FF16: Belphegor Location, Boss Fight & Rewards

Strategize combat against Belphegor, a winged beast whose location is in the FF16 Broken Hilt region, and earn generous rewards for victory.

Belphegor is a Hunt Board Notorious Mark in Final Fantasy 16. Once you unlock Notorious Marks, the difficulty takes a leap and now you can challenge higher-ranked enemies, unlike other C-rank ones. Belphegor is one of the first B-rank Notorious Marks you will need to find the location of in FF16, and since you may not be used to these types of battles, you might find it hard to prevail against this monster.

Fortunately, I have tips to help you bring this drake down to the ground in FF16. The winged beast is known to roam the skies of Rosario, but you don’t need to traverse the whole region as I am here to lend a hand in tracking down its location.

Key Takeaways
  • Belphegor is a B-rank Notorious Mark in Final Fantasy 16.
  • It can be found in the Broken Hilt region of Rosaria, near Eastpool.
  • A strategic approach includes careful dodging, utilizing Clive’s Phoenix Heatwave ability, and exploiting Belphegor’s post-combo openings.
  • Staggering Belphegor can provide opportunities for launching your other abilities and Limit Break.
  • Once you have defeated Belphegor, you get the following rewards:
    1. 700 Experience
    2. 60 Ability Points
    3. 8,000 Gil
    4. 20 Renown
    5. 2x Dragon Talons

Who Is Belphegor In Final Fantasy 16?

Belphegor In Final Fantasy 16
Belphegor In Final Fantasy 16 [image by eXputer]
Belphegor, a winged beast of level 30 and B-Ranked Hunt Board Notorious Mark, nests on a hill near Eastpool in Final Fantasy 16’s Broken Hilt region of Rosaria. It’s notorious for its swift, three-hit combo attacks and its ranged fireball or flame breath attacks. Combating Belphegor requires careful dodging, strategic use of Clive’s Phoenix Heatwave ability, and capitalizing on Belphegor’s openings post-combo.

Belphegor Location In FF16

Location of Belphegor In Final Fantasy 16
Location of Belphegor In Final Fantasy 16 [image by eXputer]
To locate Belphegor in Final Fantasy 16, you need to venture to the Broken Hilt region of Rosaria.

  1. Start from Eastpool and make your way to the Obelisk within the town.
  2. From there, head south, sticking to the left side of the nearby wheat field. Pass the building and traverse a small valley filled with weaker monsters.
  3. Beyond these creatures, atop a hill near a windmill along a narrow path, lies Belphegor’s nest.
  4. This spot offers a scenic overlook of Rosaria, making it an intriguing setting for your encounter with the B-Ranked winged beast.

How To Beat Belphegor In Final Fantasy 16

Belphegor boss fight in FF16 [Image Captured by eXputer]
Now that you have the location of Belphegor in FF16, many players will find Belphegor to be a bigger problem than anything they’ve come across so far—particularly because of Drake’s combos. However, once you figure out its attack pattern, defeating the monster doesn’t seem difficult anymore.

Boss Attack Patterns

boss attacks Belphegor [Image Captured by eXputer]
Players need to be careful when near Belphegor, as he will strike with the 3-combo move—two quick claw swipes and the last one being a tail whip. Immediately create some distance to dodge this combo. Once you successfully evade the attacks, follow it up with your own combos.

After some time, Belphegor will start throwing consecutive fireballs–while also using fire breathes in-between–so be sure to use Heatwave Ability from Clive’s Phoenix to destroy the fireballs, and sideway dodges to evade the fire breathe.

Belphegor will continue using new moves, such as throwing wind projectiles and dive attacks to strike you down. However, once you are successful in evading them, he leaves enough free space for you to try out the effective combos and get the upper hand against the Wyvern.

Best Strategy To Defeat Belphegor

boss fight Belphegor [Image Captured by eXputer]
While the above strategy is suited for all Eikons, the most compatible would be Garuda’s Deadly Embrace as it will launch a flurry of attacks and stagger the enemy soon enough—you can easily take him down this way. Here’s a useful strategy to defeat it:

  • Belphegor’s main attack is a three-hit combo, involving two rapid claw swipes and a slower tail whip.
  • Dodge the third move and retaliate with your full combo.
  • Belphegor will use distance attacks such as shooting three fireballs or deploying a wide flame breath, covering the ground in front of it.
  • Clive’s Phoenix Heatwave ability can counter the fireballs, but you should sidestep or back away from the flame breath.
  • As the fight progresses, Belphegor will use wind projectiles and dive attacks.
  • Yet, it’s most vulnerable after its three-hit combo. Take advantage of these moments to strike.
  • The Gouge ability and Rising Flames can also be used to stagger Belphegor or deal damage swiftly between its attacks, respectively.
  • Belphegor tends to be on the move, so focus on staggering it for it to stay still, allowing you to launch your other abilities and Limit Break.

Remember, patience and a keen eye for dodging its attacks will lead you to victory against this fiery beast.

Rewards For Beating Belphegor

Rewards For Beating Belphegor
Rewards For Beating Belphegor [image by eXputer]
After finding the Belphegor Location in FF16 and defeating the boss, you get rewards generously. Here are the spoils that you can takeaway:

  • 700 Experience
  • 60 Ability Points
  • 8,000 Gil
  • 20 Renown
  • 2x Dragon Talons

Final Fantasy 16’s Belphegor is a fierce, dynamic adversary that truly tests your strategic prowess and agility in combat. Navigating its three-hit combos, fireballs, and wind projectiles demands a deep understanding of the game’s mechanics. But with patience, keen dodging skills, and smart use of abilities like Clive’s Phoenix Heatwave and Garuda’s Deadly Embrace, you can conquer this winged beast of Rosaria.

With this, I conclude my FF16 Belphegor Location guide and have mentioned important information regarding the boss’s location, attack patterns, the best strategy to defeat the boss & rewards you get after killing the Mark. look for more: FF16: Gobermouch Location, Blacksmith Blues 2, and Knight Of The Splendent Heart Guide


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