FF16 The Rising Tide: Best Leviathan Eikonic Abilities

My list of Leviathan's strongest abilities which is backed up by a 75 hour experience in Final Fantasy 16.

The Rising Tide DLC introduces Leviathan as the new Eikon in FF16, and his best Eikonic abilities can deal big damage to both the health bar and stagger bar of bosses. Honestly, Leviathan has become my favorite Eikon to use gameplay wise, and thankfully, you can unlock its abilities in the beginning hours of The Rising Tide DLC in FF16.

Key Takeaways
  • Leviathan is a new Eikon that can be unlocked in the Rising Tide DLC of FF16.
  • Leviathan comes with a total of five new Eikonic abilities in the new DLC.
  • This Eikon has the potential to deal high health and stagger damage from range.
  • Even the strongest bosses can be easily beaten using the best Eikonic abilities of Leviathan in FF16 The Rising Tide.

The Best Leviathan Eikonic Abilities

Here is a summary of the best Eikonic abilities of Leviathan and what these abilities are best used for:

No.Eikonic AbilityBest ForDescription
1TsunamiThe Best Health Damage Eikonic AbiltiySummon a Tsunami to deal high health to multiple enemies or a boss from range.
2DelugeThe Best Stagger Damage Eikonic AbiltiySpam balls of water like bullets coming out of a machine gun at bosses to melt their stagger bars in FF16.
3Serpent's CryThe Best Eikonic FeatSummon a Water Serpent and use its ranged attacks to deal decent health and stagger damage.

1. Tsunami

The Best Health Damage Eikonic Abiltiy.
best leviathan eikonic abilites ff16 the rising tide
The Tsunami Eikonic Ability of Leviathan (Image Captured by Us)

It is basically the most powerful attack of Leviathan in terms of pure health damage and can take out a good chunk of health in most boss fights. Fodder enemies are almost always guaranteed to die in one use if they get stuck in the Tsunami. Additionally, don’t expect this ability to deal too much damage to the Stagger Bar.

It is best used when an opponent or a boss gets staggered. I would also recommend using the Tsunami Eikonic ability for crowd control. It allowed me to wipe out all the enemies in an encounter after I had perfectly aligned the direction of my cast. Lastly, use this ability only when necessary because the downtime is pretty long on it.

  • High health damage.
  • Good crowd control.
  • Amazing range.
  • Long downtime.
  • Low stagger damage.
  • Why I Went With This: It allowed me to quickly clear out fodder enemies during various encounters in the DLC, and I was relying on it to deal big health damage to bosses when they would get staggered.

2. Deluge

The Best Stagger Damage Eikonic Abiltiy.
abilities in the game
The Deluge Eikonic Ability of Leviathan (Image Captured by eXputer)

Deluge is just as powerful as the Tsunami ability, but it deals more damage to the stagger bar and has a faster recharge time. After I realized the potential of this ability, it didn’t leave my build, and I’m going to do another ng+ run with it. Basically, it melts the stagger bar of bosses and recharges almost instantaneously.

I kept spamming it repeatedly, and the boss would stagger in no time, which allowed me to use my other ability slots for health damage since I didn’t need to rely on anything else for stagger damage. My strategy quickly changed to staggering bosses with Deluge and then following up abilities that would melt the health bar like Zantetsuken.

  • High stagger damage.
  • Amazing range.
  • Target can be changed mid use.
  • Fast reload time.
  • Low health damage.
  • Why I Chose This: It became an essential part of my build after I realized its potential of dealing high stagger damage paired with its fast recharge time.

3. Serpent’s Cry

The Best Eikonic Feat.
abilities in the game
The Serpent’s Cry Eikonic Feat of Leviathan (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)

The Serpent’s Cry has become my favorite Eikonic feat, and you should definitely not overlook the potential of this ability in FF16. I would rate it a tier higher than Odin’s Zantetsukan due to the Serpent’s Cry’s sheer variety. Firstly, it turns FF16 into a shooter game and allows Clive to punish his enemies with balls of water from range.

Secondly, I find its recharge mechanic pretty amazing. This ability basically runs on ammunition, which can run out, and you’ll need to recharge it in between attacks. Additionally, the recharge can be perfectly timed to get an infinite ammo buff, which just allows me to go on a rampage from range. Serpent’s Cry deals high stagger damage and allows Clive to shoot in between dodges.

  • Decent stagger damage.
  • Decent health damage.
  • Amazing range.
  • Reload can be times for infinite ammo.
  • Ammo runs out quickly.
  • Why I Suggest This: It is a really fun Eikonic feat that allows me to stagger multiple enemies from range and even allows me to damage enemies whilst dodging.

Alternative Options

Here is another strong Eikonic ability of Leviathan that didn’t make it to my list because it just didn’t do anything special or different from the abilities already in my list:

  • Abyssal Tear: It is a chargeable ability, and you can charge it up to level 4, which is then followed by a stream of balls of water that auto-target multiple enemies at once, dealing decent health and stagger damage.

How To Unlock Leviathan

best leviathan eikonic abilites ff16 the rising tide
The Location of The Surge In Mysidia In The Rising Tide DLC (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)

Just keep following the main quest of the DLC until you arrive at the location shown in the image above, which is known as The Surge.

You can unlock Leviathan early on in The Rising Tide DLC in FF16. Without spoiling much, Clive interacts with the Dominant of Leviathan at The Surge and unlocks the Eikonic abilities. Just make sure to skip side quests until you arrive at The Surge to unlock Leviathan as soon as you can.

My Take On Leviathan’s Eikonic Abilities

Leviathan has become my favorite Eikon to use in FF16, and his abilities have quickly grown on me. The playstyle while using Leviathan changes so much that it almost feels like I’m playing a different game. I also love how overpowered its Eikonic abilities are with strong health and stagger damage potential, and that too, from range.

This concludes my guide on the best Eikonic abilities for Leviathan in The Rising Tide DLC of FF16. I have not only mentioned the best abilities for the EEikon but have also entailed the quickest method of unlocking it in the DLC. Let me know if you’re enjoying your time with The Rising Tide in Final Fantasy 16 in the comments below!

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Agreed on the Tsunami. Absolutely killer ability.

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