FFXIV: Unable To Complete Version Check [FIXED]

Here are some troubleshooting steps to fix Final Fantasy XIV unable to complete version check by Verifying Game Files, checking your internet connectivity, Enabling Firewall and much more!

Seemingly, Final Fantasy XIV’s FFXIV unable to complete version check error has persisted for as long as the game itself. This error in FFXIV has constantly plagued players every time the game gets an update. The error refuses to let anyone go past the launcher and appears right after an update drops. But don’t fret: I will get you through this error.

The error can be caused due to a bug in the game’s updation process but it can also be caused due to DNS being the cause.

Version Check Failure FFXIV
Unable to Complete Version Check (Image by eXputer)
The error message says: “Unable to Complete Version Check. [30410][30612].

Before attempting to fix the error through complicated solutions:

Key Takeaways

To solve the FFXIV Version error, try the following solutions: 

    1. Edit one of the FFXIV’s boot files.
    2. Switch to a Public DNS Server.
    3. Allow FFXIV through the Windows Firewall.

Manually Change FFXIV’s Boot File

Sometimes the launcher doesn’t update the game version in the FFXIV’s boot config file which can lead to the error popping up. If the error were caused by your launcher not updating that single line of code, this solution would fix the issue. Here, we will manually update the line that checks for the game version on boot. This will make it forcibly version check and let you in-game.

Before we begin, close your launcher; Otherwise, this quick fix might not work for you. If you are unsure, check your hidden tray icons for the launcher.

Once done, follow these steps to get going: 

  1. Open your File Explorer > paste this address on the address bar: ‘Documents\My Games\FINAL FANTASY XIV – A Realm Reborn\.’
  2.  Right-click on ‘FFXIV_BOOT.cfg’ > click on ‘Open With’ > choose Notepad to open the file.
    Getting to the setting to solve FFXIV's Unable to Complete version check error
    Opening the Settings File for FFXIV via Notepad (Image by eXputer)
  3. Once the file is open > press ‘Ctrl + F’ > search for ‘BootVersionCheckMode.’
  4. Change the 0 in front of the searched setting to 1.
    Changing the setting in ffxiv
    FFXIV: Setting the Check to 1 (Image by eXputer)
  5. When done, press ‘Ctrl + S’ to save the applied changes.

This should make the launcher correctly check for the game version, allowing you to boot, and fixing the ffxiv unable to complete version check error. 

Switch To A Public DNS

If removing the boot check doesn’t kill the Unable to Complete version check error. The second most preferable solution is to switch your DNS to a public and freely accessible one.

Public DNS servers typically have a larger user base and are well-maintained, which can lead to higher uptime and less downtime compared to some smaller ISP servers. This can potentially improve your overall connection stability.

Players online also found this fix helpful. While there are multiple Public DNS servers available, our advice would be to pick one of the following:

  •  Google Public DNS ( and
  •  OpenDNS ( and

Follow the following steps to change your DNS Server:

  1. Search for ‘Network Adapter’ > click enter > click  ‘More Network Adapter Options.’
    Changing Your DNS for FFXIV
    Getting to Network Adapters (Image Credits to eXputer)
  2. Click on the connection you are using > click on Properties > Internet Protocol Version 4 > Use the following DNS server > OK.
    Changing your DNS to get the version check to complete in ffxiv
    Switching Default DNS (Image by eXputer)

Allow FFXIV Through Windows Firewall

Microsoft’s implementation of it in Windows is a bit shaky. Sometimes, it can act up and flag secure server IPs as well. This can lead to an error popping up.

That is why I recommend allowing FFXIV through the Windows Firewall so the connection doesn’t get blocked by it and you can play the game again.

My Thoughts on the FFXIV Unable to Complete Version Check Error

I find it quite annoying when these kinds of errors show up after spending so much time waiting for the game to update. This game especially is a prime example of this. People were discussing this error on forums like the Square Enix Forums, Reddit, and Steam.

A lot of people were also talking about it on X/Twitter.

The developers have yet to address this error anywhere even though the Square Enix Forums are filled with complaints about it. This kind of negligence leads to a game’s downfall. Hopefully, they will fix the issue at some point because I don’t see the game surviving for much longer otherwise.

Square Enix Forums
Square Enix Forums (image by eXputer)


How do you check your current FFXIV version?

Go to your Square Enix account, and click Account Information to check your current game version.

Are Public DNS servers safe?

Yes, the ones recommended in the article have encrypted protocols, so there is no need to worry.

Why do I need a VPN?

A VPN encrypts or disguises your network packets so they are safe and can’t be detected. However, they are not essential.

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