Vampire Survivors Tier List: Ranking all Vampires

Suck the blood out of your enemies by reading our Vampire Survivors Tier List!

The rock star of Steam, Vampire Survivors, is an amazing rogue-like game that has grown immensely popular ever since its launch. In this game, you must defend against massive amounts of enemy waves by choosing from an enormous roster of vampires. However, like in every game, not every character is equal. That is where we come in. Welcome to the best & most detailed Vampire Survivors Tier List.

Our Tier List Picks

Vampire Survivors has 46 characters in total. Here’s our Tier List that ranks all of them:

SQueen Sigma, Megalo Menya Moonspell, Mask of the Red Death, Big Trouser, Megalo Syuuto Moonspell, Cosmo Pavone, Gains Boros, Avatar Infernas, Smith IV, Leda, Pugnala Provola
AMenya Moonspell, Miang Moonspell, Syuuto Moonspell, McCoy-Oni, Gav'Et-Oni, Krochi Freetto, Concetta Caciotta, Boon Marrabbio, Amberjoe, Scorej-Oni
BBabi-Onna, Poppea Pecorina, O'Sole Meeo, Peppino, Zi'Assunta Belpaese, Arca Ladonna, Minnah Mannarah, Christine Davain, Mortaccio
CDommario, Antonio, Bianca Ramba, Yatta Cavallo, Divano Thelma, Pasqualina Belpaese, Gennaro Belpaese, Imelda Belpaese
DToastie, Suor Clerici, Poe Ratcho, Iguana Gallo Valletto, Exdash Exiciiq, Giovanna Grana, Lama Ladonna, missingNO, Random

All Characters Comparison

Now that you’ve seen our rankings check out the Vampires and how they compare against each other:

Character NameTierCostMax HealthArmorMoveSpeedMightCooldown
Queen SigmaSFree23330.50.5-25%
Megalo Menya MoonspellSSprite-Gold Coin 50,000-20.0N/A11-20%
Mask of the Red DeathSSprite-Gold Coin 666155N/A10.2N/A
Big TrouserSSprite-Gold Coin 5000N/AN/A0.3N/AN/A
Megalo Syuuto MoonspellSSprite-Gold Coin 5,00015020.20.5N/A
Cosmo PavoneSSprite-Gold Coin 666-80.0N/A0.3N/AN/A
Avatar InfernasSSprite-Gold Coin 66660N/A00.50%
Smith IVSSprite-Gold Coin 7,7777N/A0.2-10%0.1
Pugnala ProvolaSSprite-Gold Coin 1000N/AN/A0.20N/A
Menya MoonspellASprite-Gold Coin 5,000-20.0N/AN/A0.1-10%
Miang MoonspellASprite-Gold Coin 1,00020N/A0.2N/AN/A
Syuuto MoonspellASprite-Gold Coin 5,000502-20%0.5N/A
McCoy-OniASprite-Gold Coin 5,00081N/AN/AN/A
Gav'Et-OniASprite-Gold Coin 500N/AN/A0.2N/AN/A
Krochi FreettoASprite-Gold Coin 500N/AN/A0.3N/AN/A
Concetta CaciottaASprite-Gold Coin 1000N/AN/A0.3N/AN/A
Boon MarrabbioASprite-Gold Coin 66620N/A0.30.2N/A
AmberjoeASprite-Gold Coin 500N/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Scorej-OniASprite-Gold Coin 5,0008N/A-20%N/AN/A
Babi-OnnaBSprite-Gold Coin 5,000N/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Poppea PecorinaBSprite-Gold Coin 1000N/AN/A0.2N/AN/A
O'Sole MeeoBSprite-Gold Coin 500N/AN/A0N/AN/A
PeppinoBSprite-Gold Coin 666202-100%N/AN/A
Zi'Assunta BelpaeseBSprite-Gold Coin 5,000N/AN/A0.20N/A
Arca LadonnaBSprite-Gold Coin 500N/AN/AN/A0.10%
Minnah MannarahBSprite-Gold Coin 66650N/AN/A-70%N/A
Christine DavainBSprite-Gold Coin 500-50.0N/A0.3-35%-25%
MortaccioBSprite-Gold Coin 500N/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
DommarioCSprite-Gold Coin 500N/AN/A-40%N/A0.4
Bianca RambaCSprite-Gold Coin 500N/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Yatta CavalloCSprite-Gold Coin 500N/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Divano ThelmaCSprite-Gold Coin 2,000N/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Pasqualina BelpaeseCSprite-Gold Coin 100N/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Gennaro BelpaeseCSprite-Gold Coin 50020N/AN/AN/AN/A
Imelda BelpaeseCSprite-Gold Coin 10N/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
ToastieDSprite-Gold Coin 777-99.0N/A0.2-10%0.1
Suor ClericiDSprite-Gold Coin 50050N/AN/AN/AN/A
Poe RatchoDSprite-Gold Coin 500-30.0N/AN/AN/AN/A
Iguana Gallo VallettoDSprite-Gold Coin 2,000N/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Exdash ExiciiqDSprite-Gold Coin 777-23.0N/A-10%-10%0.1
Giovanna GranaDSprite-Gold Coin 1000N/AN/A0.2N/A0
Lama LadonnaDSprite-Gold Coin 50010N/A0.10.1N/A
missingNODSprite-Gold Coin 66,666N/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
RandomDSprite-Gold Coin 5000N/AN/AN/AN/AN/A


The best tier in the Vampire Survivor Tier List

These vampires are the strongest ones in the Vampire Survivors Tier List. Generally speaking, these vampires are very tough to unblock, but their passive abilities and skills are the strongest in the game. They are a huge asset to any team they are part of.

Character WHY S-TIER?
Queen Sigma Highly customizable with access to Candybox instead of golden eggs.
Megalo Menya Moonspell Upgraded version of Menya Moonspell, featuring strong passive bonuses.
Mask of the Red Death Boasts the highest Movement speed, ideal for Relic locations and hidden bosses.
Big Trouser Specializes in gold runs, extends Gold Fever duration.
Megalo Syuuto Moonspell Upgraded version of Syuuto Moonspell, gains extra Might at every level.
Cosmo Pavone Offers customization without starting weapon, works well with Divine Bloodline (IX).
Gains Boros Can significantly level Heaven Sword using Limit Break skill.
Avatar Infernas Extremely fast with steady growth at every level, starts with extra Arcana XIX – Heart of Fire.
Smith IV Increases Luck and recovery over time, known for powerful passive bonuses.
Leda Increases might and armor using passive bonuses, possesses Holy Wand and Magic Wand in the same run.
Pugnala Provola Gains momentum over time with incremental boosts in movement speed and Might.


The second best Tier

The A-Tier Vampires are also formidable, but not at the S-Tier level. They have outstanding bonuses, and unlocking them can be a pain. Play them strategically, and you can easily wipe out a huge amount of enemies. They rank at number 2 in the Vampire Survivors Tier List. 

Character WHY A-TIER?
Menya Moonspell Enters a boosted state after defeating set opponents, activating Rosary effects that wipe out enemies on screen. Gains buffs like movement speed, might, cooldown, and Curse during this state.
Miang Moonspell Formidable opponent with passive bonuses having no cap, specializes in healing with multiplied recovery from all sources and over-healing in Max Health.
Syuuto Moonspell Starting weapon Summon Night evolves into Echo Night, passive bonuses include buffs like Max Health, Armor, and Might with no cap.
McCoy-Oni Passive buffs include Max Health, Armor, and Growth, temporary but significant increase in Area at fixed intervals.
Gav’Et-Oni Starting weapon Mille Bolle Blu, highest persistent Amount in the game, passive bonuses include a maximum 4% Amount increase at max level, coupled with a mighty weapon.
Krochi Freetto Second-fastest character with speed-centric passive bonuses, can get alternate appearance with Mindbender, starting weapon Cross.
Concetta Caciotta Passive bonuses without caps, enhancing power of weapons like Song of Mana and Garlic, gains extra percent of Area at every level, starting weapon Shadow Pinion.
Boon Marrabbio Starting weapon Thousand Edge, passive bonuses featuring MoveSpeed and Max Health buffs, shoots projectiles backward without other bonuses.
Sir Amberjoe Highest Amount in the game with starting bonus, combines Amount PowerUp, capped bonuses allow for gaining max 10 projectiles to applicable weapons, starting weapon La Robba.
Scorej-Oni Highly customizable character without starting weapon, starting bonus with Area and Max Health buffs, gains Lightning Ring every 8 levels.


The half-decent characters for Vampire Survivor Tier list

B-tier characters have decent abilities but aren’t as good as A-tier characters. They may even have a few downsides, but by using them cleverly and knowing where they lack, you can gain the upper hand against huge waves. In the Vampire Survivors Tier list, they at least deserve a decent spot. 

Character WHY B-TIER?
Babi-Onna Starts with +10 Reroll, unique firing patterns limit weapon synergy, able to evade weapon cooldowns and fire at fixed intervals while moving.
Poppea Pecorina Gains +1% Duration on every level with no cap, effectively utilizes weapons like King Bible or Santa Water at high levels.
O’Sole Meeo Gains +1 Amount every 20 levels, caps at level 60, can heal once per turn by typing “pet”.
Peppino Starts with +20 Max Health, +2 Armour, and -100% MoveSpeed, gains +10% Area at specific levels, advises starting with extra MoveSpeed.
Zi’Assunta Belpaese Gains +0.5% Might, Projectile Speed, Duration, and Area at each level, powerful passive bonuses but resides in B-Tier due to abysmal stats.
Arca Ladonna Starts with 10% Might, gains -5% Cooldown every 10 levels until level 30, capped at -15%, explosion effect of Fire Wand wipes out enemies effectively.
Minnah Mannarah Passive bonuses grant Max Health and recovery buffs, gains +10% Might every three levels until level 24, stats change every minute.
Christine Davain Good MoveSpeed buffs, high Cooldown reduction bonus allows for effective use of strong but slow rate of fire weapons.
Mortaccio Maxes out at +3 buffs, weapon evolves into Anima of Mortaccio at level 80, gains more projectiles every 20 levels (maxes out at 3 projectiles).


Abysmal characters

C-tier characters are subpar and pretty easy to obtain. They are simply outclassed by high-tier characters and should be replaced as soon as a better character is obtained. They fall just above the worst characters in the Vampire Survivors Tier List. 

Character WHY C-TIER?
Dommario Permanent buffs come at the cost of speed, with the slowest speed in the game after gaining buffs, origin refers to Don Mattero, a crime-solving priest.
Antonio Belpaese Decent passive bonuses grant extra Might every 10 levels until level 50, mastering him can still provide an edge in competition.
Bianca Ramba Modest buffs with +1 Amount every 20 levels up to level 60, can gain up to 3 more projectiles when maxed.
Yatta Cavallo Similar to Bianca, gains +1 Amount every 20 levels up to level 60, and up to 3 projectiles when maxed.
Divano Thelma Variety of buffs including Recovery and Luck, increased armor at higher levels, starts with one extra level.
Pasqualina Belpaese Niche buff improves Projectile Speed, 10 percent faster every 5 levels (maxes at 30 percent).
Gennaro Belpaese Poor buffs increase Max Health and Amount, projectiles for all weapons increase permanently by only 1 percent.
Imelda Belpaese Passive bonus grants extra Growth every 5 levels until level 15, maximum Growth obtainable this way is only 30%.


The worst tier of Vampire Survivors

D-tier characters are by far the worst characters in the Vampire Survivors Tier List, and you must find replacements for them as soon as possible. Their passive bonuses are underwhelming and will only cause you difficulty while playing.

Character WHY D-TIER?
Toastie Starts with negative Health, Might, Area, and Duration, but can regain health at higher levels; touching enemies results in instant death at the beginning.
Suor Clerici Starts with Santa Water+400%, but bonus decreases at every level until it’s gone at level 5, also has +0.5 HP/s and +50 Max health, and a temporary area bonus; obtained by recovering at least 1000 HP or casting the Faschiuma spell.
Poe Ratcho Starts with negative Health and increased Magnet buffs, gains 25 percent more pickups.
Iguana Gallo Valletto Starts with an extra level, gains 10 percent growth every 5 levels (maxes out at 50 percent), variety of buffs increasing Duration, reducing Cooldown, etc.
Exdash Exiviiq Starts with negative Health, Movespeed, Might, Area, but gets a 100 percent increase in luck; passive bonuses are otherwise lacking.
Giovanna Grana Gains ProjectileSpeed at every level with no cap, starting weapon Gatti Amari may require build-up to be effective.
Lama Ladonna Starting weapon is an Axe, gains impressive bonuses every 10 levels including increased Max Health, Might, MoveSpeed, and Curse; main weakness is the Axe.
missingNO Passive bonuses are randomized based on base and PowerUp stats, becomes invincible if Max Health becomes negative, but significant drawbacks like inability to move if MoveSpeed is 0.
Random Buffs are based on one of eight random names, making gameplay interesting but usually weak.

Our Vampire Survivors ranked all the characters in the game through very comprehensive criteria. It was based on their rarity, stats, and how hard it was to unlock them. Vampire Survivors gained popularity because of its perfect mix of idle and active gameplay, and with its low price, it is a steal. We had fun drafting this tier list, and we hope to see you next time!


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