Final Fantasy XVI Is “Pretty Much” Complete, Says Producer

Certain factors caused the announcement to be delayed, but it should be released "soon," says Naoki Yoshida.

Final Fantasy is no doubt one of the biggest gaming franchises in the world. It has grown from simple video games to comics and television shows. No matter which generation you are from, you must have played a Final Fantasy game, as there are at least fifteen of them. Even with such numbers, everyone waits patiently for the next main entry in the series. Right now, the center of speculation in the series is the upcoming Final Fantasy XVI. We know that the game is in development but nothing concrete about it is official yet. However, a recent interview with the producer behind the series, Naoki Yoshida, has changed all of that.

While talking on the recent NieR Re[in]carnation collaboration stream celebrating the upcoming Final Fantasy XIV crossover, Naoki Yoshida updated players about the upcoming Final Fantasy XVI. He said that the trailer for the game is complete and could drop very soon. However, some factors resulted in a delay in this announcement but the trailer will be released soon now.

On the other hand, the developers are spending a lot of time polishing the game. According to Naoki Yoshida, the development team is taking its time to thoroughly debug the game and make it faultless for the players — a commitment like this to the project is very good to see from the company. Most players don’t care about the time taken to make it if Final Fantasy XVI turns out to be as good as the company is claiming it to be.

Secondly, in the biggest bombshell of this interview, Naoki Yoshida said that Final Fantasy XVI is “pretty much” complete. This is very encouraging news with regards to the game’s release. If this is the case, we may see a late 2022 or an early 2023 release for this new entry.

However, the polishing and debugging of the Final Fantasy XVI are still going on, as the producer mentioned. It will take some time for the process to be thoroughly complete. So, don’t expect a very early release window like June for the game. We may see it launch this year but that most probably will be a bit later. However, all of this is speculation as of now and we know nothing for sure. All in all, this news is very exciting for all of the Final Fantasy players. Not only are the players getting a new trailer very soon but the game is also near completion. Hopefully, the game lives up to its huge expectations.

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