Fortnite: Weapon Mod Bench [Locations + Usage]

Learn everything about the Weapon Mod Bench in Fortnite including the locations where it can be found and how to use it.

Fortnite Chapter 5 brought a lot of new things into the game, one being weapon modifications. When players pick up a weapon, it may already be modded with something. However, you can modify it to your preference as well through a Weapon Mod Bench in Fortnite. To be able to mod a weapon, all you need is some gold that you can collect throughout the map and the key card, which is the medallion, to enter the vault, and this is where the weapon mod bench can be found.

Key Takeaways
  • In the Fortnite Chapter 5 update, weapon modifications have been added.
  • And in Fortnite, a mod bench is used to apply these mods to your weapons.
  • These mod benches can be found inside the vaults of all the NPC bosses, which carry medallions.
  • Furthermore, to use the bench, you need gold, which can be found abundantly inside the vaults.

Where To Find Weapon Mod Benches In Fortnite Chapter 5

The small wrench icon shows that there is a weapon mod bench here [Image Taken By Me]
All of the weapon mod benches are located in the vaults. 

You can enter these vaults once you have defeated all the NPCs present there and have collected the medallion. The medallion is used as the keycard to unlock the vault. The weapon mod benches can be found across the map at 6 locations, these are:

  • Lavish Lair: I had to defeat Oscar here to get the medallion.
  • Fencing Fields: Defeat Nisha to get the medallion and use the medallion to enter the vault.
  • Snooty Steppes: Peter Griffin is the boss here, defeat him to get inside the vault.
  • Grand Glacier: Montague needs to be defeated here.
  • Reckless Railways: Defeat Valeria, collect the medallion, and then unlock the vault.

The 6th and last mod bench can be found on the floating island. Go to the basement of the house on the floating island, and here you will see the weapon mod bench.

How To Use The Weapon Mod Bench

Mod Bench
Modifying my pump shotgun on a weapon mod bench [Screenshot Taken By Me]
Once inside the vault, head directly towards the mod bench. Here, you can modify your weapon according to your preferences.

The weapon mod bench has 4 mod categories: optic mods, magazine mods, under barrel mods, and barrel mods. Each modification that you make will cost you about 75 gold bars. There are plenty of gold bars that you can collect inside the vault. Therefore, the lack of gold is never an issue. 

You can install up to 4 mods on any weapon. The rarity of a weapon decides how many mods come pre-installed on it. Uncommon(Green) has one, Rare (Blue) has two, Epic( Purple) has three, and Legendary (Gold) has 4. It costs you nothing if you want to remove one mod and install another. Therefore, try every mod before you find the perfect one for you!

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And with that, my guide on Weapon Mod Bench Fortnite comes to an end. Here, I informed you about the weapon mod bench. Other than that, if you have something to add, you can do so through the comment section down below.

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