Final Fantasy 16: All Darksteel Locations & Rewards

Learn how to conquer the Final Fantasy 16 Darksteel locations, acquire the powerful Darksteel, and craft the legendary Gotterdammerung.

Final Fantasy 16 introduces the crucial element, Darksteel, which plays a pivotal role in character progression and crafting powerful equipment back at the forge in the Hideaway. Navigating the diverse final fantasy 16 Darksteel locations, with its challenging Notorious Marks, requires skill and strategy.

Key Takeaways
  • Darksteel in Final Fantasy 16 is a coveted material for crafting the powerful Gotterdammerung sword.
  • The rare material can only be acquired by defeating formidable enemies called Notorious Marks.
  • Darksteel’s locations are guarded by Thanatos and the Prince of Death in Titan’s Wake and Royal Meadows.
  • Victory over these opponents grants Darksteel and other rewards: XP, Gil, Ability Points, and Renown.
  • Gil allows purchasing better equipment or items, while Renown leads to higher-ranked quests and improved rewards.
  • Crafting the Gotterdammerung sword requires the acquired Darksteel, Ragnarok Sword, Orichalcum, and a Primitive Battlehorn.
  • Tips for defeating the Notorious Marks include leveling up, understanding opponent strategies, using the environment tactically, and maintaining persistence.
  • An optimized party composition can offer varied skills and abilities, improving chances of victory in these battles..

What Is Darksteel In Final Fantasy 16?

In the sprawling world of Final Fantasy 16, Darksteel stands out as a rare, highly coveted crafting material. Final Fantasy 16 Darksteel plays a significant role in weapon crafting, particularly in creating the iconic Gotterdammerung sword. Its rarity and utility in forging such a formidable weapon underline the importance of Darksteel in enhancing a player’s combat prowess throughout the FF16.

Final Fantasy 16 Darksteel Location
Darksteel (Credit: eXputer)

Darksteel Locations

In your quest to locate Darksteel in Final Fantasy 16, you’ll face off against two Rank A Notorious Marks, Thanatos and the Prince of Death. Equipping your Clive with the best gear and skills is crucial before taking on these formidable enemies.

Defeating Thanatos

Usher To The Underworld – The first Darksteel piece is your reward for conquering Thanatos. To reach this challenging opponent:

Final Fantasy 16 Darksteel Location Thanatos
Thanatos (Credit: eXputer)
  • Set your destination to the Dhalmekian Republic, specifically Titan’s Wake, west of the Gilded Path Obelisk, on your Final Fantasy 16 Darksteel location map.
  • Prepare yourself for rigorous combat. Thanatos is a Rank A Notorious Mark and will not be easily defeated.
  • Upon Thanatos’ defeat, you’ll secure one piece of Darksteel, making the hard-fought battle worthwhile.

Battling The Prince Of Death

The Grim Reaper – The second Darksteel piece awaits you after a victory over the Prince of Death:

Final Fantasy 16 Darksteel Location The Prince Of Death
The Prince Of Death (Credit: eXputer)
  • Start your journey from the Northreach Obelisk, heading west into the Royal Meadows of Sanbreque.
  • The Prince of Death, another formidable Rank A Notorious Mark, is your adversary at this Final Fantasy 16 Darksteel location.
  • The triumph over this menacing figure grants you the second piece of Darksteel, bringing you closer to crafting the legendary Gotterdammerung sword.

Remember, both of these powerful enemies are substantial challenges. Stock up on potions and equipment, and ensure your character’s skills are upgraded before attempting these hunts.

Rewards & Benefits Of Hunting The Notorious Marks

Hunting the Notorious Marks, Thanatos, and the Prince of Death, at their respective Final Fantasy 16 Darksteel locations not only yields the much sought-after Darksteel but also offers an array of additional rewards. Each victory is a significant milestone in your journey, bringing with it experience, Gil, and Ability Points.

  • Experience Points (XP): Each victory against these Notorious Marks provides you with a hefty amount of experience points. This ranges between 8000 and 10000 XP, which significantly helps advance your character levels.
  • Gil: In addition to XP, defeating these formidable foes also grants you a handsome amount of Gil. Winning against the Prince of Death provides you with 15,000 Gil while triumphing over Thanatos gifts you 17,000 Gil. This wealth allows you to purchase better equipment or items for your character.
  • Ability Points: Ability Points are critical to your character’s growth, allowing you to learn new skills or upgrade existing ones. Each victory against the Notorious Marks grants 100 Ability Points, allowing you to strengthen your character significantly.
  • Renown: Defeating these powerful enemies also boosts your Renown. This enhances your reputation, leading to the availability of higher-ranked quests and better rewards.

In summary, hunting these Notorious Marks at their respective Final Fantasy 16 Darksteel locations isn’t just about obtaining the Darksteel. It’s also about gaining valuable XP, Gil, Ability Points, and Renown, all essential for strengthening your character and enriching your overall gameplay experience in Final Fantasy 16.

Crafting The Gotterdammerung

After securing the Darksteel from the designated Final Fantasy 16 Darksteel locations, your next step is utilizing this rare material to craft the legendary Gotterdammerung. This powerful weapon is well worth the effort of hunting down the Notorious Marks.

Final Fantasy 16 Darksteel Location Gotterdammerung
Gotterdammerung (Credit: eXputer)

Here are the necessary steps to craft the Gotterdammerung using Darksteel and other materials:

  1. Unlock Crafting Recipe: The first step in crafting the Gotterdammerung is acquiring the necessary recipe. This can be done by completing the quest Blacksmith Blues IV, which provides the crafting blueprint for this legendary sword.
  2. Gather Required Materials: Once you’ve acquired the recipe, gather the required crafting materials. These include:
    • Ragnarok Sword: This powerful weapon serves as the base for the Gotterdammerung.
    • Orichalcum: You’ll need three of these ores.
    • Darksteel: Two Darksteel are required, obtained from the specified Final Fantasy 16 Darksteel locations.
    • Primitive Battlehorn: This unique item is the final material needed for the recipe.
  3. Craft the Gotterdammerung: After collecting all required items, visit the blacksmith to initiate the crafting process. It will result in the creation of the Gotterdammerung, a legendary sword offering unmatched power and versatility in battles, only close second to the Ultima weapon.

It’s important to note that both Darksteel and Orichalcum are relatively hard to come by in the FF16, making their acquisition a rewarding challenge. Remember, the epic journey to the Final Fantasy 16 Darksteel locations gifts you the Darksteel and contributes significantly to your overall character development. Therefore, crafting the Gotterdammerung isn’t just about acquiring a weapon but also about the journey and growth it requires.

Tips & Strategies For Overcoming The Hunts

The journey to the Final Fantasy 16 Darksteel locations, battles with the Notorious Marks, and crafting the Gotterdammerung sword involves significant challenges. Here are some focused tips and strategies to overcome these hurdles:

  • Level Up: Be adequately leveled up before engaging with Thanatos and the Prince of Death. This improves your chances of winning the battles at the Final Fantasy 16 Darksteel locations.
  • Study Your Opponents: Understand the attack patterns and weaknesses of Thanatos and the Prince of Death. This knowledge is key to formulating effective battle strategies.
  • Use the Environment: The landscapes at the Final Fantasy 16 Darksteel locations can serve as tactical advantages during battles. Use elements like high grounds or natural barriers to your benefit.
  • Optimize Party: Though Clive is the protagonist, an optimized party composition can offer varied skills and abilities for these battles, improving your chances of victory.
  • Persistence: Be prepared for multiple attempts to defeat these Notorious Marks. Learn from each battle and adjust your strategies accordingly.

By considering these tips when heading towards the Final Fantasy 16 Darksteel locations, your chances of acquiring the Darksteel and crafting the Gotterdammerung significantly increase.

To sum up, the quest for Final Fantasy 16 Darksteel locations offers a mix of both trials and triumphs. Overcoming the impressive Notorious Marks, Thanatos, and the Prince of Death earns you the highly coveted Darksteel and beneficial XP, Gil, Ability Points, and Renown.

Once you’ve mastered the Darksteel locations in FF16, exploring other guides like Understanding Final Fantasy 16’s Battle System, Final Fantasy 16 Trophy Guide, and Tips for Beginners is essential.


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