WWE 2K23: Best Finishers & Movesets [Top 15]

Choke Slam your opponents by mastering the best movesets in WWE 2K23.

The latest installment in the WWE 2K franchise not only adds a wide array of new movesets but also updates existing ones as well. Knowledge about the best movesets in WWE 2K23 is something you’ll need whether you want to create a custom character or use existing wrestlers in custom matches.

Important: The best movesets in the game are usually comprised of Signatures and Finishers, which can be performed by pressing Space + J and Space + K, respectively.
Key Takeaways
  • WWE 2K23 includes a wide array of iconic moves brought to life by both new and old wrestlers.
  • WWE 2K23 features iconic moves from both new and old wrestlers.
  • Signature attacks: Space + J, Finishers: Space + K, require full bars.
  • Examples:
    • Dolph Ziggler’s Zig Zag slams opponent’s head from behind.
    • Bianca Belair’s KOD drops opponents face-first.
    • Seth Rollins’ “Curb Stomp” deals critical damage.
    • Rey Mysterio’s 619 showcases athleticism.
    • Cody Rhodes uses Cross Rhodes for critical head damage.
    • AJ Styles has Phenomenal Forearm and Styles Clash finishers.
    • Triple H’s Pedigree deals critical body and skull damage.

15. Zig Zag

Dolph Ziggler
Zig Zag [image by eXputer]
While Zig Zag isn’t Dolph Ziggler’s finisher, it’s a move he is definitely known for the most. After charging up the signature bar, approach an opponent from behind and press Space + J to perform his signature attack. 

Upon execution, Dolph jumps on his opponent from behind and slams their head into the mat. Approaching from behind is vital as Dolph will perform Sleeper Hold if the signature is performed while standing in front.

14. KOD – Bianca Belair

Kiss of Death [image by eXputer]
It is not uncommon for male wrestlers to show off their strength, but the showcase of power by female wrestlers is truly a sight to behold. Bianca’s Blair is brutal, strong, and ruthless, and her finisher KOD allows her to show off her strength.

Upon execution, Bianca picks up her opponent on her back and slams them face-first onto the ground, dealing massive damage to the opponent’s skull. While standing this move has to be executed while standing in front of the opponent.

13. Curb Stomp – Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins
Curb Stomp [image by eXputer]
The charismatic Seth “Frekin” Rollins‘ finisher is just as deadly as his charming personality. After downing an enemy and pressing the finisher prompts, Seth runs towards a kneeling opponent and stomps his head into the mat, dealing devastating damage to the opponent’s head.

Moreover, this isn’t the only variation of Curb Stomp Seth can do. Upon pressing the finisher prompts on a stunned opponent at the corner, Seth throws his opponent onto the mat, jumps on the second rope, and delivers a much deadlier curb stomp.

12. 619 – Rey Mysterio

Rey Mysterio
619 [image by eXputer]
Rey Mysterio may not be among the most powerful wrestlers in the game, and his signature move is certainly not easy to land. Despite all of this, performing an iconic yet difficult-to-execute signature with an underdog wrestler has a charm of its own.

After the signature bar is full, approach an opponent from the front and press the signature attack prompt. Upon activation, Mysterio will throw the opponent toward the middle ropes. While the opponent is draped over them, Mysterio ferociously runs towards the opponent and delivers a two-footed spinning kick to their face. This attack also leaves the opponent open for Mysterio’s finisher, “Low Down.”

619 deals critical damage to the opponent’s head.

11. Cross Rhodes – Cody Rhodes

Code Rhodes
Cross Rhodes [image by eXputer]
It’s safe to say that Cody Rhodes and Roman are the current WWE fan favorite, and it would be a disservice if I didn’t include his move in my list. Cross Rhodes is Cody Rhodes’ primary finisher, where he grabs the opponent’s head under his arm and moves a bit toward the left before spinning and slamming the opponent onto the mat.

This is Cody Rhodes’ only finisher attack, and it deals critical damage to the opponent’s head.

10. Phenomenal Forearm & Styles Clash – AJ Styles

AJ Styles
Styles Clash [image by eXputer]
If you are using AJ Styles in a match, there is a very high chance that you will perform Styles Clash as your primary finisher. Styles grabs his opponent’s midsection, lifts him in an upside-down direction, and then falls towards the ground such that the opponent’s stomach and face directly hit the ground. 

However, Styles also has another finisher called Phenomenal Forearm, which looks much cooler than Styles Clash. In order to execute Phenomenal Forearm, you need to stand outside the ropes and activate the finisher. Upon execution, styles springboard from the ropes and deliver a devastating elbow to the opponent’s jaw. Both finishers deal devastating damage to the opponent’s head and moderate damage to the body.

9. Pedigree – Triple H

Triple H
Pedigree [image by eXputer]
There are many facebuster moves in WWE 2K23, but none are as iconic and lethal as Triple H’s “Pedigree”. Upon execution, Triple H delivers a boot to the opponent’s gut, holds both of his forearms, and delivers a facebuster, which deals critical damage to the opponent’s body and moderate damage to his skull.

Additionally, the Pedigree can be performed as a catching finisher as well, meaning if the finisher prompt is pressed while the opponent jumps at you, Triple H will counter his move and deliver the Pedigree in return.

8. Stunner – “Stone Cold” Steve Austin

Stone Cold
Stone Cold Stunner [image by eXputer]
The iconic Stunner made famous by Stone Cold still remains one of the best finishers in the WWE 2K franchise. Pressing Space + K after the finisher bar is full, Austin delivers a boot to the opponent’s gut and performs a three-quarter facelock, which temporarily knocks and out and “stuns” the opponent.

There aren’t any variations to this move, so a Stunner is guaranteed every time a finisher is executed while using Steve Austin. Stunner deals critical damage to the head and moderate damage to the body.

7. Figure 8 Leglock – Charlotte Flair

Figure 8 Leglock [image by eXputer]
Figure 4 Leglock is a submission hold used by many legends in the past and is even used by many wrestlers in 2K23, made famous by the Nature Boy “Ric Flair’. Figure 8 Leglock is an updated version of the move used by Rick’s daughter, Charlotte Flair, where she locks the opponent’s leg in her own and bends upwards, increasing the intensity of the attack.

In order to execute Figure 8, approach a downed opponent from her leg side and press the finisher prompt. Figure 8 deals critical damage to the opponent’s leg and is easily one of the best-looking submission holds in WWE 2K23.

6. Rock Bottom & People’s Elbow – The Rock

The Rock
Rock Bottom [image by eXputer]
Rock Bottom is Rock’s finisher attack in which he picks up his opponent with his forearm and slams him onto the ground, a very simple yet effective and iconic attack. This attack deals critical damage to the body and moderate damage to the opponent’s skull. Rock Bottom can also be used as a counter to catch a flying opponent reversing his jump into a Rock Bottom.

However, Rock Bottom is the only finisher Rock has under his belt. If the finisher prompts are pressed near a downed opponent’s head, rock hypes up the crowd before running around the ring and dropping on his opponent with an elbow. It deals critical damage to the opponent’s body.

5. Superman Punch/Spear Combo – Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns
Spear [image by eXputer]
Spear is an attack shared by many iconic superstars in the past, made famous by Hall of Famers like Goldberg and Edge. Roman takes this iconic to new heights by combining it with his signature attack Superman Punch. It is one of the finishers in the game that can be performed as a combo, which in turn makes it much deadlier than a normal spear.

In order to execute this attack, use the Irish Whip to throw an opponent into the corner and then begin the finisher when prompted. Roman first Superman Punch on the stunned opponent and then finishes him off with a devastating spear which deals critical damage to the body and moderate damage to the skull.

4. Tombstone Piledriver & Chokeslam – The Undertaker

Tombstone Piledriver [image by eXputer]
The Dead Man’s iconic finisher, “Tombstone Piledriver,” is a modified version of the standard piledriver, which suits his threatening aura and demeanor. Undertaker grabs his opponent, turns them upside-down, and drops into a kneeling position dealing devastating damage to the opponent’s head. The finisher also has one of the coolest finisher-to-pindown transitions as well.

Chokeslam is also another attack famously used by many wrestlers in 2K23, including The Undertaker. Chokeslam is Undertaker’s signature attack and Kane’s finisher move. This attack deals critical damage to the opponent’s body.

3. F-5 & Suplex City – Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesner
F-5 [image by eXputer]
F-5 is Brock’s finisher move which almost guarantees a certain and was also the iconic move that ended The Phenom’s streak at WrestleMania. Upon execution, Brock picks up his opponent on his shoulders and spins them while falling down, dealing moderate damage to the body and critical damage to the face. However, the reason F-5 is so high on the list is it’s incredible “one vs. two” variations which allow you to deliver a DoubleF-5 to two opponents.

After sending two opponents to the same corner, approach them with a full finisher bar in order to perform a Double F-5. Brock’s signature move, “Suplex City,” is just as iconic and brutal as his finisher. After the signature bar is full, approach a standing opponent and press the signature prompts in order to hold him from behind and deliver a series of German suplexes, dealing moderate damage to the body and critical damage to the head.

2. Attitude Adjustment – John Cena

John Cena
Attitude Adjustment [image by eXputer]
Attitude Adjustment, also known as AA, is the main finisher of John Cena that has laid rest to many legends in the past. WWE 2K23 honors this finisher by allowing you to execute not only this attack but also its many variations used by John Cena in the past. Attitude Adjustment can be executed by standing in front of the stunned opponent and pressing the finisher’s prompts. 

AA’s other variations include Avalanche Attitude Adjustment (John perform pick up an opponent and throws them onto the ring from the top rope), Table Attitude Adjustment, Royal Rumble Attitude Adjustment, Catching Attitude Adjustment, and Double Attitude Adjustment (picking up two opponents at the same time and performing an AA). These aren’t the only ones, as the scenarios are limitless, and so is John’s creativity.

1. RKO – Randy Ortan

Randy Orton
RKO [image by eXputer]
There is no finisher more iconic in WWE than Randy Ortan’s RKO. The way it comes, its speed, finesse, and the visual appeal of the attack are just outstanding. RKO is a finisher that can be executed almost instantly as soon as your finisher bar charges up, and its many variations complement how lethal this finisher is. 

Of all its variations which include Ladder RKO, Rumble RKO, and RK-BRO (Tag Team RKO), nothing beats the beauty of countering a skydiving opponent from the top rope with an RKO outta nowhere.

My Favourite Finisher In WWE 2K23

My favorite finisher from WWE 2K23 is easily Randy’s RKO. Its looks just as iconic with all the right signature moves and taunts. Additionally Roman Reign’s finisher has also been reworked and now features a superman punch too, which is expected as he is the biggest in the business right now. Some of the my other favourites include Drew’s Claymore, as you dont need a charge up for his finisher as well and can be executed from a running animation like spear.

Apart from Custom Character Creator, in which you can add one of these iconic finishers to your custom-created character, WWE 2K23 adds lots of other new modes as well in order to spice things up and keep them fresh. My Rise is a career or story-type mode in which you experience your character’s rise to his championship, which further unlocks more characters and arenas into the game; for more on how these unlockables, consider going through our WWE 2K23 MyRise Unlockables guide.

Speaking of unlocking characters, why not go through our other guide in which we go through how to unlock characters and arenas in WWE 2K23? WWE 2K23 also allows you fully customize the match settings using the game’s Match Slider, and for the best settings, consider going through our guide on Best Match Slider Settings.

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