Afterlove EP Devs Want To Bring Mohammad Fahmi’s Vision To Life

"We’re working very hard to bring Fahmi’s vision to life and to create a gameplay experience that will move and resonate with players."

Story Highlights

  • Afterlove EP is a slice-of-life adventure scheduled to release in Q3 2024.
  • Pikselnesia’s upcoming title focuses on the themes of love, loss, and moving on.
  • We interviewed Ivor Dwitomo, Game Producer at Pikselnesia, to get more insights into the title.

Afterlove EP follows the story of Rama, a young musician struggling with the loss of his girlfriend, Cinta. It is set in modern Jakarta and adopts a unique and manga-esque art style courtesy of the Art Director Soyatu. Aside from the great art style, the game is also expected to deliver a strong narrative due to the premise and because it shares the same creators as Coffee Talk and What Comes After.

Unfortunately, the tragic passing of Mohammad Fahmi severely impacted the game’s development, causing a delay in its release. It was a very tough time for the team, but after giving it some time, they are ready to continue development and bring about a title worthy of Fahmi’s legacy. To dive deeper into Afterlove EP, eXputer sat down with Ivor Dwitomo, Game Producer at Pikselnesia, in recent times, over an email interview.

Read ahead for the full interview containing Ivor’s in-depth answers.

Afterlove EP
Afterlove EP – via Fellow Traveler Games.

What was the inspiration behind the Afterlove EP? Why go for a blend of visual novel and rhythm elements with a strong narrative?

Ivor: First and foremost, music has always been a fundamental part of Afterlove EP – in particular, its ability to heal, inspire and, in Rama’s case, provide direction and purpose. Before we even started developing the game, we reached out to L’Alphalpha, a local indie band that we were fans of. They ended up writing a whole album that doubles as the soundtrack to the game! It’s called ‘Kelak, Kelam ‘Kan Berpendar’ and is out now on streaming platforms.

As for the blend of gameplay elements, the narrative is what Fahmi and Sasha are both known for and visual novels are a huge inspiration for us and the best format for us to tell Rama & Cinta’s story. We think the rhythm elements are also a great way to immerse the player in a number of key story elements.

Pikselnesia has also developed What Comes After and Coffee Talk, with some team members also having worked on A Space for the Unbound and Hello Good Boy. Are there any similar elements we can expect in Afterlove EP?

Ivor: Players can expect to see some similarities in terms of narrative themes and tone, not to mention the fact that they’re all either set in Indonesia or inspired by Indonesian culture. But a key difference with Afterlove EP is that the game is set in modern-day Jakarta and is about others helping you (Rama), whereas Coffee Talk and A Space For the Unbound are about helping others. Afterlove EP’s art style is also very unique. Our art director is Soyatu, the renowned Indonesian artist well known for his beautiful hand-drawn manga-esque characters.

The main character, Rama, the young musician, has already lost his girlfriend, Cinta, and this game will focus more on the aspect of love and loss. Should we prepare ourselves to cry a lot throughout the journey?

Ivor: We certainly haven’t set out to make the player miserable, but it’s probably going to be quite an emotional experience for some, especially early on in the game. Rama’s journey is the player’s, and the whole point is that Rama will come to terms with his loss and realize that the good things in his life are there waiting for him.

Aside from Rama and his struggles, will the game, at times, focus on the love story or tragedy of other side characters?

Ivor: The game’s main narrative path is pretty much solely focused on Rama’s journey, and we start him (and the player) out at the bottom – he’s depressed, directionless and frustrated. But there are numerous other characters in the game with their own things going on. Some of them will also have options that provide a path for you to follow and engage with if you choose.

Afterlove EP
Afterlove EP – via Fellow Traveler Games.

I understand the game still has a long way to go, with a release date slated for Q3 2024, but there is also a playable demo coming earlier next year. Since we are pretty close to that, has the team decided what the exact release date for the demo would be?

Ivor: We don’t have any news on this just yet, but please stay tuned for updates in the new year!

It was mentioned in mid-September that the studio had successfully completed the first draft of the writing. Can you tell us how many hours it might roughly take to finish the complete story in the game?

Ivor: It’s hard to say at this stage, but since the game is heavily focused on conversations, some of which have branching narratives, we think it’ll probably be somewhere between 10-15 hours for everything.

In the future, does the team want to move away from creating visual novel games or will this become the norm for Pikselnesia?

Ivor: For the time being, we’re 100% focused on completing Afterlove EP, so at the moment, we work best in the visual novel/inspired-by-visual novel space. But we’re definitely open to other genres in the future.

After the tragic passing of Mohammad Fahmi, the team had a rough year and a half, and it was only recently that we received an update on the game. As someone with such a massive impact on the development, do you believe the final product would align with how he would want it?

Ivor: Fahmi’s loss left us with huge shoes to fill, and keeping the game true to his vision has been our top priority. It was THE question we needed to answer before even considering continuing development, but we know in our hearts that he would have wanted us to continue.

Fortunately, we had all been working very closely with Fahmi on the game in one way or another before he passed away, and he was very clear about what needed to be done. He had finished the full outline for Afterlove EP and had already brought Sahsa Ariana in to work on the narrative. Since Sasha had previously worked with Fahmi on What Comes After and was heavily involved in the narrative design for A Space For the Unbound, she was naturally a good fit to take on the lead narrative position. Fahmi had also already begun discussions with Sweet Baby Inc., with whom he also had a close relationship, and [they] were already familiar with his plans for the game’s narrative.

Is there anything else you want to share with the audience? Something we haven't yet touched upon.

Ivor: We want to thank the fans for their patience! >.< We’re working very hard to bring Fahmi’s vision to life and to create a gameplay experience that will move and resonate with players. Of course, the fact that we need so many people working to deliver his vision speaks volumes about his talent, but we think it’ll be worth the wait and that Fahmi would be very proud of the end result! Don’t forget to wishlist the game if you haven’t already!

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Since the development is still in full swing, there is more that will be unveiled in the coming year. And even in the absence of Fahmi, we can rest assured that the title is in the good hands of people who were close to him and are familiar with his vision for the game. For more updates on Afterlove EP, you can keep an eye on the publisher, Fellow Traver Games, who has been in touch with the community throughout the whole process.

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