Final Fantasy 16: How To Find Soul Stingers [Locations]

Assassinate any Soul Stingers that you can find in the Dhalmekian Republic area in Final Fantasy 16!

Final Fantasy 16 offers players many items, quests, and objectives to complete, some of which can become a little harder than others. Amongst those that can be found include the Soul Stingers in Final Fantasy 16, which can be a little tougher to come across. Therefore, players might want to know where it can be found! 

Important: Players need to complete the Out of the Shadow Main questline to unlock the Soul Stingers hunt.
Key Takeaways
  • Soul Stingers in FF16 are creatures in the Dhalmekian Republic area. 
  • They are a Notorious Mark that can be encountered through the Hunt Board. 
  • Soul Stingers can be unlocked by completing the Out of the Shadow main quest. 
  • These creatures will drop magicked ash, sharp fang, and Bloody Hide as rewards.

What Are Soul Stingers In Final Fantasy 16? 

First, let’s discuss what the Soul Stingers might be since it can become confusing. 

  • When it comes to the Soul Stingers, players should be able to easily locate them whenever they open up their hunt board. 
    What Are Soul Stingers
    What Are Soul Stingers (Image Credits Exputer)
  • The soul stinger in and of itself is a Notorious Mark that can be found using the Hunt Board, and it can be seen whenever you view the Hunt Board tab. 
    Hunt Board
    Hunt Board (Image Credits Exputer)

As can be said, Soul Stingers have been having been described to be a swarm of vicious vilekin that has somehow managed to make its nest closeby to an abandoned village that is present towards the Fields of Corava area, and as the hive has continued to grow, so has it’s hunger. 

  • Vilekin warning: Leaving it alone results in nearby settlements turning to bleached bones within 12 days.
  • The Hunt board provides locations for Notorious marks (S to A ranks) for assassination.
  • Rewards for hunts include Gil and Renown

How To Unlock Hunt For Soul Stingers 

Moving on, you can consider how to figure out unlocking the Soul Stingers Hunt

  1. To unlock it, players will first need to go ahead and essentially carry out the entire Out of the Shadow Main quest
    Opening Up The Map
    Opening Up The Map (Image Credits Exputer)
  2. To complete the quest, players are recommended to try it at level 30, and the quest contains many interactions with Otto, Vivian, Mid, Obolus, and more. 
  3. Soul Stingers themselves are ranked as a C-rank hunt. 

Soul Stingers Location 

Next up, let’s get into the actual location of the Soul Stingers in Final Fantasy 16, as they are primarily found in the Dhalmekian Republic area, which is essentially a region that is present in the world of Valisthea and has the Titan as its associated Eikon, as well as Hugo Kupka, being it’s associated Dominant

The Dalimil Inn Area
The Dalimil Inn Area (Image Credits Exputer)
  1. Players want to start by opening up their map, through which they should be able to take note of The Dalimil Inn, from where they want to go ahead and fast travel over there. 
    Fast Traveling To The Area FF16
    Fast Traveling To The Area
  2. After fast traveling there, you will arrive in a village-type town, where a small shop should be before you. 
  3. If you look at the map again, the actual locations for the Soul Stingers should be towards the bottom right of the Fields of Corava area. 
    FF16 Right Turn
    Right Turn
  4. From here, you want to go ahead and start running a few feet in front of you, after which you can simply take a right turn and head deeper into the town. 
  5. Run past the bridge, then head forth until you leave the town. 
    Running Across The Bridge FF16
    Running Across The Bridge
  6. Keep running until you can make your way into the open area, after which you want to head for the gate in front of you. 
    FF16 Wooden Gate
    Wooden Gate
  7. As you approach the wooden gate, it should be open, which grants you the ability to go through it and then make your way past easily. 
    FF16 Doeznov Terraces
    Doeznov Terraces
  8. After that, you will arrive at the Doeznov Terraces, and at this point, you can go ahead and call for your mount, making your entire journey toward the Soul Stingers much easier. 

Getting To The Location 

After getting on your mount, you can start heading straight through the terraces, and you don’t need to do anything except follow the main path laid out for you. 

  1. Keep heading forth, and you just want to continue heading past the unlit torches on your way, and they should act as indicators. 
  2. As you approach a cross-section, you can slow down your ride and open up your map to ensure you are heading in the right direction. 
    FF16 Cross Section
    Cross Section
  3. From the intersection, turn left, and continue going until you can see the white terrace ground ending. 
  4. Head into the desert area, and you want to keep heading forth until you can come across a tree, and from here, you simply want to keep moving forth. 
  5. From the tree, steer left, and then continue to go forth, and you will encounter a bit of an uphill climb that you can do. 
    Arriving At The Fields Of Corava FF16
    Arriving At The Fields Of Corava
  6. Go uphill, and then as you do so, you should also be able to step down. 

As you do so, you can encounter the Fields of Corava, and then enter it. The Fields themselves are a rather barren area, and there isn’t much greenery anywhere, making it feel abandoned. 

The Fields Of Corava

After you arrive at The Fields of Corava, you will be one step closer to heading toward the Soul Stingers Location. 

FF16 Running Across The Field
Running Across The Field
  1. Start running through the field after you have entered it, and the main way to essentially get to the Soul Stingers is to run across the fields simply. 
    FF16 Encountering Soul Stingers
    Encountering Soul Stingers
  2. Keep running until you can reach the northeastern end of the fields, and stop upon encountering a swarm of creatures. 
  3. The creatures themselves are the Soul Stingers. 

Go ahead and defeat them, after which they will drop Magicked Ash, 50 Sharp Fang, 20 Bloody Hide, 40 ability points, and 400 exp. 

And that’s just about it! All that players need to know about the Final Fantasy 16 Soul Stingers guide, and with that, let’s wrap it up! While you’re here, why not read the Final Fantasy 16 Release Platforms guide, which details all the platforms on which Final Fantasy 16 is available? 

Apart from that, the Final Fantasy 16 Eikonic Challenge Mode guide walks you through the Eikonic Challenge mode in great detail! Lastly, the Final Fantasy 16 Battle System guide will showcase everything about the battle system’s operation!

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