FF16: Green Currency [How To Earn & Spend]

Green Currency In Final fantasy 16 is extremely useful as it can get to you some great rewards!

FF16 Green Currency won’t be available to you at the start, as it unlocks after some time. You will be able to unlock it after the second time skip when you have completed The Gathering Storm main quest. The green currency is also known as Renown, so you can earn it and spend accordingly. In this guide, I will explain everything about the Green Currency so you can use it to get the desired items.

Key Takeaways
  • Green Currency in Final Fantasy 16 unlocks after the second time skip.
  • You will need to complete The Gathering Storm, a main quest, in order to unlock the new Hideaway Hub.
  • Desiree would be running Patron’s Whisper, a shop where you get rewards in exchange for Green Currency.
  • You can get the Green Currency by doing Main Quests, Side Quests, and Hunts.
  • Keep in mind that not all of the items in the shop would be worth spending Renown on.
  • If you are willing to go for 100% completion, then you will be able to buy anything from the shop.
  • If you don’t want to bother with 100% completion, then it’s better only to buy the items you like.  
  • The Berserker Ring is extremely useful you can buy it from the shop.
  • You should remember that once you have obtained the Renown, you cannot lose it.

What Is FF16 Green Currency

Green Currency in Final Fantasy 16 can be earned by completing Side Quests, Main Quests, and Hunts. Moreover, you will get some great rewards as you progress and reach different levels. You must keep in mind that the Renown system will only open once you have completed The Gathering Storm’s main quest. 

Desiree [Image Credits: eXputer]
After completing the quest, you will be able to access a new Hideaway Hub. In the Hideaway Hub, you will find a shop, A Patron’s Whisper. This is the Renown shop where you can get rewards for the green currency. An NPC named Desiree will be running the shop, and as soon as you reach certain levels of Renown, you will be able to see the rewards. 

How To Earn FF16 Green Currency

The Patron’s Whisper [Image Credits: eXputer]
Earning Green Currency is not difficult at all. You just need to progress through the story by completing the main quests and side quests, and while you are at it, complete the hunt too. You would need a decent amount of Green Currency to be able to get all the rewards from Patron’s Wishper, so completing each task would give you enough to buy them all. However, buying all of the awards wouldn’t be worth it, so you should only choose the best ones.

The Rewards At Patron’s Whisper

Rewards [Image Credits: eXputer]
The following are all the rewards you can get by farming Green Currency:

Talk of the Treehouse20 Valley Madder, 20 Bloody Hide, 20 Steelsilk, 400 Ability Points15
Pillow TalkBerserker Ring85
A Swelling ChorusA Rose is a Rose Orchestron, Empty Shard135
A Prayer for Safe TravelsCleric’s Medalion +1205
Safe PassageDire Wolf Jess295
A Token25 Briar Clam Shell, 15 Desert Rose, 800 Ability Points410
The Bearer’s Plight2 Meteorite550
A Light from the HeavensHigh Cleric’s Medallion715
A Pall Lifted40 Sharp Fang, 30 Bloody Hide, 30 Steelsik, 1500 Ability Points 905
Newfound PurposeNo Risk, No Reward Orchestron1120
A GiftTalisman of Priming1360
A Fitting Performance20 Clutchmine, 40 Wyrrite, 50 Magicked Ash, 2500 Ability Points1635
Faith UndyingRing of the Swiftshot1965
Continental AcclaimGenji Gloves2365
UnsignedTo Sail Forbidden Seas Orchestron, Fallen Enigma2850

These rewards won’t be available from the start as you will have to farm the Green Currency in order to see them. You don’t have to buy all of them as I think the most useful among them is the Berserker Ring which is an extremely useful accessory you can use if you want to do precision dodge attacks. However, you can get any of the items available you want, as it depends completely on your preference.

Can You Lose The Green Currency?

No, you can’t lose the green currency as it is only limited, and you can only get it by doing some tasks. So, you shouldn’t worry about losing them. However, if you don’t plan on completing all the side quests and hunts, then I would recommend you use the currency carefully and only the rewards you really want.

That is almost everything you would want to know about FF16 Green Currency. You can earn Renown [Green Currency] by doing main quests, side quests, and hunts. After farming them, you can get some rewards. While you are at it, you should check out the detailed guide on Bomb King’s location. After that, make sure to visit the page of Dread Comet guide to figure out the location and the boss fight arena.

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