Born Of Bread Devs Are Considering Adding A “Challenging Hard Mode”

The highly requested difficulty mode might finally be here.

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  • Born of Bread is a turn-based RPG adventure released on December 5, 2023.
  • The game seeks to improve the paper RPG formula inspired by Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.
  • We spoke with Nicolas Lamarche, Founder of Wildarts Studio Inc., over an email Q&A session.

Born of Bread captivates the players with a world full of vibrant colors and paper-themed characters that are reminiscent of the classic Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. Despite the inspiration from an incredibly well-received title, the developer, WildArts Studio Inc., seeks to evolve the paper-RPG genre with this game. It may have just succeeded on that front as the developers are exploring endeavors beyond the recent launch.

WildArts has learned much since its first title, Helltown, released in 2017. Whether they have fully settled on an IP or will explore different genres in the future is anyone’s guess. And to uncover that and understand some behind-the-scenes details, we spoke with Nicolas Lamarche, Founder and Co-CEO of Wildarts Studio Inc., over an email interview.

Read ahead for the full conversation.

Born of Bread
Born of Bread – via Dear Villagers.

Could you introduce yourself and tell us a bit about your accomplishments?
Lamarche: Hi there! I’m Nicolas Lamarche, Founder and Co-CEO of Wildarts Studio Inc., where I serve as the lead designer for Born of Bread. Additionally, I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Game and Interactive Media Design.

If I'm correct, this is WildArts' second major project. Could you tell us what you learned from your first title that you managed to reflect in Born of Bread?
Lamarche: Yes! Our first title, Helltown, is a horror game that features a PS2 aesthetic where you have to discover the mysteries of a little town as its postman. Despite the stark differences between Helltown and Born of Bread in theme and gameplay, developing Helltown provided us with valuable insights into the complete game development process, which greatly aided us in refining the pipeline for Born of Bread.

What has the reception been like for the game? Are there any features or improvements that you are prioritizing for future updates?
Lamarche: We’re thrilled with the reception! Observing people play the game and witness their unique experiences is incredibly enjoyable. Right now, our focus lies on fine-tuning certain elements, such as adjusting item drop rates and tweaking enemy statistics. Additionally, we’re discussing the implementation of some requested quality-of-life improvements and considering the inclusion of a challenging hard mode tailored for our hardcore players.
Born of Bread
Born of Bread – via Dear Villagers

It was mentioned in another interview that the game takes inspiration from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, and since the beginning, you wanted to create a game that evolves the paper-RPG formula. In what ways would you say Born of Bread carries this ambition?
Lamarche: Born of Bread innovates the traditional formula in several impactful ways. Our combat system introduces a dynamic weakness and resistance mechanic, empowering players to adjust damage output based on their chosen attacks. Departing from the crowd system seen in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, we’ve integrated a live stream feature allowing viewers to make requests and grant bonuses during fights upon fulfillment. Beyond battles, we’ve introduced an inventory system reminiscent of Resident Evil 4, requiring players to strategically organize weapons within a backpack for access in combat. Our approach to level design takes a different direction, adopting a more open-world structure. This openness provides expansive levels rich in hidden secrets for players to discover, a departure from the linear nature of Paper Mario.

Regarding storytelling, our focus remains on the consistent involvement of companions throughout the game. Buddies play pivotal roles in almost every story moment and are integral to the story. They also each have their own sidequests that complete their personal character arc.

These are just some of the ways in which we’ve tried to evolve the formula.

The dog in the game has to be inspired by Chi-Chi the dachshund, an integral part of WildArts. Could we see her becoming a recurring character in future projects as well?
Lamarche: Absolutely! Our affection for our dog is immense, and we cherish the idea of her potential return in future games. However, we can’t commit to any promises on that front. Chi-chi currently appears in the game solely as an editor-only asset, making appearances under the levels to direct the scenes.
Chi-Chi the dachshund
Chi-Chi the dachshund.

Why did you decide to create the game on Unreal Engine, and how has it been for developing Born of Bread? Can you also give some advice to new developers who may be looking for engines to make their first games?
Lamarche: What drew us most to working in UE4 was its node-based programming language, which proved invaluable, especially when our knowledge of C++ was limited. It played a critical role in bringing our game to life. Additionally, Epic offers a grant program for indie teams utilizing Unreal Engine for their projects, and we were fortunate enough to be recipients of this grant.

My advice to new developers is simple: Identify your priorities in a game engine and choose wisely. Assess both the strengths and weaknesses before making a commitment, as switching engines mid-production isn’t feasible.

Are there any plans to release Born of Bread on Game Pass or PS Plus?
Lamarche: We’re currently exploring this possibility internally. However, we’re unable to discuss it at this time, unfortunately. 

The whole “2D meets 3D look” is certainly impressive. Were there any challenges worth talking about that you encountered with the art style?
Lamarche: Handling 2D sprites within a 3D environment posed its biggest challenge in managing the camera. During the initial development phases, extensive testing was crucial to understand the camera’s limitations and strengths. We identified a significant weakness: difficulties arose when moving away from or towards the camera, making navigation unclear. To address this issue, we implemented camera volumes that specifically assume control in designated sections. This strategic decision aimed to enhance visibility and mitigate navigation challenges for a smoother player experience.
Born of Bread
Born of Bread – via Dear Villagers

Would you say you have accomplished what you set out to do now that Born of Bread is out? Or are you still planning on expanding this title or perhaps making a sequel sometime in the future?
Lamarche: We’re deeply grateful for the incredible positivity surrounding the game. While we can’t make any announcements at the moment, rest assured that we’re fully committed to continuing our work on Born of Bread and also exploring endeavors beyond it.

Is there anything else you would like to share with the audience? Something we haven't touched upon yet.
Lamarche: I want to extend a personal thank you to everyone who has taken the time to review, discuss, or play our game. Your engagement is invaluable to us here at WildArts and is an integral part of what makes game development so meaningful. Without your support, creating games would lack its true purpose. Thank you!

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Born of Bread was developed by WildArts Studio Inc. and published by Dear Villagers. The turn-based RPG was released on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC on December 5, 2023.

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