FF16: Blacksmith Blues 2 [Walkthrough]

Learn what is the Blacksmith Blues 2 quest, how to begin it, and the sweet rewards it bears!

In Blacksmith Blues 2 FF16, you assist Blackthorne in his journey to regain confidence, and you’ll unlock crucial crafting recipes, including the legendary Excalibur. The 

Key Takeaways
  • “Blacksmith Blues 2” in FF16 is a side quest where Clive aids Blackthorne, a struggling blacksmith, to regain his confidence.
  • Initiated by a letter from August, Clive engages in dialogues, travels to The Dalimil Inn, combats bandits, and returns a whetstone to Blackthorne.
  • Completing the quest rewards players with the crafting recipe for the potent Excalibur sword, significantly boosting combat prowess.

Learn how to complete all four Blacksmith Blues quest in FF16 by watching this video:

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What Is Blacksmith Blues 2 In FF16?

ff16 blacksmith blues 2
Blacksmith Blues 2 (Image Credit: Gamerpillar YouTube Channel)

The Blacksmith Blues 2 quest provides a compelling narrative arc wherein Clive must assist a character named Blackthorne, who is grappling with a crisis of confidence. The quest kicks off when Clive receives a message about Blackthorne’s predicament. As Clive, players must take on the role of the friend, counselor, and errand runner, tackling various challenges and encounters throughout the quest.

This quest isn’t just about helping Blackthorne, though. It also offers substantial rewards that contribute to Clive’s overall strength and capabilities. Completing Blacksmith Blues 2 grants players access to powerful crafting recipes, including one for Excalibur, a highly potent sword that can make significant differences in battles.

How To Begin Blacksmith Blues 2

ff16 blacksmith blues 2
Blacksmith’s Blues 2 Location (Image Credit: Gamerpillar YouTube Channel)

Beginning the Blacksmith Blues 2 quest in FF16 is a straightforward process that’s set in motion upon completing the initial Blacksmith Blues quest. The start of this sequel quest sees Blackthorne once again dealing with self-doubt, leading to Clive’s involvement.

  1. The triggering event for Blacksmith Blues 2 is a letter from a character named August. This letter is a critical narrative device, informing Clive of Blackthorne’s situation and signaling the start of the quest.
  2. Players can find this letter in Clive’s quarters within the hideout. Interacting with this letter, i.e., reading it, will automatically accept the quest and set the wheels in motion.
  3. After accepting the quest, the first step is to engage with Blackthorne directly. You’ll need to navigate to Blackthorne’s location and initiate a conversation with him to understand the depth of his troubles
  4. This interaction sets the stage for the rest of the quest, providing the context and motivation for the challenges to come.

Therefore, the initiation of Blacksmith Blues 2 involves three key steps: completion of the original Blacksmith Blues quest, interaction with August’s letter in Clive’s quarters, and a conversation with Blackthorne.

Unlocking The Excalibur Crafting Recipe

Excalibur, in the lore of Final Fantasy, is a name synonymous with power and legend. This impressive sword is one of the stronger weapons available to players at this stage in the game. The Excalibur can give Clive a significant boost in battle, offering higher damage potential and thereby enhancing your combat capabilities.

Upon the completion of Blacksmith Blues 2, this sought-after crafting recipe is made available to players, opening the possibility to forge the Excalibur. The process of crafting this weapon is a task in itself, requiring certain materials and resources. However, the effort is well worth it considering the strength and advantage this powerful sword brings to your character.

My Experience With The Blacksmith Blues II Sidequest

My FF16 Hours

I came across a plethora of side-quests in my 53 hours of Final Fantasy 16 (PSN: ELiTExNoGuns), and I can assure you that the Blacksmith’s Blues side-quests are probably one of the most important group of side quests that you must not miss. There are four parts of the Blacksmith’s Blues side quest.

This guide deals with the second part additionally. You will need to beat all four of the quests in the category in order to unlock the second-strongest weapon, known as Gotterdammerung. I recommend completing these quests since you’ll greatly depend on Gotterdammerung in New Game Plus.

Thus, completing the Blacksmith Blues 2 quest becomes not just an engaging subplot but a strategic move for success in your broader FF16 adventure.


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