Witcher 3 BEST Crossbows & How To Get Them

Our Witcher 3 best crossbow guide entails a list of crossbows that Geralt can use in the game to hunt down beasts, monsters and more easily.

At the start of The Witcher 3, you won’t be given the crossbow, but as you progress the story further a bit, you will be given this weapon in the game. You have to follow the main quests, and then Geralt will be given a crossbow by Vesemir when you will go hunting a monster together with him.  

Key Highlights
  • A Crossbow In Witcher 3 is a special type of ranged weapon which can shoot arrows quicker than a regular bow due to being mechanical.

  • It can be zoomed in and shoot different kinds of crossbow bolts at the enemies.
  • The player can shoot the target by two different ways, which are the quick-shot by clicking the action key and the manual aim one by holding the action key.
  • The Witcher 3 has a wide range of available crossbows which can be crafted, bought or obtained by looting.

  • The Standard Crossbow has 101% attacking power and is one of the early crossbows.
  • The Master Crossbow is lootable and has 142% attacking power and can also be bought for 88 Crowns.
  • The Relic Crossbow can be obtained by looting or can be bought for 152 Crowns. It has 200% Attack power and some other boosts.
  • The Elven Crossbow has 165% Attack power and can be bought for 420 Crowns.
  • The Feline Crossbow is craftable and has 225% Attack power plus multiple boosts.
  • The Legendary Feline Crossbow has 225% Attack power with a base price of 79 Crowns.
  • The Ursine Crossbow can be crafted. It has 210% Attack power and gives multiple bonuses to Geralt.
  • The Nilfgaardian Crossbow has 125% Attack power and can be bought for 300 Crowns.
  • The Skellige Crossbow costs 418 Crowns and has 145% Attack power.
  • The Ofieri Crossbow has 165% Attack power and can be bought for 176 Crowns from the Ofieri merchant.

Let’s quickly compare each crossbow in Witcher 3:

WeaponsTierSourceWeightBase ValueEffects
Standard CrossbowCommonThe Beast of White Orchard0.7722-28101% Attack Power
Master CrossbowMasterLootVaries42.0103-190% Attack Power
Relic CrossbowRelicLoot1.2573.0200% Attack Power
Elven CrossbowMasterPurchase4.01200.0165% Attack Power
Feline CrossbowWitcher ItemCraft1.6879.0225% Attack Power
Ursine CrossbowWitcher ItemCraft1.8194.0210% Attack Power
Nilfgaardian Crossbow-Purchase4.01300.0125% Attack Power
Skellige CrossbowRelicPurchase4.01418.0145% Attack Power
Ofieri CrossbowMasterPurchase1.3373.0165% Attack Power

The standard crossbow that you will get early in The Witcher 3 might not be very powerful, but you don’t have to worry about that, as throughout the game, you will find plenty of crossbows that’d be far better and more useful than this one. 

Best Crossbows In Witcher 3

Now let’s discuss the specifications of the best 11 crossbows in the game. We have discussed the prices, weight, components, acquiring sources, and the overall attacking power each crossbow offers to the table. 

Standard Crossbow

Best crossbows in Witcher 3
Standard Crossbow
SourceWeightBase ValueEffectsTier
The Beast of White Orchard0.7722-28+101% Attack powerCommon

Players can get the Common or standard Crossbow, one of the Witcher 3 early crossbows, either by looting or by purchasing. The base price of this crossbow ranges from 22-28 crowns and the selling price is 3-7 crowns. 

Now talking about the attacking power, an ordinary crossbow has 101% attacking power. Furthermore, its components include Hardened timber, String, and Steel ingot. 

Master Crossbow

Witcher 3 top crossbows
Master Crossbow
SourceWeightBase ValueEffectsTier
LootVaries42+103-190% Attack powerMaster

The source of Crossbow Master is also by loot or purchasing. The base price is 42 crowns. The buying price is 88 crowns and the price to sell is 14 crowns. Its weight is 1.97. Crossbow Master has 142% attack power. The master crossbow can be obtained by dismantling, Hardened timber, String, and Steel ingot. 

Relic Crossbow 

SourceWeightBase ValueEffectsTier
Loot1.2573+200% Attack powerRelic

The player needs to attain level 30 to get Crossbow (Relic). You can get it by loot. The base price is 73 Crowns. The price to buy is 152 Crowns. And the price to sell is 13 Crowns. It has +200% Attack power, +1 – 2% Adrenaline Point gain, +1 – 10% Bonus experience from monsters, +1 – 10% Bonus experience from humans and nonhumans.

Elven Crossbow 

Best Crossbows that are in Witcher 3
Elven Crossbow
Required LevelWeightBase ValueEffectsTier
214.01200+165% Attack powerMaster

It is a part of an elite crossbow set. The level required to have Elven Crossbow is 21. The source of the Elven crossbow is Merchant at Aeramas’ Shop in Gilsdorf. It is included in the best Witcher 3 crossbows.

The base price of Elven Crossbow is Base price 200 crown(s). The Price to buy 420 crown(s). The Price to sell is 27 – 83 crown(s). The total weight of the Elven Crossbow is 4.0. 

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Feline Crossbow

Best Crossbows in Witcher 3
Feline Crossbow
SourceWeightBase ValueEffectsTier
Craft1.6879+225% Attack powerWitcher Item

In Witcher 3 the Feline Crossbow is a one-handed crossbow, it is a very convenient projectile weapon. It is a Gabriel type crossbow, included in the category Witcher gear. The level required to have this crossbow is 29. The source of this crossbow is crafting. The base price is 79 crown(s). The price to buy is 267 – 399 crown(s).

The price to sell 33 crown(s). Feline Crossbow has +10 Armour-piercing, +225% Attack power, +1 – 2% Adrenaline Point gain, +2% Critical hit chance, +15% Bonus experience from monsters. The components of this crossbow are 2× Hardened timber, Monster bone, Monster hair, Wax, Dark iron ore.

Legendary Feline crossbow

Best Crossbows Witcher 3
Legendary Feline Crossbow
WeightBase ValueEffects
1.6879+225% Attack power

The base price of Legendary Feline Crossbow is 79 crowns and the price to sell is between 6-18 crowns. Its weight is 1.68. It has +225% Attack power. Its components include Hardened timber, Monster bone, Monster hair, Wax, Dark iron ore.  

Ursine Crossbow

Witcher 3 11 best crossbows
Ursine Crossbow
SourceWeightBase ValueEffectsTier
Craft1.8194+210% Attack powerWitcher Item

The Ursine Crossbow is easy to use and a very strong weapon in Witcher 3. It is part of Bear School Gear in the game. The source of this crossbow is crafting. The base price of The Witcher 3 best crossbow is 94 Crowns. The price to buy this weapon is 318-475 Crowns.

And the price to sell is 25-78 Crowns. Ursine crossbow has +210% Attack power, +1 – 2% Adrenaline Point gain, 2% Critical hit damage bonus, +5% Critical hit chance, and +15% Bonus experience from monsters. Its Components include Hardened timber, Monster bone, Monster hair, Resin, and Dark iron ore. 

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Nilfgaardian Crossbow

Best 11 crossbows in Witcher 3
Nilfgaardian Crossbow
Required LevelWeightBase ValueEffects
74.01300+125% Attack power

This crossbow is also a part of the elite crossbow set. Level 7 is required to obtain a Nilgaardian crossbow. The base price of this Witcher 3 best crossbow is 200. And the price to buy this powerful crossbow is 300.

Now the price to sell Nilfgaardian is 27-83 Clowns. It is included among the best Witcher 3 crossbows. So in the game, it will be really helpful in certain situations for fighting against the opponents. Talking about the weight, the Nilgaardian crossbow is 4.01. And it has +125% Attack power.

Skellige Crossbow

Crossbows in Witcher 3
Skellige Crossbow
Required LevelWeightBase ValueEffects
144.01200+145% Attack power

Skellige crossbow, one of the best ranged weapons in Witcher 3 is a master item. The level required to have this crossbow is 14. The source of Skellige Crossbow is Yanne, the Blacksmith at Kaer Trolde keep. The base price of the Skellige crossbow is 200 clowns whereas the price to buy this crossbow is 418 Clowns. The price to sell it lies between 27-83 Clowns. Also, it weighs 4.01. Skellige Crossbow has +145% Attack power and its console ID is DLC13 Skellige Crossbow. This great projecting weapon in The Witcher 3 will help the players to tackle many challenging situations. 

Ofieri Crossbow

Top Crossbows 11 in witcher 3
Ofieri Crossbow
Level RequiredWeightBase ValueEffects
21Varies1.3373+165% Attack power

This Witcher 3 crossbow can be purchased from the Ofieri merchant in Upper Mill. Level 21 is required to have an Ofieri crossbow. Its source is Ofieri merchant in Upper Mill. It has a base price of 73 Clowns and buying price of 176 Clowns. And the selling price is between 9-36 Clowns. This crossbow weighs 1.33 and it has +165% Attack power. Its Dismantling components include 2× Hardened timber, 3× String, 1× Resin, 1× Dark iron ore. Ofieri crossbow has a Console ID Ofir Crossbow. So try out this crossbow in the game.  

How To Use Crossbow In The Witcher 3

In your inventory, you can select the crossbows from the Quick Access Menu (either press Tab on a PC or LB/L1 on a controller).

  • You will target whatever the Geralt is locked on to by pressing the middle mouse button/RB/R1.
  • If you have any specialized ammunition, you can also select that.
  • Players can also manually zoom in and shoot a crossbow bolt at a target at will. 

A crossbow is a tactical weapon that you can use in many situations. You can also choose different kinds of crossbow bolts. Some of them have special abilities, while at the same time, they are less effective when compared to using swords.  

Bolt Types And Firing Modes 

You can choose one type of ammunition, and switching happens on the screen or combat wheel. Crossbows can be used underwater, at the helm on the boat, on a horse, or in regular combat. You have to keep in mind that the default bolt can only be fired while Geralt is underwater. 

One can shoot a cross-bolt in two ways; a quick shot done by tapping the action button or manual aim done by holding the action button. Geralt fires at the targeted enemy immediately while pressing the quickfire button, and the bolt hits directly to a target. In manual aim, the player can aim a certain body part and then precisely fire over there.

Witcher 3 Blood and Wine expansion introduced the cat eyes mutation that enhances the damage caused by crossbows and increases its capacity. This way, crossbows can stay relevant and reliable while slaying monsters or taking out human targets. 


In The Witcher 3, there are many thrilling things for you to experience. The game never fails to amaze the players with its exciting gameplay full of action and immersive story. While controlling Geralt of Rivia and searching for his adopted daughter, players encounter many dangers and challenging main and side quests, and the use of different weapons makes the game more interesting. Geralt has various weapons, including two swords; silver and steel), potions, and a crossbow. We have listed the best Witcher 3 crossbows for players to pick while playing the game, for God knows how many times.

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A crossbow is a mechanically assisted bow that fires a standard arrow quicker than a regular bow. The Witcher 3 contains an arsenal of different swords that players can have in their inventory. While most of the time you’d be using your swords, potions, and witcher sign magic to slay monsters, crossbows are a fancy addition to Geralt’s weaponry. 

This is pretty much all about the Witcher 3 best crossbows. Hopefully, Geralt will have the Witcher 3 best crossbows now. Do try it out to have the most thrilling experience and share your thoughts in the comment section below.  

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