Final Fantasy 16: BEST Bahamut Eikonic Abilities

Discover how to optimize the use of Bahamut Eikonic abilities in Final Fantasy 16 for the ultimate gaming experience.

Bahamut in Final Fantasy 16 is an Eikon of Light dominated by Dion Lesage. Upon unlocking this Eikon, Clive becomes an extremely powerful supernatural character that has amazing light attacks that gives him an edge over the enemies encountered in Valisthea. Final Fantasy 16 Bahamut Eikon Abilities can only be unlocked after defeating the dominant Dion Lesage, and once unlocked you can summon the abilities whenever required.  

Key Takeaways
  • Bahamut Eikonic abilities can be very powerful and can turn the tide of a battle.
  • They are designed to deal with stronger enemies and control crowds.
  • These abilities have different uses, as some are good for attacking, some are great for dodging, and others are best for those who like to use magic.
  • The abilities have cooldown times, and this means you can’t use them all the time.
  • Each ability has its strengths and weaknesses, which means you need to know what each one does so you can use them at the right time.
  • The Bahamut Eikonic abilities can change the way you play Final Fantasy 16.
  • So, it’s important to understand how to use them effectively.

Bahamut Best Abilities In Final Fantasy 16

Here is an overview of the most useful abilities Clive can use of Bahamut Eikon & dominant enemies: 

Serial No.Ability NameBest Usage of This AbilityLimitation of This Ability
1GigaflareIt's best used for targeting stronger enemies, especially when they are staggered. It delivers high damage output.The major limitation is its long cooldown period of 60 seconds. It requires strategic usage and cannot be used continuously.
2Wings of LightsThis ability is best for dodging enemy attacks when you are surrounded and there is no space to move. The charged attack results in high damage, especially in crowd control scenarios.While charging, your mobility is significantly restricted, and you can only perform dodging. This can leave you vulnerable to attacks.
3ImpulseImpulse is best used for giving sustained damage over time. It summons light orbs that repeatedly strike and freeze enemies in place, opening the door for devastating combos.The major downside of Impulse is that you can get hit by an orb yourself as you cannot control the orb's direction.
4Flare BreathBest used in situations with multiple adversaries, it can damage and immobilize weaker enemies, allowing for follow-up attacks.Although visually impressive, the damage it deals is less than other abilities. Movement is slow while the ability is active, making you vulnerable to enemy attacks.
5SatelliteIt enhances magic-based attacks by creating additional sources of damage. It's best suited for playstyles heavily reliant on magic.The long cooldown period of 55 seconds might seem excessive for the ability's impact. Its utility is lower than other high-impact abilities, making it less attractive in general scenarios.
Bahamut In Final Fantasy 16
Bahamut In Final Fantasy 16 [image Credits: eXputer]

Best Bahamut Eikonic Abilities

Bahamut’s abilities shine due to their sheer damage output and versatility. They cater to aggressive, tactical playstyles, allowing Clive to become a potent force on the battlefield. From the high-damage Gigaflare to crowd-controlling Flare Breath, these abilities offer a range of effects beneficial in various scenarios.

Bahamut Eikonic Abilities significantly enhance your in-game combat strategies. The unique mechanics like Wings of Light’s charge-up system and Impulse’s detonation feature add strategic depth, making Bahamut’s abilities not just effective, but also engaging to use. Furthermore, the ability to assign these powers to other Eikons enhances their value, making Bahamut’s set highly appealing overall.

Wings of Lights42
Flare Breath32

1. Gigaflare

Gigaflare [image Credits: State of Play]
Gigaflare stands out as Bahamut’s premier Eikon ability, offering unmatched damage with a laser beam attack against formidable foes. To unlock this potent ability, players must invest 6000 Ability Points. Its effectiveness is heightened against staggered enemies, making it a strategic choice in battle. Despite its power, Gigaflare is balanced by a 60-second cooldown, encouraging thoughtful application rather than repetitive use. This tactical dimension emphasizes the importance of leveraging Bahamut’s Eikonic Abilities wisely to overcome challenging adversaries.

2. Wings of Lights

Wings of Lights
Wings of Lights

Wings of Lights is a strategic ability, allowing Clive to temporarily gain flight and charge the powerful Megaflare attack by holding and releasing the circle button. This move not only deals significant damage through dropping Orbs of Light but also provides a tactical advantage by enabling dodging in tight spaces. However, its use comes with a trade-off: Clive cannot activate other abilities while in flight, and a significant focus on dodging is required to maximize its potential, especially when charging up. To unlock Wings of Lights, players need to allocate 750 Ability Points, making it an investment in versatility and power for managing crowds and avoiding enemy attacks, albeit with careful timing and spatial awareness.

3. Impulse

Impulse [image Credits: State of Play]
Impulse, a Bahamut Eikon ability enables Clive to unleash light orbs that deal significant damage upon contact with enemies, also stunning them momentarily. This creates opportunities for players to execute combo attacks to rapidly deplete enemy HP. However, using Impulse requires caution, as Clive can be hit by the orbs, which move unpredictably.

The ability’s true value lies in its continuous damage output and the strategic advantage of immobilizing foes, allowing for a more controlled battle environment. Players should focus on the timing of orb detonation, aiming for moments when the orbs glow brightest to maximize damage. Impulse’s blend of offensive and tactical benefits makes it a key component in Clive’s arsenal, enhancing his capacity to handle challenging adversaries through sustained damage and strategic crowd control.

4. Flare Breath

 Flare Breath
Flare Breath [image Credits: State of Play]
Flare Breath Eikonic ability when launched releases light flames which give great damage to enemies. Therefore, you can use it wherever you see a lot of enemies together. Weaker enemies also get stunned by these enemies, therefore, you can follow up this attack with others to kill them on the spot. To master the use, you need to have 1000 Ability Points.

Flare Breath mimics Bahamut’s fiery breath, damaging enemies and immobilizing lighter foes. Its directional control using the right analog stick adds flexibility. However, it has limitations, including lower damage compared to other Bahamut abilities and slower movement during activation. Experimenting with different Eikonic abilities is essential for finding the best strategy.

5. Satellite

Satellite [image Credits: State of Play]
“Satellite” is a unique Bahamut Eikon ability that targets a specific player strategy, especially those favoring magic in their gameplay. Upon activation, Clive summons two orbs of light that autonomously target enemies affected by his magic, adding extra damage and enhancing magic-based attacks. While it only provides minimal Attack and Stagger points, its real value lies in complementing magic-centric playstyles by introducing additional damage sources.

However, the ability’s 55-second cooldown and its perceived lower impact compared to other abilities might deter some players, especially those preferring direct, high-impact skills. Initially costing 100 Ability Points for acquisition, Satellite becomes more potent with upgrades, costing up to 1,000 Ability Points to enhance its effectiveness and extend its utility to other Eikons, marking a significant investment for specialized builds.

How To Unlock Bahamut In Final Fantasy 16?

FF16’s open world of Valisthea takes you through various missions as you progress. One such mission involves you in a battle against Bahamut the Eikon of Dion Lesage, who is the Prince of Sanbreque. The “Fire in the Sky” main story mission is the one where you, as Clive, will be able to unlock Bahamut after completing it.

Once, Bahamut is defeated all his Eikonic Abilities are unlocked. Most of these abilities focus on the damage Clive gives to the enemies.

Bahamut Boss Fight

Bahamut Boss Fight
Bahamut Boss Fight [image Credits: eXputer]
The battle with Bahamut in Final Fantasy 16 is a multi-stage fight that requires strategy, careful timing, and familiarity with various abilities.

Fight against Bahamut in stages:

  1. Initial Stage: Dodge Bahamut’s attacks and exploit openings for damage. Use Spitflare when Phoenix enters the fight.
  2. 60% Health: During a cutscene with Gigaflare, control shifts to Phoenix. Destroy conjured spheres and dodge Megaflare.
  3. 50% Health: Focus on eliminating glowing projectiles with health bars, then return to Bahamut. Prevent Gigaflare by destroying surrounding spheres.
  4. Back to Arena: Stay offensive between Bahamut’s attacks, and stay inside Phoenix’s shield during Teraflare. Fight concludes below 10% health.
  5. Space Fight: Control Ifrit and Phoenix fusion. Avoid Bahamut’s beam attack. Deplete the purple gauge to stop Teraflare.
  6. Second Phase: Aim and shoot charged Fireballs at Bahamut. Destroy Gigaflare’s orbs.
  7. Third Phase: Control Ifrit, use Spitflare and Brimstone for high damage. Stay inside Phoenix’s barrier during Terraflare.
  8. Final Phase: Use Lightspeed to dash towards Bahamut, evade lasers using Wildfire, and avoid Glyphs during Celestial Foundry.

If you’re struggling still against Bahamut, then I suggest you watch the following video:

YouTube video


Rewards [image Credits: eXputer]
Bahamut and its Eikonic Abilities can be the game changer in the tough battles of FF16, and once you have defeated Bahamut, you will unlock the Eikon and get the following rewards as well:

  • 5000 EXP
  • 400 AP
  • 5500 Gil
  • Magicked Ash
  • Wyrrite
  • Sharp Fang
  • Meteorite
  • Light Shard

My Thoughts

Honestly, all of Bahamut’s Eikonic Abilities are pretty great, and have possibly the highest damage of all. If I were to recommend one I’d say Gigaflare. That attack can bring even the toughest FF16 monsters to their knees, due to its extreme damage. However, if you want something for the normal mobs, go for Impluse or Wings of Light.

And with this, I wrap up my Final Fantasy 16 Bahamut Eikonic Abilities where I have tried my level best to discuss every single detail about this powerful Eikon. For an amazing guide have a look at these Final Fantasy 16: Eikonic Challenge Mode, How To Beat Benedikta, and Final Fantasy 16 Trophy List.


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