint’s label might differ based on the last Obelisk you interacted with. Don’t get confused if the waypoint reads a different place like ‘Three Reeds’ or ‘Eastpool.’ Just focus on reaching Martha’s Rest.

The Hunt Board regularly updates with new marks, indicating their general locations and difficulty rank. Each mark also comes with a brief description, helping players prepare for the battle ahead. For finding Sekhret, players should look for a Rank-B, level 31 mark. Keep in mind that the location provided by the Hunt Board may not always be completely accurate. For instance, while the Hunt Board might indicate that Sekhret is located west of Rhiannon’s Ride in Rosaria, he is actually found north of Martha’s Rest.

Step 2: Heading North

Once you’ve reached Martha’s Rest, you need to start moving North. Your target is the region known as Greensheaves. Continue North until you reach a wall. This barrier is your cue to make a left turn.

Step 3: Follow the Wall

After turning left, follow the wall, staying close to the edge of the map. Sekhret will be found wandering this area. Despite what the hunt board might tell you about being west of Rhiannon’s Ride in Rosaria, Sekhret is actually just north of Martha’s Rest. Look for a clearing that’s quite far west of Rhiannon’s Ride.

Step 4: Spotting Sekhret

Spotting Sekhret location in FF16 shouldn’t be much of a challenge given his size and impressive physique. Look for a towering Minotaur, mighty and meaty, pacing around the edge of the map. And there you have it! You’ve found Sekhret. Now comes the challenge of combat, so brace yourself for a grueling battle against this formidable beast.

NOTE: It’s always a good idea to save your game before a big boss fight like this.

How To Beat Sekhret In Final Fantasy 16?

Sekhret B-Rank Hunt [Image Credits: eXputer]
Sekhret, the colossal Minotaur in Final Fantasy 16, is a formidable opponent with heavy-hitting but slow attacks. This guide will provide a step-by-step walkthrough on how to defeat him.

Learn Sekhret’s Attacks

Sekhret mainly uses three attacks:

  • Raging Bull: A fast move that can hit multiple times.
  • Big Swing: Sekhret spins with his club, moving towards your character.
  • Charge Attack: He charges across the battlefield twice, damaging anything in his path.

Recognize these attack patterns as they are key to developing an effective counter-strategy.

Dodge And Parry

Sekhret’s slow movements make it relatively easier to dodge his attacks and practice parries. During his Raging Bull attack, it’s best to back away as this is Sekhret’s fastest move.


After Sekhret finishes an attack, he leaves a big window open to counterattack. Be patient during his attacks and wait for your turn before using any abilities. Aim to build up his stagger bar by consistently landing your counter-attacks.

Utilize Your Abilities

Utilize your Limit Break as often as possible. This can be used to heal yourself or maximize damage when Sekhret is staggered. For example, after the second charge of Sekhret’s charge attack, follow up with a Phoenix Shift to catch up and land a few powerful abilities before he recovers.

Dealing With Big Swing & Raging Bull

Sekhret boss fight [Image Credits: eXputer]
Big Swing is a potent attack where Sekhret spins while swinging his club, moving toward your character. Time your dodges and keep dodging away until he stops spinning. The Raging Bull attack is a series of fast and staggering strikes. If you get caught in this combo, use items to keep your health up as there’s little you can do to prevent the incoming damage.

By following these strategies, Sekhret, although intimidating, can be overcome. Good luck with your battle against this fearsome Minotaur! Remember, persistence and patience are your best allies in this fight.

Sekhret Boss Fight Rewards

Sekhret boss fight rewards [Image Credits: eXputer]
Successfully defeating Sekhret in Final Fantasy 16 provides you with several valuable rewards. Each of these contributes to different aspects of your gameplay, such as leveling up, acquiring new Clive’s abilities, crafting items, and increasing your wealth and renown.

Here are the rewards you receive upon defeating Sekhret in FF16:

  1. Minotaur Mane (Uncommon Crafting Material): This uncommon crafting material is a unique drop from Sekhret. It can be used in crafting various items later in the game.
  2. 800 Experience: The substantial experience points you gain will help level up your characters and improve their stats, making future battles easier.
  3. 60 Ability Points: These points are used to unlock and enhance your character’s abilities, significantly improving your performance in combat.
  4. 8,200 Gil: Gil is the primary currency in Final Fantasy 16. It can be used to purchase the best weapons, armor, items, and various other goods and services throughout the game world.
  5. 20 Renown: Renown is a new type of currency introduced in Final Fantasy 16. Earned through Hunts, Renown can be redeemed for new items and Ability Points. The more Renown you gather, the more milestones you reach, yielding even greater rewards.
  6. Notorious Mark Defeated: Overcoming Sekhret, a Notorious Mark, also contributes to your overall progression in hunts, a new type of side content in Final Fantasy 16.

That is everything I have to discuss FF16 Sekhret Location, boss fight & rewards. Before you leave the page, do read Final Fantasy 16 All EditionsEikonic Challenge Mode, and all Eikons guides.


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