The Casting Of Frank Stone Will Make You Choose In The “Heat Of The Moment”

The team wants to "push players to make gut-wrenching decisions in the heat of the moment."

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  • The Casting of Frank Stone — a Dead by Daylight spin-off — will be released sometime in 2024.
  • Behaviour Interactive’s upcoming title features an original story with the help of Supermassive Games.
  • We spoke with the developers of Dead by Daylight to get more insights over an email interview.

One of the biggest surprises at The Game Awards 2023 came from Behaviour Interactive. It was the revelation of The Casting of Frank Stone, developed by none other than Supermassive Games and set in the world of the horror hit multiplayer, Dead by Daylight. The game features an original story with a cast of brand-new characters, one of whom will be Frank Stone, the story’s antagonist.

Aside from the terror that Frank Stone has brought upon Cedar Hills, much remains unknown about him. However, as the trailer shows, a group of friends will soon find out about the cold-blooded killer in a rather unfortunate encounter. To get some insights into the upcoming horror title and to gather more clues, we spoke with the developers of Dead by Daylight over an email Q&A session. Read ahead for the full interview.

The Casting of Frank Stone
The Casting of Frank Stone – via Behaviour Interactive.

Supermassive Games was considered to be the only right choice for this title. May I ask which of the studio's earlier works made it an easy choice for you?
BHVR: Within the corridors of Behaviour, we’ve found that our teams admire the work of Supermassive Games, and the feeling was reciprocated – Supermassive Games, too, holds our work in high regard. A fascinating alignment emerged when we realized that Supermassive Games draws upon the very same references that have inspired Dead by Daylight. It became clear to us that they were the natural and perfect choice to collaboratively craft this exciting new intellectual property.

While The Casting of Frank Stone differs significantly from Dead by Daylight, what aspects of the game do you think will make it stand out among other single-player narrative-horror games?
BHVR: While we can’t reveal too many details about the unique features of this project at this time, The Casting of Frank Stone promises a distinctive perspective on the existing and ongoing lore from the Dead by Daylight universe.

This partnership is quite special, and it demonstrates that cooperative efforts can lead to the creation of richer and more expansive gaming experiences. In the case of this game, it’s two studios that excel in horror that come together to create a new experience that elevates the capabilities of either studio on its own.

The Casting of Frank Stone
The Casting of Frank Stone – via Behaviour Interactive.

Was the team ever constrained by the story elements that have been revealed or discussed in Dead by Daylight?
BHVR: More details about the story and its behind-the-scenes will be unveiled in the upcoming months.

It was mentioned in another interview that there are some Dead by Daylight fans who don't play Dead by Daylight, and they will find The Casting of Frank Stone to be the perfect game. But will Dead by Daylight players also find the gameplay of the spin-off to be interesting? What has the team done to ensure that this is the case?
BHVR: We have a lot of fans of the Dead by Daylight universe that are not Dead by Daylight players because they maybe don’t feel like going into an intense multiplayer horror setting is their thing. The Casting of Frank Stone will be their chance to go to their own rhythm with a single-player experience. It will certainly appeal to the less multiplayer-oriented or less competition-oriented players looking for a terrifying but rich experience set in The Entity’s Realm.

Steve Goss’ team has proven time and again that they know how to raise the stakes, and push players to make gut-wrenching decisions in the heat of the moment, with terrible repercussions for players you’ve grown to love. When you play it, you’ll see a lot of the resonances of the way that Dead by Daylight allows the player to have agency within the world. And we’ve adjusted the way we want our characters to be controlled and the way we present choices to kind of dovetail into that.

Are you planning on offering players some autonomy with their choices in-game and their potential causes affecting the gameplay?
BHVR: The game’s primary focus is on storytelling, player choices, and branching narratives, creating an emotionally engaging and cinematic experience. We’re very excited to talk about the in-game mechanics, but we’ll have to save that for a later time.
The Casting of Frank Stone
The Casting of Frank Stone – via Behaviour Interactive.

We saw several characters in the trailer. Would we control only one of them, or will certain game parts require us to control others to move forward?
BHVR: We will be unveiling more about the story in the upcoming months.

The game started development around 2 years ago, but when did the idea for The Casting of Frank Stone first come to your mind?
BHVR: It’s an open secret that Behaviour Interactive has long been exploring ways to expand the Dead by Daylight universe beyond its original asymmetric multiplayer experience. The team behind Dead by Daylight is full of passionate horror enthusiasts, and the expansion of the universe of our game naturally drew us toward exploring this kind of narrative experience. Additionally, we were aware that many DbD players were eager for a more immersive and single-player experience. With this in mind, we embarked on an ambitious project and sought the perfect partner to help us craft this unique storyline.

Once the game has launched, can we expect to see the group of friends, or perhaps Frank Stone himself coming to Dead by Daylight?
BHVR: Who knows what surprises the future holds? It might be quite intriguing to see the group of friends or even Frank Stone himself making an appearance in Dead by Daylight, don’t you think?
The Casting of Frank Stone
The Casting of Frank Stone – via Behaviour Interactive.

Can fans expect to see an abundance of Dead by Daylight-related content in 2024 and beyond, thanks to the upcoming spin-off and movie adaptation?
BHVR: Absolutely. Fans can expect incredible licensed and original content coming to the core Dead by Daylight game and more exciting opportunities to dive deeper into the Entity’s realm through, of course, The Casting of Frank Stone, the Legion comic books, and the Dead by Daylight projects we revealed during our 7th Anniversary. Stay tuned for future announcements!

Is there anything else you would like to share? Something we haven't touched upon yet?
BHVR: It’s important for us to mention that this game will cater not only to Dead by Daylight fans but also to those players who are not necessarily familiar with Dead by Daylight – the game is an immersive narrative experience for all those who seek a good story and an intense emotional journey.

For players who’ve never heard of or played Dead by Daylight, this game will allow them to get an amazing introduction to this rich world and its lore, while the fans will be able to discover a never-seen-before side of this universe.

Our teams are beyond excited to share more about the game; we invite everyone to visit our website and subscribe to our newsletters and social media channels to stay up-to-date with the latest information about The Casting of Frank Stone.

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The Casting of Frank Stone is being developed by Supermassive Games, and it will be published by Behaviour Interactive. The Dead by Daylight spin-off is scheduled for sometime in 2024 on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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