How To Get Trade Tokens In Clash Royale [Explained]

Learn the ways to get Trade Tokens in Clash Royale. Along with their types and uses in the game

To get better in Clash Royale, the players need to collect the best available cards, either by leveling up, getting prizes, or trading. To cover one of these methods, we have curated a guide about How To Get Trade Tokens in Clash Royale.

Key Takeaways
  • Trade Tokens are exclusive items in Clash Royale that can be used to trade with other players and Trader NPC, potentially giving players access to some of the best cards.
  • The game has four sorts of Trade Tokens: Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. 
    • Common Tokens are blue and used for trading between Common cards.
    • Rare Tokens are Gold and used for trading between Rare cards.
    • Epic Tokens are Purple and used for trading between Epic Cards.
    • Legendary Tokens are Silver and used for trading between Legendary Cards.
  • Players can obtain Trade Tokens in multiple ways, such as completing Arena Challenges, progressing through the Trophy Road, Pass Royal, In-game Store, or participating in special events.
  • Trading is an essential aspect of the game and can help players improve their collections and gain an advantage over their opponents.

Trade Tokens are exclusive items in the game that the player can use to trade with either other players (clanmates) or Trader NPC. Using the trading mechanism, players can potentially get their hands on some of the Best Cards. The whole system may be difficult to understand if you try doing it on your own. Luckily, we have set up a whole guide about every step, from Obtaining Trade Tokens in the game to their usage as well.

Without further ado, let’s get to learn a bit more about Trade Tokens and How To Get and Use Them.

Types Of Trade Tokens

Types of trading tokens
Trade Token Types

Trading is required for players to improve their collections in games that rely on collectibles to advance. Having great cards in your deck means you can send out better and more powerful troops on the battlefield while facing opponents in real time. If you don’t have superior cards than your opponent, then you’ll be instantly at a disadvantage.

This is why trading is one of the most important aspects of the game. Even though the game was released in 2016, the Trading update was out years later. Nonetheless, now that it’s finally here, we can fully learn about it to get the best out of it. 

If you’re aiming to get your hands on some of the best cards, then trading is one of the supreme methods to go for. However, in order to trade in the game, it’s necessary to Get Trade Tokens in Clash Royale. We will discuss the methods in detail in the next section, but for now, let’s review some of the characteristics of these tokens. 

As we mentioned before, you can use tokens to trade with your clanmates or the in-game Trader. However, before that, it is important to know about the different types of Trade Tokens.

The game highlights Four Types of Trade Tokens, which include:

  • Common Token: Used for trading between Common Cards (Blue Color)
  • Rare Token: Used for trading between Rare Cards (Gold Color)
  • Epic Token: Used for trading between Epic Cards (Purple Color)
  • Legendary Token: Used for trading between Silver Cards (Silver Color)

These are the different types of Trade Tokens you will stumble upon while playing the game. Each token only works for its corresponding rarity. 

Now that we’re all caught up with their types and basic information let’s move on and learn about How To Obtain Trade Tokens.

How To Get Trade Tokens

clash royale getting trade tokens
Trade Tokens in Arena Challenges

To progress with trading in Clash Royale, first, you will need to acquire Trade Tokens in the game. With these tokens, you will be able to trade with the in-game Trader NPC and other clanmates. Luckily, the game provides multiples way in which players can get Trade Tokens. However, most people don’t know about these methods. 

Worry not; we will briefly brush over the ways to get trade tokens. After that, we will also make you go through the process of trading cards in the game. Nonetheless, here are some of the best ways to get Trade Tokens.

Arena Challenges

The first method to get trade tokens is by completing the Arena Challenges. You can access the Arena Challenges by going to the ‘Events‘ section; it’s the icon on the right corner of your taskbar in the game. Here you will be able to see the ongoing challenges.

Arena Challenges are mostly time-limited, and as you progress them, the difficulty continues to increase, and the rewards start becoming rarer. By clicking on a Challenge, you can review the rewards it offers. Mostly there are 4 rewards, each unlocking after a specific amount of wins in the arena. 

In some challenges, you will notice that the rewards contain a Trade Token. You can check its rarity and go for the specific challenge in order to obtain the token. By completing the full challenge (mostly by claiming 3 wins), you will also unlock a chest full of rewards. 

Trophy Road

Clash Royale uses a mechanic called ‘Trophies‘, which indicates a player’s success in the game. Trophies represent the skill level of a player or Clan. By winning or losing battles, players can obtain or lose Trophies. Your opponent’s trophy total is reduced by any trophies you earn.

The number of trophies a player gains or loses depends on how many trophies their opponent possesses in comparison to their own. The player will lose fewer trophies if the opponent has more trophies and vice versa. As you gain more trophies, you will be able to track a ‘Reward Road‘ in the main menu.

By pressing the ‘Trophies’ icon on the top of your screen, you will be able to see the Reward Road. Here you can check that the game gives Trade Tokens to players at various different points, depending on how many trophies you have. On top of that, more trophies will lead to new arenas getting unlocked, which will increase your options to get more trade tokens in the game. 

Hence, gaining trophies can benefit you in two separate ways for getting Trade Tokens in Clash Royale. So try getting as many trophies as you can by winning games, and keep an eye on the Rewards Road to claim Trade Tokens now and then.

Pass Royale 

In recent years the inclusion of paid passes in the game has become very frequent. Players can buy these passes for a set amount of money, and then by completing challenges or leveling up, they progress these in-game passes to receive unique rewards. These rewards are not available anywhere else in the game. 

Similarly, in Clash Royale, their paid subscription is called the ‘Pass Royale‘. If you review the Pass Royale (by opening its tab from the main menu), you will notice plenty of rewards at each tier. In most of the tiers in the Pass Royale, players will receive many types of Trade Tokens. There are some free tiers as well that offer trade tokens, but of course, the people who buy the pass will get more exclusive rewards. 

Hence, Pass Royale is another way of obtaining Trade Tokens in Clash Royale. Although, you would need to spend some IRL currency to get access to the Pass Royale’s rewards. If that’s something you don’t want to get into then you can stick with the previous methods we mentioned. 

In-game Store

The last way to get your hands on some Trade Tokens is by utilizing the in-game store. For this method, you will yet again have to spend IRL money, which may be an issue for a lot of players. If you have enough gems accumulated, then you won’t need to spend money to buy the trade tokens. However, if you don’t have enough gems, then there’s no other way to get the Trade Token from the store other than spending IRL money.

The store can be accessed by clicking the leftmost icon on the bottom taskbar. Once you click the store icon, you will notice a bunch of stuff available for purchase. Some items will require you to spend coins, while some will ask you for gems. There’s a section in the store where you can buy more gems by using your verified payment method. 

As for the Trade Tokens, they won’t be available at all times. The store in Clash Royale refreshes every day, which makes the items get shuffled. So be sure to check it out whenever you can since the Trade Tokens will appear every now and then. Once they do, you can purchase them by either using your coins or your gems, depending on what the offer is.

Using The Trade Tokens

Clash Royale Token trading
Trading in Clash Royale

After obtaining the relevant Trade Token, you may now be wondering How To Trade? Well lucky for you, we have you covered yet again. The trading method is quite user-friendly and easy to understand. In no time, you’ll be making some big trading moves and getting the cards you always wanted.

First and foremost, you need to be at least King Level 8 or above in order to get access to trading. Other than that, we would recommend you to join a clan since trading with clanmates is a lot more fun. Let’s now get into the steps of executing a trade.

After loading up the game, go to the ‘Social‘ tab section. Here you will notice a button with a purple card on it that states ‘Request Card‘. From here, you can access the trading tab and get going with your hunt for the card of your dreams. There will be two options on the top; one says ‘Request‘ and ‘Trade‘. 

Open up the ‘Trade‘ tab, and from here on, choose the card you want to request of your choice. Make sure to request a card of the same rarity as your Trade Token; for example, if you’re using a Rare token, then you can only request or offer a Rare card. 

Anyways, after requesting the card of your choice, you can pick up to 4 cards of the same rarity to offer to the clanmate trader. Your clanmate can then choose the one they like if they want to take the trade. Before posting the request, you can also post a message beneath your requested trade. 

After you confirm the trade, it will then be shared in your Clan chat. Any of your clanmates can then decide to take the trade and swap cards with you, which will bring an end to your trade deal by using the Trade Tokens. In case the trade doesn’t go through, then you will get your tokens back.

So there you have it! The straightforward method of Trading in Clash Royale will help you get your dream cards. Also, it’s worth noting that you can’t stack unlimited Trade Tokens. There is a specified cap on each type of token. Therefore, it’s best to keep using them frequently. 

Best Cards To Get While Trading In Clash Royale

clash royale best cards
Baby Dragon and Wizard

Clash Royale features tons of different characters, which you can deploy on the battlefield. However, for that to work, you need their character cards. As we already mentioned, Trading in Clash Royale is a great technique to get your hands on some of the best cards in the game. If you aren’t sure what to aim for, we have got you covered. We’ll list down some of the best cards from the Epic and Legendary rarity. 

Epic Cards are easier to get as compared to Legendary cards. So, if you have some Epic Trade Tokens in hand, you can choose to go for characters like; Executioner, P.E.K.K.A, Golem, or Baby Dragon. Whereas, if you have a Legendary Trade Token, try obtaining the following characters; Mega Knight, Electro Wizard, Bandit, or Lumberjack.

So there you have it; we have listed down some of the best cards. You can opt for these while trading with your clanmates in Clash Royale. 

With that, we reach the end of our intricate guide on How To Get & Use Trade Tokens in Clash Royale. We hope that you understood every bit of detail regarding the Trade Tokens. You can now start playing, earn some tokens, and attempt to make some successful trades in the game.

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