FF16: Masterless Marauder Location & Boss Fight

Find the location of Masterless Marauder in FF16 & defeat the boss to reap rich rewards including Behemoth Shackle, and Orichalcum & more.

Upon finishing the Nobody’s Tool side quest, Final Fantasy 16 players may enjoy challenging the final S-rank Notorious Mark which is The Masterless Marauder, Behemoth King. Before you leap into the hunt, keep in mind that this particular hunt is slightly stronger than the previous S-rank hunts, and may present a much more difficult learning curve in beating the boss.

Like the previous hunts, FF16 only provides you with a slight hint about the hunt’s location and expects you to traverse the whole region to find the Behemoth King. To make it easy for you, I have curated the FF16 Masterless Marauder location guide so that you can track down the boss easily.

Key Takeaways
  • The Masterless Marauder is a powerful boss you can fight after completing the Nobody’s Tool side quest.
  • It’s an S-rank Notorious Mark, which means it’s stronger than other S-rank hunts you’ve fought before.
  • You can find this creature in the region of Waloed, but the game only gives you a small hint about its exact location.
  • It has a variety of attacks like the Four Horsemen, Lightening Call, Maelstrom, Reign of Fire, and Apocalypse. You need to learn how to dodge these attacks to beat the Behemoth King.
  • When you defeat the Masterless Marauder, you earn the following significant rewards:
    1. 55 Renown
    2. 20,000 XP
    3. 20,000 Gil
    4. 200 AP
    5. Behemoth Shackle
    6. and Orichalcum
  • The Behemoth Shackle and Orichalcum are important for crafting. Especially the Orichalcum, it’s used to create one of the best swords in the game, the Gottemdammerung.

What Is Masterless Marauder In FF16?

Masterless Marauder In FF16
Masterless Marauder In FF16 [Image Captured by eXputer]
The Masterless Marauder in Final Fantasy 16 is an S-rank Notorious Mark, specifically the Behemoth King. Upon completion of the Nobody’s Tool side quest, players can hunt down this powerful creature, stronger than any of the previous S-rank hunts encountered. The Masterless Marauder resides in the region of Waloed.

In battle, it unleashes potent attacks such as the Four Horsemen, Lightening Call, Maelstrom, Reign of Fire, and Apocalypse. Defeating it yields significant rewards including Renown, XP, Gil, AP, Behemoth Shackle, and the rare Orichalcum, essential for crafting the coveted Gottemdammerung sword.

Where To Find The Masterless Marauder In FF16

The Masterless Marauder Behemoth King Location
The Masterless Marauder Behemoth King Location [Image Captured by eXputer]
It’s always annoying when the game expects you to find a certain enemy in a big region without giving you a proper hint. One such case is The Masterless Marauder, Behemoth King, who lurks in the region of Waloed. While players may sweat from pinpointing his exact location–even more so when trying to take him down–there are easy ways to accomplish your objectives.

  • Pick up the Notorious Mark from the hideaway.
  • Fast travel to Vidargaes obelisk, located far north of the Kingdom of Waloed.
  • Ride down slightly to the southwest and you’ll find the Masterless Marauder chilling in his ground.

How To Beat The Masterless Marauder

As (the most likely) final S-rank hunt of Final Fantasy 16, The Masterless Marauder won’t let you get away with wasting even a second—you’ll surely face the consequences.

Behemoth King isn’t one to give you a moment for strategy so it is better that you have studied his attack pattern once before ultimately deciding to finish him off. Or, you can just read our guide to wipe the floor with him. As the battle starts, here’s what you need to look out for:

The Four Horsemen 

Four Horseman
Four Horseman [Image Captured by eXputer]
The Masterless Marauder starts the duel off with the Four Horsemen attack; two comets are rained down upon the battlefield, doing AoE damage while sending shockwaves simultaneously—later in the fight, the comets increase to four. It may feel difficult to dodge this attack, but all you need to do is jump in the air or use an Eikon to jump over the shards.

Lightening Call

Strong enemies often have a diverse move set available, and Behemoth King is no exception. As you are done dealing with the Four Horsemen attack, the untamed beast will follow up by summoning lightning bolts from up the sky.

Fortunately, the game provides the players with enough hints on how to avoid this attack; the area turns blue where the lightning will hit. Though players need to be careful as the enemy will immediately rush with his usual Ravage attack.


Maelstrom [Image Captured by eXputer]
The enemy will continue trying new spices and one of them is Maelstrom, where he will summon a tornado, obscuring your vision. While this isn’t remotely harmful, what you should be worried about is the upcoming electrical shocks. Continuously moving will prove efficient in avoiding this attack.

Reign of Fire

Once The Masterless Marauder is near his half-health, he will call down comets of fire upon the battlefield. These attacks immediately result in rough lines, sending forth shockwaves to harm you. Jumping over these waves, or dodging sideways enables you to continue fighting without losing any of your health.


Apocalypse [Image Captured by eXputer]
Just like every boss, Behemoth King also has his exclusive later-stage move. Rather than introducing a new move, the enemy will unleash his previous attacks. The first one is the Reign of Fire, which can be dodged easily by moving sideways while in the middle of the shockwaves line.

The enemy will call upon The Four Horsemen to attack afterward. Just dodge it like before. The final attack includes a massive meteorite hitting the ground. To dodge it, just avoid the circular mark on the ground and move away as it will send shockwaves upon hitting.

Once Behemoth King is finished with these attacks, he may take a momentary pause, and take this chance to deal heavy damage, using various Eikonic abilities.

Rewards For Beating The Masterless Marauder

Rewards For Beating The Masterless Marauder
Rewards For Beating The Masterless Marauder

Like any Notorious Mark, this particular S-rank hunt rewards you generously for defeating the rampaging monster. The last two are important crafting materials. Make sure to not misuse Orichalcum as it is an important item used for crafting one of the best swords in the game, Gottemdammerung. The rewards include the following:

  • 55 Renown
  • 20,000 XP
  • 20,000 Gil
  • 200 AP
  • 1 Behemoth Shackle
  • 1 Orichalcum

So there you have it – the Masterless Marauder in Final Fantasy 16. This beast, the Behemoth King, is one tough opponent, but with patience and skill, you can beat him. Once you finish the Nobody’s Tool side quest, you can take him on. He’s stronger than other S-rank hunts and is hiding out in the region of Waloed, so I suggest you do not take this boss fight light & come prepared with Clive’s best abilities & Eikon builds to stand a fighting chance.

For more useful guides, I recommend you have a quick glance at Final Fantasy 16: Best Ramuh Eikonic Abilities, Did Clive Kill Joshua, and Braveheart.


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